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About Us

showerjournal logoShower Journal is one of the widely trusted bathroom renovation blog. If you need any thing related to shower essentials, bathroom accessories even toilet stuffs we are there for you. Also we provide tips and hacks about bathroom.

Why Should You Trust Shower Journal?

Trust is something tough to gain. Besides, it is hard to believe people online. The world is full of fake peoples. So, one should think twice before trusting any online source. Let us be obvious; we are here to make money; that’s the naked truth. But on our quest for money, you want to make a community so that our earning never stop.

So the best way to make a community is creating trust among the consumers by adding some value on their life. Thus, we always want to provide something good. We are here to grow not alone but with our consumers. So, we do extensive web research to pick the right product for our readers. And nothing can make us biased. We read every customer feedback of a product from online trusted sources and other experts. Then we carefully pick our product, when we are totally satisfied. That’s our honest statement; now it’s up to you! Trust or leave, your choice.

We monetize our site through Amazon Associate. We earn money from qualifying purchases from our referral link. Sometimes we also use Google Adsense for showing some display advertisement.

But we extremely care about your privacy. Please read our Privacy Policy for our detailed legal procedures.

If you still have any query, feel free to contact us.