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Best Bathroom Dehumidifiers 2022 Reviews

The bathroom dehumidifiers are essential to keep the bathroom mold and mildew free. The humid air of the bathroom does not just spoil your bathroom fixes, it also affects you by keeping allergy germs and dust in the house. This small investment will save you doctor’s fees in the future.

You don’t need a huge dehumidifier for your bathroom as the bathroom is a small area, even your bathroom is a large one, a good portable dehumidifier will do the job properly for you.

Here we are, to make your life hassle-free with the best bathroom dehumidifier. Carefully go through our reviews and buying a guide of all the top dehumidifiers for the bathroom before you buy the next one.


Best Bathroom Dehumidifier Reviews

#1 Ivation 13-Pint Small-Area Desiccant

Ivation 13-Pint Small-Area Desiccant...
  • 13-PINT DESICCANT DEHUMIDIFIER – Highly Efficient Desiccant Rotor Removes...
  • LIGHTWEIGHT BUT POWERFUL – Enjoy Adjustable Humidity Control & Whisper...
  • USER-FRIENDLY LCD DISPLAY – Sleek Digital Interface Lets You Power On/Off...

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Quiet and lightweight are the words that describe the Ivation 13-pint dehumidifier. Washable air filter and removable reservoir make the dehumidifier easy to use for users. The drain hose continuously sends water to the bucket. This is one of the best dehumidifier price and quality-wise in the market right now.


  • Operating temperature range 33°F to 104°F
  • Dehumidification: 13 pints per day [68°F/60% RH]
  • Water tank capacity: 0.5 gals [3.8 pints]
  • Power consumption [H/L]: 470W/280W
  • Voltage: 120V-60Hz
  • Dimensions: 10.6” x 6.85” x 17.35”

Features and benefits:

  • Desiccant rotor: fast and quiet dehumidifying 13 pints per day at 60% RH, 68°F
  • LCD interface: backlight display with 6 buttons that monitors humidity
  • Swing feature: it can work on wet clothes to dry it out by adjusting air vent
  • Safety auto stop: it can automatically shut down if there is a risk of water overflow
  • Sleep mode: this feature works by lowering fan and dimming the screen. It helps to save energy.
  • Relative humidity meter: moisture level can be traced with this meter
  • Multiple drainage systems: its reservoir can hold at least half a gallon of water. Connection hose is there for drainage.

#2 Frigidaire 30-Pint Dehumidifier with Effortless Humidity Control

Frigidaire 30-Pint Dehumidifier with Effortless Humidity Control

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The specialty of this dehumidifier is that it is as great as a high-end dehumidifier but does not hamper your wallet. It is quieter than others of its size and price. The lightweight and small bathroom dehumidifier can be placed anywhere as per your wish. The humidity readout system, control lock, and continuous drainage make it more special.


  • Dehumidification-Liters/Day: 14
  • Dehumidification -Pints/Day: 30
  • Performance Certification: AHAM
  • EEV (Liters per kW-hour): 1.85
  • Relative Humidity Range Manual: 35%-85%
  • Bucket Style: Front Pull Out
  • Container Capacity – Pints: 7.6

Feature and benefits:

  • Electronic control: electronic control is included with humidity readout
  • Control lock system: the timer is available for 24/7 with control lock. It will warn you that trough is full
  • Anti-bacterial: the dehumidifier eliminates bacteria and makes a clean environment
  • Continuous drain feature: this one is another amazing feature that helps to keep it on always. You do not have to worry about shutting it off in fear of overflow.

#3 InvisiPureHydrowave Dehumidifier

InvisiPure Hydrowave Dehumidifier -...
  • HEALTH BENEFITS - Protect your home from mold, mildew, and bacteria caused...
  • SMALL & COMPACT - Compact and lightweight so you can easily move it from...
  • QUIET & EFFICIENT - Removes up to 27 ounces / 800 ml / 1.7 pints of water...

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Compact designed InvisiPure dehumidifier can be kept in any corner of the bathroom to fit in easily. The lightweight dehumidifier can be taken to other places around the house to help dampen areas. The auto-shutoff technology is designed to keep safety as a priority. The compact portable dehumidifier will turn off as soon as the tank is full. So this can be your ultimate choice if you are looking for something good at a reasonable price.


  • Input Power : AC: 120V, 50~60Hz
  • Power Usage : 100W
  • Item Weight: 5.7 lbs.
  • Tank Capacity : .53 Gallon / 2L
  • Moisture Removal Rate : 27 Oz / 800ml per day
  • Dimensions : 5.5″ x 9″ x 14″ / 140mm x 230mm x 355mm

Features and benefits:

  • Auto shutoff technology: the dehumidifier stops working once it is full for avoiding overflow.
  • Peltier de-humidification technology: it removes moisture effectively from the atmosphere

#4 Eva-dry Edv-1100 Electric Petite Dehumidifier

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Whisper-quiet Eva-Dry EDV-1100 16 OZ...
  • PETITE DEHUMIDIFIER REMOVES MOISTURE: When ambient temperatures are above...
  • WHISPER-QUIET: The average noise output of thermo-electric dehumidifiers is...
  • AUTO SHUT-OFF PROTECTION: When the water tank is full, the dehumidifier...

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Whisper technology with no compressor and low energy consumer are things that describe Eva dry dehumidifier. People with tiny bathrooms or damp laundry rooms should try Eva-dry dehumidifier. This is a portable dehumidifier and setting it is a breeze. The LED light turns on when the bucket is full. You can remove water from the bucket without even turning off the machine.


  • Noise Output — DHMD-210 (most quiet)
  • Moisture Removal Rate — IVADM10 (fastest at removing moisture)
  • Energy Efficiency — IVADM10 (most energy efficient)
  • Effectiveness: 1,100 cubic feet.
  • Dimensions: Overall Height – Top to Bottom: -8.5″. Overall Width – Side to Side: -6″. Overall Depth – Front to Back: -4.5″
  • Moisture removal: 8 oz. per day

Features and benefits:

  • Whisper technology: dehumidifiers are mostly annoying and the Eva dry one is not as it has the whisper technology
  • Consumes the lowest energy: we all want to save energy with efficient machines like this dehumidifier. It consumes low energy with the best outcome of water removal
  • Auto shut off technology: when the tank is full it automatically turns off which ensures the safety of the house.

#5 Eva-dry E-333 Renewable Mini Dehumidifier

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Eva-dry E-333 Mini Dehumidifier, Pack of...
  • ✔ EASY TO USE: This mini dehumidifier is spill and mess free. Just hang...
  • ✔ MINI DEHUMIDIFIER GOES A LONG WAY: Super dry dehumidifier unit lasts...
  • ✔ SMALL, SLEEK DESIGN: This portable small design lets you hang or...

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If you find rechargeable dehumidifiers better for you then Eva dry E-333 can be the best option. It’s simple and lightweight. The silica gel designed dehumidifier facilitates absorption. When the mini dehumidifier for bathroom turns blue to pink it means that it has reached its level of absorption to the fullest. As it is rechargeable it needs at least 8 to 10 hours to be recharged. During the charging, the session keeps it outside the place where you want to dehumidify the air.


  • Area Capacity: (maximum area: 10’x 10′).
  • Cords: No
  • Absorb capacity: 8 to 10 ounce of moisture
  • Recharge time: 12 hours

Features and benefits:

  • Operates without power: it is rechargeable but does not require power all the time it works.
  • Moisture will not leak whatsoever: the system of this device is that it collects moisture in itself not in a bucket in form of water. So there is no chance of leaking whatsoever.
  • Nontoxic silica gel: the device comes alongside nontoxic silica gel which is the main part that works to remove moisture. This is completely safe for kids and pets.

#6 Gurin DHMD-110 Renewable Wireless Dehumidifier

Gurin DHMD-110 Renewable Wireless...
  • Works in a 500 cubic feet area
  • No batteries or cords required
  • 100% renewable -- works up to 10 years

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In this time of everything wireless get the Gurin DHMD-110 for your home. It works as a wireless machine but obviously, it is not fully wireless. You need to plug into recharge for dehumidifying again. Crystals in the dehumidifier will become pink from blue once it is done absorbing moisture. It does not leak or anything. When the device is charged you will see that crystals changed its color to blue.

A family on a budget living in a humid area is going to love this dehumidifier to the core.


  • Area coverage: 500 cubic feet area
  • Moisture removal: removing 8 to 10 ounces moisture takes 6-8 weeks
  • The lifespan of the crystals: at least 10 years

Features and benefits:

  • Renewable and needs no power to operate: the dehumidifier works without power but needs to be recharged for a while.
  • Safe for everyone: the device is safe for kids and pet
  • Energy savings: as it does not require a continuous power supply it saves power than others

#7 Pro Breeze PB-03-US Electric Mini Dehumidifier

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Pro Breeze Electric Mini Dehumidifier,...
  • Compact & Small Dehumidifier: Lightweight, compact, and portable...
  • Safe Dehumidifier with Auto Shut-Off Function: When full the dehumidifier...
  • Ultra-Quiet & Efficient Dehumidifiers for Bedroom: Built-in Thermo-Electric...

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Bathrooms have some of our expensive belongings as hair tools or accessories. Splurging on a good dehumidifier is a great option than damaging tools for the damp atmosphere. With 52 ounce capacity, it will dehumidify your bathroom making it fresh smelling. It will eliminate germs and odor from the bathroom and ensure good health for your family.


  • Extracts up to 18 ounces of moisture per day.
  • Auto-Off and LED indicator when full
  • Peltier Technology (Thermo-Electric Cooling)
  • Power: 40W
  • Capacity: 52 ounces
  • Optimal temperature: 59-86 degree F
  • Auto LED indicator

Features and benefits:

  • Small and lightweight: the small size dehumidifier is great for both office and home. As it is lightweight you can shift it anywhere around the house.
  • Ultra-quiet: noise is a big problem for dehumidifiers. Not for this one as it is ultra quiet. Its thermo-electric technology works with a compressor and makes it a quiet device.
  • Auto shutoff: when the device needs draining it automatically shuts off and the LED light turns on. So you do not have to worry about spills.
  • Energy efficient as it consumes low power.

#8 iSiLER Portable Dehumidifier with 2L (4.2 Pints)

Electric Dehumidifier, iSiLER Portable Dehumidifier with 2L (4.2 Pints)

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iSiLER is a very good bathroom dehumidifier, especially for small bathrooms. Powerful, deodorizer, auto shut-off technology all are the especially of iSiLER dehumidifier package.


  • Tank Volume: 2 liters/4.2 pints
  • Measurements: 228 x 150 x 373 mm/8.9 x 5.9 x 14.7 in
  • Dehumidification Capacity: Approx. 750 ml/1.6 pints per day at 30 °C/86 °F, 80% RH
  • Application Coverage: 10 m2/107 sq. ft.
  • Noise Level: 40±3 dB
  • Temperature Range: 10-50 °C/50-122 °F
  • Optimal Temperature Range: 27-30 °C/81-86 °F

Features and benefits:

  • Air outlets on both sides of the machine: air outlet on both sides helps to dry out clothes quickly. You can use it as a cloth dryer and a dehumidifier at the same place.
  • No hassle of emptying water tank frequently: the dehumidifier boasts of removing 2 liters of moisture every day.
  • The quietness is impressive: in spite of being so powerful, it is pretty quiet. Don’t need to compromise power for the quietness.

Benefits of a dehumidifier

No more worries about mold: a damp area like the bathroom is heaven for mold. But mold grosses out us the most. Without a good dehumidifier, it’s really a tough job to keep molds at bay. Not taking care of mold problems leads to serious health problems. You can get allergic reactions, rashes, sneezing, cough, and whatnot. This kind of environment is not good for children at all. So a dehumidifier at your bathroom is a must.

Protects the furniture: we all have wooden stuff around our bathroom. Wood rot around a damp environment. And the bathroom is the dampest area around a house. If you use a dehumidifier, the damp air cannot harm your furniture. Some people like to keep their jewelry stand in a bathroom, but the humidity kills their beauty. For them, a bathroom dehumidifier is a lifesaver.

Easy to maintain and provide comfort: maintaining a dehumidifier is nothing sort of a big job. You just turn it on when needed and turn off after everything is done. And the comfort comes from the air. Because a humid air keeps the temperature in it. Humidity does not feel good to be in it. After the air is dehumidified you notice that the air is a lot of cooling with normal temperature in AC.

Things to consider before buying a bathroom dehumidifier

It should have auto shut down technology: the bathroom dehumidifier should automatically shut down itself. Without that, the machine will keep on taking humidity and overfill its tank. Overfilling is dangerous that is why some dehumidifiers show if the tank is full. If there is an indicator for a full tank, it also comes in handy.

Antibacterial filter

You do not just want humidity-free air. You want fresh air. People with dust allergies will direly want them to get a fresh breath of air. In this polluted city, being able to get a fresh breath is hard. Make sure your bathroom dehumidifier can provide that. An antibacterial filter on a bathroom dehumidifier will capture dust, mites, and allergens.

Continuous drainage

There are two types of bathroom dehumidifier in terms of the tank system. You can choose a manual drainage system of the continuous drainage system. But choosing the continuous drainage will help you more than you do not have to do much. Or cleaning the tank after a certain time becomes a task.

Consider your space:

Space is very important for buying a dehumidifier. If you have a small bathroom but you bought a fancy hard-working dehumidifier, then it will be a waste. It will work harder than needed and waste energy. To get the best results, see which dehumidifier fits your room most and then buy it.

Special features:

If you want something special from your dehumidifier, then see if it can do it. If you want a ducting dehumidifier, then check if it can do so. Some people want to dry their laundry with a dehumidifier. If you want to do so check out the power. You need a powerful dehumidifier for drying laundry.

Types Of Bathroom Dehumidifiers:

Ductless bathroom dehumidifier

This dehumidifier comes with a charcoal filter system. The charcoal cleans out air and makes the air fresh. If you have dust allergy and want a dehumidifier, this ductless bathroom dehumidifier will help you. For this dehumidifier, a ventilation system must be good for working efficiently.

Wall-mounted bathroom dehumidifier

There are dehumidifiers that you can mount on the wall. This wall-mounted dehumidifier can catch up all the hot humid air from the bathroom. If you want to dehumidify a bigger area or a commercial space, there is nothing better than this one. It’s also great for saving space as we do not use a wall for anything normally.

Bathroom Dehumidifier Vs Exhaust Fan

The way bathroom dehumidifier and exhaust fan works are different. You can find differences between the exhaust fan and dehumidifier bellow.

Exhaust Fan

The exhaust fan is for cleaning out humid air and circulating good air throughout the room. It makes the room more ventilated than it is.

Exhaust fan: Benefits and Drawbacks


  • This is inexpensive to draw fresh air into the home.
  • Does not cost a lot to buy
  • Easy to install
  • Fan does not need a drainage system like dehumidifier


  • Does not help much with the dampness of bathroom
  • Gets clogged with dust sometimes
  • In a hot climate, it will draw humid air instead of a fresh one.


Dehumidifiers work differently by removing water from the air. The system is complex as condenses over a cold coil. The idea is not to clean the air, rather removing water from the air.

Dehumidifiers: Benefits and Drawbacks


  • Dehumidifier removes water from the air and you see the results in a drainage system
    You can maintain a level of humidity just the amount you want.
  • If you want to keep it 50% it’s possible to keep
    Looks complicated, but the machine is not that a hassle to clean


  • Takes some space
  • Louder than a fan

Facts about The Best Bathroom Dehumidifier:

Saves from allergy:

We all know about the most common allergy triggers. Dust and mites are villains for allergic people. Small living spaces can be humid most of the time as the bathroom, kitchen or basement. So, investing in the best bathroom dehumidifier for the bathroom will ultimately save you from the expensive hospital bills.

Does not disrupt daily life:

The humid bathroom is making you concerned. But you are maybe skeptical about getting dehumidifier thinking it may make noise. Best Dehumidifiers for a bathroom run quietly that you will not even notice it running. It will do its job efficiently without disturbing your daily life.

Reduces odor from the house:

Bathroom humidifiers are known to clear out mites and mildew. These things are the main reason for making a rotten smell in the house. Once the bathroom dehumidifier is on, you will notice a difference that no bad odor anymore.

Less humid home is good for various reason:

A less humid area means your clothes will dry faster. The vegetables will go bad slower if you use wall mounted best bathroom dehumidifier for your home. Cleaning the house will be easier, as you will not find rust anywhere. Cleaning the electrical tools will be a breeze for you. Use a dehumidifier in the bathroom after a shower to avoid humid and odor.

Energy cost will be lesser:

The best dehumidifier for bathroom helps air conditioner run more efficiently. When the air conditioner has to remove moisture and then cool the air, it works harder for a long time. If the job is already done by the humidifier air conditioner takes lesser time to cool down the air. This means the humidifier is cost-effective.

FAQ about Best Bathroom Dehumidifiers

Best Bathroom Dehumidifier

Where to place a bathroom dehumidifier?

It is better to place the dehumidifier in the middle of the room. If you cannot do so then place it beside the door. Keep the door slightly open to collect the excess humidity. Keep the dehumidifier beside an unobstructed area because it works better there.

What is the ideal level of humidity in a home?

50% of humidity in the air is the perfect level of humidity. This level of humidity is perfect for protecting furniture from getting molds. Do not dry out the air more than that. Less humidity may dry out your skin.

Are dehumidifiers expensive in the long run?

First, it protects your furniture from rotting. It’s not more expensive than your furniture. It takes up 5 to 7% energy cost of a home that is decent. As it saves some heating bills and laundry dryer bill, it’s okay to use it.

Can I use a dehumidifier in the bathroom?

Bathrooms are warm and wet which is an ideal place for mold. The steam shower you enjoy makes the area more humid. This causes a health problem for you and your kids. It also damages bathroom essentials and walls. So it is recommended to use a good dehumidifier for your bathroom.

How do I stop condensation in my bathroom?

A hot steam shower is relaxing than anything in this world. But the result is condensation in the bathroom. It is annoying and harmful to the bathroom as well. It can be solved simply by running a dehumidifier while having a shower.

What is the best dehumidifier for a bathroom?

It is tough to say in one word. It depends on your budget and space. As per my research, Ivation 13-Pint Small-Area Desiccant is the most powerful. It has worked for my small bathroom. From the first two hours of it working, I felt the difference.


This was all for the best bathroom dehumidifier. There are several options available for dehumidifiers depending on your space and humidity level. For bigger space explore dehumidifiers with more features. Once you get a good dehumidifier you will not look back.

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