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Are Bathroom Rugs Out of Style?

Bathroom rugs are a trend that has been on the rise for some time, but it seems to be going away due to space and practicality issues and new design trends coming into play, But doesn’t neccessarily mean they are completely out of style.

This is not to say that these types of rugs will not return with time, or even must do so in order for them to remain as relevant as they are today. What seems more likely is that iconic furniture pieces such as bathroom cabinets and sinks will begin getting a design update so that they can accommodate this new trend. In this article will answer whether or not bathroom rugs are out of style.

Are bathroom rugs out of style?

In short, no it is not! Several years ago, many people would have been insistent on using carpet in the bathroom, but now it is becoming more and more common to have rugs in the bathroom.

The idea of rugs in the bathroom may seem a bit strange, but in some cultures it is common practice. Rugs in the bathroom are great for making sure that your feet don’t slip while you are getting ready, or even just using the toilet.

They also absorb water that may be left behind after you have used the faucets or jaccuzi tub which will prevent them from being damaged by water marks. The best part about bathroom rugs is that it will stop the bathroom from feeling cold and unwelcoming.

Do you have to use a bathroom rug in the bathroom?

Although it may seem like a no brainer to just go with the bare bathroom floor, there is some thought that the best use of a bathroom rug is not in the bathroom.

One of the best uses for a bathroom rug is in the kitchen. This idea may seem a bit odd at first, but a lot of homeowners find that their kitchen rugs can help to keep their floors clean and dry while also providing them with ventilation in case of spills or even worse spills.

It comes down to personal experience. Since most of the time, the bathroom rugs are seen as a luxury and not a necessity, there is no need to purchase them for just one room. However, if you personally have had trouble in the past with your feet slipping on anything that isn’t non slip material and you can afford it then it is a good idea to buy a bathroom rug.

Why do we need bathroom rugs?

The reason why you need bathroom rugs is that they are the perfect solution to your wet feet and slipping problems. There are many things that you can do by yourself to prevent yourself from slipping on the bathroom floor such as putting a towel down where you walk or even just leaving the bathroom without wiping your feet, but these ways will only work for so long and may leave very unsightly marks.

What type of rug is best for bathroom?

polypropylene rugs are the best rug as they are water-resistant, easy to clean, easy to dry and odor resistant. These types of rugs may cost a bit more than the other options, but they will last a lot longer so it is worth it in the end.

Depending on your budget, there are other types of rugs that will work for bathroom. For carpet, look for either a high-lofted or low-lofted rug to give the best coverage and coverage areas. For synthetic carpets, you can choose between high-lofted or low-lofted carpets. The higher the loft of your synthetic carpet the faster it will dry and most synthetic carpets are made to dry very quickly after they have been spilled over with water.

Final Thoughts

Bathroom rugs are still a very popular choice amongst modern homeowners and they may soon see a comeback after they have fallen out of favor for a while due to the practicality issues that have been brought up with them.

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