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Best Bathroom Heaters Reviewed For 2022


Imagine it is cold weather and you have to use the bathroom, what you will do? Will turn on the central heating system of the home, right? But what about something that can heat only the bathroom! Yes, this could be possible with the best bathroom heater. This particular product is designed to compactly install and get the warmer bathroom.

Tons of brands are producing top quality bathroom heaters with various features. It could be difficult for you to identify which is the right bathroom heater and if it is the right one or not. To come to a solution, I will share every aspect that could steer you to the best bathroom heater fan.

Best bathroom heater reviewsWhy do you need a bathroom heater?

Before you buy a bathroom heater, typically this question will come into mind. Well, as I have stated earlier, the bathroom heater is an efficient and money-saving way to warm up the atmosphere. When entering the bathroom, you don’t want to have a bad odor, right? Installing a heater will keep the odor and moisture away.

Compared to the exhaust fan, this works better. Besides, everything will be dry inside the bathroom. There will be no fog and the mirror remains clean for your convenience. Get a cozy and comfortable feel when staying in a small area. Apart from these facts, a heater in the bathroom is convenient and easy to install.

Best Bathroom Heater Reviews

1) Lasko CD08200 Portable Bathroom Heater

Lasko CD08200 Small Portable Ceramic...
  • HEATS UP THE BATHROOM FAST – Say goodbye to stepping out of the shower...
  • SMALL & MIGHTY – Powered by an energy efficient 1500-watt ceramic heating...
  • EASY TO USE – No assembly required. Simply take it out of the box and...

Without any doubt, Lasko is one of the most popular brands for electric home equipment. They have brought this bathroom heater which comes in a compact size. This is mainly a portable bathroom heater which best suits small areas such as bathrooms. Compared to most of the bathroom heaters, this one has less price. Despite a reasonable price, still, it can heat up to 225 square feet area comfortably. If the bathroom size is not bigger as it used to be, you can save money by ordering this unit.

Once you have turned it on, it won’t take much time to heat the entire area. You will feel the warmth inside the bathroom and it will keep moisture away. Features push-button controlling and it is easy to do without technical knowledge. When it is heating the area, the exterior remains cool for touching. Surprisingly it won’t increase your utility bill. Rather, you will save money by not using the larger room heater all the time.


  • Easy to choose between high and low-speed settings
  • Push-button panel for hassle-free controlling
  • Exterior remains cool when operating
  • Heavily portable for transport
  • Automatic protection from overheat
  • The self-regulating ceramic element for safety


  • For a larger area or bathroom, this is not the right product

2) Lasko 754200 Ceramic: Best Space Heater For Bathroom

Lasko 754200 Ceramic: Best Space Heater For Bathroom

Before writing the review, I have found that people have a misconception that bathroom heaters are expensive. Well, that depends on your needs and what features are you considering. For the basic heating and portability, you can grab the right product within a tight budget. This Lasko 754200 is a perfect example of that. Its compact size with great portability allows you to carry here to there conveniently. It helps when you want to use the same item for another narrow area such as a kitchen.

There is no issue with controlling. Features manual settings for control with a knob. With the adjustable thermostat, you can choose from 11 different heat settings. Go for the heat settings that you prefer. It quickly heats a maximum of 300 square feet area. There are three options to choose from which are high heat, low heat, and fan only. If you are just annoyed by noise with a conventional heater, replace the old one with it and get a quiet environment.


  • Wide range of temperature settings
  • Covers up to 300 square feet area
  • Removes foul odor from bathroom
  • Built-in safety feature to protect it from overheat
  • Carrying handle and compact size for transport
  • Adjustable thermostat for the exact temperature


  • Only suitable for small areas
  • Noise is moderately high in the maximum temperature setting

3) Holmes HFH436WGL-UM: Best Digital Bathroom Heater

Holmes HFH436WGL-UM Best Digital Bathroom Heater

If you are looking for the best bathroom space heater with portability, you should check this item from Holmes. Their HFH436WGL-UM is a convenient bathroom heater to carry for different areas. Whether you like the wall-mounted style or portable style, this item is recommended. If you think you need to install it on the wall, you can do this. The heater blows warm air to heat a wide area within a short time.

The control panel is in the front. It features digital controls with a programmable thermostat. With the programmable feature, you can set times to save energy. The maximum heat setting is 1500 watts that makes you warm in the bathroom. Safety is the best thing I liked about it. it prevents overheating with cool-touch housing. Besides, the ALCI plug allows setting the heater in the bathroom without any security issues.


  • Pre-heat setting for your convenience
  • Digital programmable thermostat
  • LED light on the control panel
  • Protection from overheating for extended life
  • Both portable and wall mounting feature


  • OIt does have a single temperature setting

4) Brightown Ceramic: Best Space Heater with Adjustable Thermostat

The most annoying thing in a bathroom heater is its noise. Usually, low priced products run loudly and you won’t like it. If you are a sufferer of this issue, you will like this heater from Brightown. This heater features a portable design that allows carrying the item wherever you want.

For instance, you may want to use the same item for the kitchen and bathroom. In that case, you will like this heater a lot. It is the quietest bathroom heater on our list.

This space heater is ETL listed and it ensures proper protection from overheating. There is a wide range of temperature settings available in it. You can choose from 1500-watt high heat, 750-watt low heat, or the normal cool blow fan. When the purpose is only removing odor, choose the blower mode. However, it is essential to set the heater in a dry condition. If the bathroom is wet, it will crease issues. So, always keep its surrounding dry.


  • Compact size with portability
  • Three different temperature settings
  • Quiet operation without losing power
  • Overheat protection for long life
  • Carrying handle for handiness


  • Requires keeping the installation area dry all the time

5) Cadet CSC101TW: Best Bathroom Wall Heater

Cadet Com-Pak Electric Wall Heater...
  • FAST HEATING: Warm up in a hurry with a fast-heating element. This 1,000...
  • DISCREET: Unique compact design is recess mounted to suit any room. Can be...
  • EASY INSTALLATION: Only three screws are needed to install heater assembly...

You don’t want to spoil the stunning look of your bathroom, right? In that case, you need to pick an item that goes with the interior. And the Cadet CSC101TW is the best bathroom heater with a stunning look. Its sleek design allows installing the heater within a narrow area. Save space in the bathroom or wherever you are using. The versatile product allows using in different areas adequately. It is easy to mount on the wall and you will get the required components with the heater.

The thing you will like most is its faster heating system. When most of the heater requires a lot of time, this one will quickly warm up a 200 square feet area. It is power efficient and doesn’t make noise during operation. It does have a fan that blows warm air. There won’t be any bad odor and moisture inside the bathroom. It comes with a knob for easy adjustment of the temperature.


  • It automatically turns off when the normal temperature exceeds
  • Suitable for all narrow areas
  • Includes a fan that spreads warmth air
  • All essential unit comes with the heater
  • You can mount the heater to wall


  • Only wall mounting is possible

6) Broan-Nutone 665RP: Best Bathroom Ceiling Heater

Broan-NuTone 665RP Heater, Fan, and...
  • FAN COMBO: Combo include fan, 100-watt incandescent light, and 1300-watt...
  • DECORATIVE: White polymeric grilles blend into ceiling and complement...
  • DISCREET: Type IC (Insulation Contact) unit is installed into your ceiling...

This is one of the best bathroom wall heaters for money. instead of only the heater, this product comes with the combo of light and fan. So the thing is, you don’t need to install any additional lighting or fan for blowing.
The sleek design of the heater allows to easily install the heater to the wall. The decorative look of the heater is good to see. Its white polymeric grilles blend into the ceiling to keep the original bathroom decor.

This unit features a 100-watt incandescent light, fan, and a 1300-watt heater. This will heat the entire bathroom within a short time. This item is mainly for small bathrooms which can cover up to 65 square feet area. The best feature of this product is its quiet operation. Even if you are running the heater in the maximum setting, it won’t make noise.


  • Easy to use and controlling
  • Compact design to fit the ceiling
  • Doesn’t spoil the inside decoration
  • 1300-watt powerful heater with light and fan
  • Cold-rolled galvanized steel housing for durability


  • It heats a very narrow area
  • Doesn’t have portability to carry

7) Broan-NuTone 100HL: Best Heather With Fan with Heater and Incandescent Light

Broan 100HL Bathroom Fan, 100 CFM for 4"...
  • Heater/Fan/Light brings convenient, comforting warmth to your bathroom...

Do you prefer combo instead of only a single heater? If so, you are good to go for this Broan-NuTone 100HL combo. It features a bath fan, heater, and incandescent light. The fan is HVI certified which easily removes odor from the bathroom. When you are entering the bathroom, there will not only be a warm feeling but also will have a good smell. The light will create a good vibe in the bathroom.

Installing the heater is easy and you can do it yourself with a few steps. Included duct connector and adjustable hanger bar for making the installation easier. If you wish, you can even use multi-functional switches to make it easy to control. The 100 CFM ventilation fan can be used for both removing odor or getting cool air in summer. It features 2.0 Sone to run quietly.


  • 1500-watt heater for maximum coverage
  • Suitable to use for up to 90 square feet area
  • Heavily durable and long-lasting
  • Easy controlling system
  • Operates quietly to have a calm environment


  • It doesn’t suit for wide-area or larger bathrooms

8) Broan-Nutone 659 Heater, Fan, and Light Combo for Bathroom

Broan-NuTone 659 Fan Heater, 4" Round,...
  • FAN COMBO: Fan, light and 1300-watt heater function independently or...
  • DECORATIVE: Designer white polymeric grilles complement virtually any decor
  • DISCREET: Type IC (Insulation Contact) unit is installed into your ceiling...

Looking for a versatile product that you can use for a variety of purposes? Then you should order the Broan-Nutone 659. This is a perfect combo of best bathroom heater, fan, and light. With one product, you can do most of the works for a comfortable bathroom. The heater quickly heats the bathroom in the morning and you will be comfortable there. Besides, the light will give a good vibe in the bathroom. Want to avoid mildew from forming? No worries! The fan includes a low sound, high-performance blower wheel.

Installation of the heater is easy and doesn’t require many tools. The brackets are included and you can do it yourself. The mounting brackets are adjustable for your convenience. With the fan and the 1300-watt heater, it can cover 45 square feet area. You can use separate switches with it for versatile usages. With all the features and performance, it is the best bathroom exhaust fan with heater and light. 


  • Ensures proper ventilation in the bathroom
  • Combo of heater, light, and fan
  • Easy to remove moisture and odor from inside
  • Fits 2-inch x 6-inch ceiling construction
  • Powerful heater for faster warming


  • It is a little bit pricey
  • Not an ideal heater for a larger area

9) DeLonghi HVF3555TB Bathroom Safe Fan Heater

DeLonghi America HVF3555TB Bathroom Safe...
  • Equipped with a GFI plug and designed with IP21 to provide extra protection...
  • 1500 watt heating power
  • 24 hour programmable timer

Wall-mounted bathroom heaters are undoubtedly good for bathrooms. But what happens when you want to use the same unit for other areas? Yes, this is not possible with the traditional wall mounted heaters. But this DeLonghi HVF3555TB is the best bathroom heater portable which you can use for multiple areas. It is compact and easy to carry here to there. With the GFI plug, you can securely use it in bathrooms.

It features the foot pedal system that activates motorized oscillation. With the proper oscillation, it spread warm air inside the bathroom to have a warm feel. No matter even if you want to use it for your bedroom. Just carry it out and set it. wide range of temperature settings with an adjustable thermostat. This is a programmable heater where you can set times for 24 hours. The anti-freeze settings will prevent freezing the pipes.


  • 3 different power settings
  • Easy temperature controlling with a knob
  • It is IP21 certified against drips and condensation
  • Foot pedal activation system for oscillation
  • 1500-watt of power for maximum coverage
  • Heat different parts of the room


  • Requires more time for warming up compared to similar items

Bathroom Heater Buying Guide

It is not that easy to pick the right bathroom heater without the technical knowledge. But sometimes you can sort out the products just by considering the essential facts. If you are looking for a pro guide to have the best deal on the bathroom heater, here you go.

Types of Bathroom Heaters According to Locations:

Based on the location where you are installing the bathroom heater, you can categorize them in different types. Here are the most popular and common types —

Ceiling Mounted

As the name suggests, this type of product is intended to install on the ceiling. Choose this type only when you are sure that you are not going to move the item somewhere else. This will save space on the wall and easy to install on the ceiling.

Wall Mounted

This is a popular type of bathroom heater. This type is almost fixed to a particular area. Select any of the walls from your bathroom and mount it with brackets. However, some items in the market have both walls mounting features and portability.

best space heater for bathroom


Portable bathroom heaters are the most popular type because of its handiness. No matter wherever you go, you can carry the heater with you. The same item can be used in multiple areas. Choose this type when you don’t want much effort in installation. A portable bathroom heater is easy to use and you can move easily to your room.

Floor Radiant Heater

Don’t like to keep the heater visible in the bathroom? Then the best option is choosing a radiant floor heating system. Despite high costs, it is a good type to keep your bathroom clean and warm. It brings a polished finish in the bathroom without spoiling the main decor.

Bathroom Heater with Fan, Light COMBO

As you are seeing in the name, this is a combo of fan, light, and heater. This type used to come with a moderately powerful heater. The fan works as a blower that keeps moisture away from the floor. You can use the fan as a cooler when it is summer. The light is good for bringing a good vibe inside.


Once you have finalized which type of bathroom heater you are going to buy, now it is time to set your budget. At this point, most of the people make mistakes. It is mandatory to have to spend so much money on this item. Rather, choosing the right item with a good feature is important. However, based on the type of bathroom heaters, it will cost you from $25 to $200.

Usually, portable versions are budget-friendly. On the other hand, if you prefer to use a radiant system, it will cost around $150 to $400. The price can go higher when choosing a high-end product. The higher price is also common for combo offers. As you are getting more features, you have to pay more.

For smaller bathrooms, you can easily install a small heater. But if it has a larger area, you have to use something expensive with higher power capacity.in that case, the cost and budget will increase to get the best bathroom heater. Again, if you can do it yourself, it won’t cost you extra. But when taking expert help, the expert may charge in between $65-$85 per hour and can install a bathroom fan in 2-4 hours. So, the approximate cost for installation could be around $150.


Does It Sound Loudly While Running?

Whether it is a bathroom heater or a room heater, it is crucial to consider the noise level. Let’s imagine you are in the bathroom and taking a shower. Will you like to have too much noise insider? Surely, the answer is no. So, when picking a product, look for the noise level. Make sure it will operate quietly inside the bathroom. You can read some customer reviews to know about this point. If you don’t have time for selecting a noise-free bathroom heater, pick any item from the list. They are quiet and give a peaceful environment.

How Much Additional Cost Needed to Run a Bathroom Heater?

Do you think using a bathroom heater will increase the utility bill? If your answer is yes, you are not the only one who thinks in this way. Well, the reality is the opposite. You will decrease your utility bill instead of increasing it. How? When you are using one of the best bathroom heaters, you don’t need to turn on the whole heating system of your home. only turning the heater in the bathroom is enough. That means you are saving money.

But yes, when running the heater in the bathroom, it continuously consumes electric power. To avoid this, try to buy other types of bathroom heater instead of the radiant style.

Radiant bathroom heater takes much time for heating a small area that it increases power consumption. You may try wall mount or ceiling style. A portable bathroom heater is also good to avoid additional utility bills. A 1500-watt bathroom heater may cost you around cents per hour. So, more you use the heater, the utility bill goes up.

Installation Process for Different Types of Heaters

Installing the bathroom heater properly is essential to get efficient performance from it. This actually depends on the type you are buying. For instance, if you have purchased a wall mount bathroom heater or a ceiling bathroom heater, you have to find an area where you will get the maximum heating. There shouldn’t be any obstacle between the whole area and the heater. If there is an adjustable thermostat, it requires a different area for installing.

Keep the thermostat at a place where you can easily reach for controlling the temperature. If it is a combo of light, fan, and heater, install the heater in a place from where you can get the proper oscillation and lighting.

Ceiling bathroom heaters need to be installed properly so that it is not too much visible. For wall mounting, use durable brackets that can keep the heater in place without any issues. On the other hand, portable heaters don’t require much care about installation. Just set it in the place where it is easy to cover the whole area.

What Is the Benefit of a Bathroom Heater and Combo?

Currently, the combo of bathroom heaters is getting fame. As there is a fan, you can use the same item in summer to keep oscillation and remove moisture from the bathroom. It keeps a hygienic environment by preventing wet areas. At the same time, it will keep the bathroom odor-free. If there is an incandescent light, you don’t need additional lighting. So, installing a single item is enough for getting multiple performances. This allows avoiding the hassle of spending extra money for a light.

Can You Put Electric Heater in the Bathroom?

This is a common question from homeowners if they can use an electric heater in the bathroom. This is because almost all homes, people have an electric heater for the room. But the fact is, when you want to use it in the bathroom, some additional features are required.

Experts always suggest to keep away appliances such as space heater from water sources. If they get in touch with water, accidental things can happen. If you want to use it, you have to follow some rules. First of all, the surrounding of the heater should be dry which is almost impossible most of the time. You can prevent the issues using a GFCI outlet. If there is an ALCIplug in the heater, you may go for it. But still, it is not recommended to use the same heater for the bathroom that you use for regular purposes.

Safety Tips for Bathroom heater

No matter if you have chosen the best bathroom heater and it has safety features, still you need to follow some caution to avoid unwanted situations. Here are the safety tips that will keep you safe with a bathroom heater —

  1. Select the Right Type — There are various heaters available in the market. All those products are for heating an area. But if it is not mentioned that you can use it for the bathroom, you shouldn’t install it. Choose only those products that labeled for bathroom usages
  2. Be Concern About Ceiling Heater — If you have brought a ceiling heater when installing, make sure that position is high enough so that no one can reach to the heater. This is essential to avoid issues with electrical shocks. Also, keep the place dry.
  3. Don’t Allow Water to Get — You will find so many bathroom heaters that are labeled as water-resistant. But still, you need to be careful to avoid making the heater wet. This is for safety reasons. If somehow water enters the heater, it can destroy the whole power system.
  4. Keep it Unplugged — Did you install a bathroom heater already? Well, make sure that you are not keeping the plug-in when you are not using it. keep the plug off from the power socket to prevent short circuit issues.
  5. Buy a Safe Bathroom Heater — Besides all the considerations, one thing you can do is buying a safe bathroom heater. Some products have a built-in safety feature which will prevent incidents from overheating. If you check the list, will see most of the products have to overheat safety protection.


Now you have everything that requires to get the best bathroom heater. Read the buying instructions and safety caution before you finalize a product. Buy any of the heaters from the list to have a warm bathroom in the morning. To prevent further issues, it is recommended to buy the product from the original vendor.

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