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Best Bathtub Cleaner | Top Picks & Buying Guide

Bathtub cleaners have made it easier to remove grime, and prevent infections while leaving a pleasant smell behind. The hygienic conditions and the pleasing scent increase the probability of a more enjoyable bathing experience. People often ignore the impact of the infectious diseases that one can catch from the tubs.

A quality bathtub cleaner ensures that the environment is appropriately sanitized. Additionally; you would feel a lot more refreshed with better airflow around.

Bathtub cleaners are available in different formulas and forms. Some products are available in liquid form, while others have a more solid soap-like shape. There are also aerosol products as well which tend to be very useful and easy to use.

There are plenty of choices today that manufacturers have designed to provide excellent functionality. Thus, choosing the right product is a question of preferences.


Buying guide

There is a lot of diversity in the market when it comes to bathtub cleaners. There are various products available that vary in performance. However, to choose the best product, you can consider the factors below which will help you reach a better decision.


The first thing that needs to be considered regarding a product is the formula. The formula must be used for creating the product. It’s important to note that it should not contain any harmful chemicals and, if possible, shouldn’t contain any at all apart from the necessary ones.

The bathtub cleaner’s formula should be environment friendly; in case you have pets and kids, I should react with them to produce any adverse effects. It should also be potent and capable of eliminating stains and germs while even stopping its growth.

Easy Application

The application of the product is another thing that needs to be considered. Most of the products available out there would often need to be mixed with other chemicals or water before applied. Meanwhile, some of the products will offer more stress-free applications, including the user only using it directly to the surface and getting efficient results.

Ideally, the easier to apply products should be the choice since they are time-saving, and the user doesn’t have to engage in unnecessary tasks that could be a burden with a busy routine.

Efficiency and versatility of the product

The product needs to be efficient in its performance. It should be capable of removing molds, stains, bacteria, viruses, and mildew efficiently. A cleaner that is capable of offering all these benefits is the most suited to the buyer’s needs.

Furthermore, suppose the buyer intends to have a multi-purpose cleaner and can be used to clean various surfaces. In that case, this provides the buyer with the Benefit of using the product for other purposes without making an entire investment.

Pleasant smell

The smell is perhaps one of the most important and notable parts of a cleaner that should never be ignored. An ideal product should have a pleasant smell apart from having a highly volatile formula, which would get the job done while also leaving behind an odor that doesn’t irritate anyone. It is a crucial aspect, especially when you have children or other people around.

Fast results

When looking for a product, the buyer needs to ensure that it can produce results within seconds. It would allow the surface to be cleaned a lot faster, and thus, if you have a family or are on a hectic schedule, you wouldn’t have to wait for it to be dried.


Top 10 Best Bathtub & Shower Cleaners

Mold Armor bathtub cleaner FG502

Mold Armor Mold and Mildew Killer +...
  • KILLS MOLD, MILDEW AND MORE: MOLD ARMOR Mold and Mildew Killer + Quick...
  • KILLS & CLEANS: MOLD ARMOR Mold and Mildew Killer + Quick Stain Remover is...
  • FOR USE ON hard, non-porous surfaces including bathtubs, shower doors,...

The Mold Armor FC502 is one of the best products available for hard water stains and cleaning mold from the showers. The formula used in its production is both fast and effective with an effortless application.

The bleach-created cleaner blocks mold creation while forming an enduring barrier against mold and mildew and old stains. Furthermore, it is the most efficient bathtub cleaner without scrubbing.

The product is also equally versatile as it’s capable of usage across all corners of the house. It has a very distinct patented formula that kills bacteria and germs and ensures an infection-less bathing environment. Its formula is twice as potent as other products available in the market. The Mold Armor FG 502 is an ideal outdoor and indoor usage, providing the best cleaning experience and putting it at the top of our list as the best bathtub cleaner – particularly the best for mold.

Key Features:

  • Easy to apply
  • Versatile Formula
  • Twice as effective as other products in the category
  • Safe to use
  • Best for Mold


Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Bath Scrubber

Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Bath Scrubber, 4...
  • The Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Bath scrubber with Febreze Freshness erases 3X...

This Mr. Clean magic eraser bath scrubber has earned a reputation as one of the market’s best bathtub cleaners. It is capable of eliminating three more soap scums than other formulas available out there.

One of the main concerns with a bathtub is stains and the production of bacteria. The Mr. Clean Magic Eraser bath scrubber will erase the toughest stains and pigments while also eradicating bacteria and germs. The foaming cleanser and micro-scrubber will provide you with much-needed relief in terms of cleaning.

Using the product is also an extremely stress-free task. It can easily be used with water, and it is also 30% more durable than other choices. The magic easer is four times more potent than bleach sprays and water-activated, which means that you won’t need to add anything else with it.

The product’s tub and tile cleaner performance is one of a kind, and there are several people out there who would agree with the notion.

Key Features:

  • The soap is 30% larger and a lot more durable
  • Water-activated product
  • Four times more effective than bleach sprays
  • Created with dura foam


Bio-Clean Bathtub Cleaner Stain Remover

On Sale!
Bio Clean: Eco Friendly Hard Water Stain...
  • Made in USA
  • Biodegradable
  • Safe your & your Home!

The Bio-clean stain remover is designed to remove even the toughest hard water stains from a bathtub. The product provides professional results and is considered an ideal hard water spot removing product that would give you amazing results.

The heavy-duty cleaner is ideally used for eliminating rust, spots, and mold. Additionally, it stops the production of mold and removing bacteria. The cleaner would provide professional results, so even the toughest stains would be gone before you know it.

The Bio-clean stain remover would remove all the calcium mineral limestone and rust stains, which are considered some of the toughest ones around. Its smell is another advantage for the users as often with cleaners a common complaint is its unpleasant odor, but that has been sorted in this product. Mold and severe water stains are also completely dealt with

The formula of the product is biodegradable, and it has a very versatile application. It can be used for a lot more than merely cleaning bathtubs, which is an essential trait as most of the buyers don’t prefer products that are limited by their use.

Key Features:

  • Biodegradable Formula
  • Ideal for eliminating Calcium mineral limescale and rust stains
  • Environment-friendly product
  • Pleasant odor


Scrubbing Bubbles Bathroom Grime Fighter Aerosol

Scrubbing Bubbles Bathroom Grime Fighter...
  • Scrubbing Bubbles Bathroom Grime Fighter Aerosol is a multi-surface...
  • Removes 100% soap scum and smells amazing
  • A fresh scent, available in Citrus and Rainshower, that gives bathrooms a...

The scrubbing bubbles bathroom cleaner is a multi-surface product that is designed with the intent of providing relief to its users. The cleaner’s major Benefit is that it can clean every stain regardless of how old it might be and completely removes the soap scum.

The product has a beautiful and pleasant smell, which means that you won’t feel an irritating and burning smell when you walk into your bathroom, unlike certain other products. Its application is also versatile as the product is considered the right choice for tubs, chrome fixtures, vinyl material shower curtains, and glazed porcelain. It is available in rain shower and citrus so that the buyer can choose the best bathtub cleaner scent according to their preferences

The formula of the aerosol is created to fight even the most challenging bathroom grime. Furthermore, with its pleasant smell, entirely safe usage for multiple surfaces, and flawless operation, it is regarded as one of the best aerosol models available in the category.

Key Features:

  • Amazing smell
  • Prepared for the toughest bathroom grime
  • Recommended for multiple purposes
  • Easy to use


Method Bathroom Cleaner 28 OZ

Method 28 OZ Bathroom Cleaner,...
  • 28 Ounces Spray
  • Serving Size
  • Country of Origin:United States

The Bathtub is one of the areas that are often packed with germs. If not dealt with properly, the person taking a bath could be exposed to a greater risk of an infection or a disease. It is where the Method 28 OZ bathroom cleaner comes in handy.

The product has a very reactive and efficient formula that will allow you to use it on the entire bathroom with excellent results. The bathroom cleaner will clear out any mold that has made its way to the tub and water stains in the surroundings, regardless of how old they might be.

The Heavy-lifting bathroom cleaner is designed to produce effective outcomes within minutes, and it’s also entirely safe to use. It also dissolves the soap scum collected over time and provides a more detailed cleaning. Its eucalyptus scent ensures that there is no pungent smell left behind after using the product.

The user also won’t have to engage in scrubbing as the potent formula will take care of it for you. It’s available in serving size while also being very easy to carry around.

Key Features:

  • Eucalyptus scent
  • Eliminates mildew stains and old mold
  • Requires less scrubbing
  • Does the heavy lifting for the user


The Bucko Soap Scum and Grime Cleaner

The Bucko Soap Scum and Grime Cleaner...
  • 𝗣𝗟𝗘𝗔𝗦𝗔𝗡𝗧: Light scent of lemonwater. No bleach, no...
  • 𝗪𝗢𝗥𝗞 𝗦𝗔𝗩𝗘𝗥: No scrubbing required for most jobs....

The Bucko soap is a product that delivers commercial strength. It entirely dissolves the tough soap scum and grime and leaves a stunning shine behind. The product is known for turning the doors of a glass shower, yellow-stained acrylic bathtubs, sinks with detergent buildup, dull chrome fixtures, and wheel rims appear brand new again.

The product has delightful lemon water like scent. This product does not contain any bleach, acid, or harsh chemicals. It means that the product will allow you to carry out the entire cleaning process with ease and without harming yourself. The Bucko Soap Scum and Grime Cleaner is perfect for rough jobs and regular touch-ups alike.

Another benefit for the user is that using the product is a relatively uncomplicated task. It does not involve scrubbing, and the user has to spray the product and wipe it down later, which makes it fast and effortless.

For glass doors, the cleaner is one of the best choices that are both effective and competent.

Key Features:

  • It saves a lot of work
  • Meticulous cleaner
  • It leaves behind a protecting shine
  • Versatile product


Tilex Bathtub Cleaner Shower Spray

Tilex Mold & Mildew Remover 16 Fl Oz...
  • Kills 99.9% of household mold & mildew.
  • Eliminates stains before your eyes.
  • Delivers a powerful clean without scrubbing.

The Tilex bathtub cleaner shower spray is the desired choice for several customers around the globe. The major reason behind the product’s popularity is that it does not require scrubbing, making the entire process a lot more convenient for the user. It makes the cleaning a lot easier and faster to complete.

The spray is an excellent soap scum remover and eliminates all the stains, even the toughest ones. It does not contain chemicals, so you won’t be exposed to the risk of having any reaction prospects. The cleaning would only take a few minutes as the user merely has to spray it around the Bathtub without rinsing it instantly.

The product is considered an ideal choice for removing dirt and soap scum. It an exceptional outcome for cleaning plastic surface and acrylics

When applied, the product removes the entire soap scum and creates a protective barrier that further prevents soap scum. You don’t have to rinse, wipe, or scrub, making it very convenient to clean to entire Bathtub within minutes.

Key Features:

  • Excellent formula for removing soap scum
  • It does not require rinsing, scrubbing, and wiping
  • Chemical-free formula
  • Multi-purpose product


EnduroShield Shower Glass Treatment Kit

On Sale!
EnduroShield Glass Treatment Kit -...
  • Advanced Protection: Enduro Shield Glass Kit offers advanced protection to...
  • Long-lasting Shine: Enjoy a long-lasting shine on your glass surfaces with...
  • Easy Application: The kit includes a simple and hassle-free application...

Cleaning is an integral part of the routine. However, one downside is that if you clean the glass or tub too often, it leaves behind many scratches. If your set is an expensive one, you might even ruin its entire appearance. If you are cleaning with the EnduroShield Shower Treatment, that is one problem you would never have to worry about.

The product is considered one of the most effective bathtub cleaners against mold, but it works equally well with soap scum, grime, and stains left behind by hard water. It makes cleaning a lot easier by reducing not only the tie involved in the entire process but furthermore the effort is also reduced significantly.

The cleaner is often described as an ultra-long lasting coating that protects against hard water stains, soap scum, and grime. One application is considered enough for up to 3 years of protection. The product is unlike any other on the list, and quite rightfully, it is a unique one that offers numerous tub and tile cleaner benefits to the users.

Key Features:

  • protects for years after one use
  • Reduces the efforts and time involved in cleaning
  • it produces an invisible coating that offers protection
  • Three years limited warranty
  • Best for mold


Puracy All Purpose Cleaner

Puracy Natural Everyday Household All...
  • The Best All-Purpose Cleaner – The New York Times
  • Over 10 Million Sold: Guaranteed to safely and thoroughly clean any...
  • 7 Years of Optimizing Based on Customer Feedback: Formulated by PhDs, the...

If you search for a completely natural way of cleaning the bathroom, then the all-purpose Puracy natural bathtub cleaner is a choice that you shouldn’t turn down. The excellent solution is entirely non-toxic and safe to use anywhere. It’s created from various plants and water with a lovely lime and tea scent that would make your bathroom a pleasant smell and give the user a delightful bathing experience.

Apart from the natural ingredients used in its creation, the cleaner is exceptional for all the surfaces, and it’s useful for cleaning bathtubs and other things like glass, etc. It is an all-purpose product with a multi-purpose application.

The premium formula and the charming scent make it a household essential for everyone who intends on keeping their bathroom in top hygienic conditions. Furthermore, it produces exceptional results and is pretty easy to use. The manufacturer also guarantees that the product is hypoallergenic and safe with pets, children, etc. Therefore, it is a product that offers functionality and numerous benefits.

Key Features:

  • Multi-purpose
  • Simple usage
  • Exceptional results
  • Family-friendly choice
  • Safe to use


EcoClean Professional Cleaner for Bathtub

Professional Disinfecting Mildew, Virus...
  • COMMERCIAL GRADE DISINFECTANT - Effectively cleans and disinfects hard...
  • HIGHLY VERSATILE - The effective cleaning formula against a wide variety of...
  • NON-ABRASIVE - Disinfectant cleaner safe to use on nearly any hard surface....

The EcoClean professional bathtub cleaner is widely regarded as one of the best disinfectants in the market. Unlike some other products on the list, which are more suited for personal usage and are more recommended for bathroom use only, this one is a disinfectant that is considered ideal for removing mold, several types of viruses, and bacteria.

The concentrated formula is perfect to kill bacteria and stop germs’ growth that we are often unseen in bathroom conditions. It provides effective cleaning along with deodorizing performance, which makes it a unique choice.

The cleaner is a non-abrasive one, and it is entirely safe for use on every surface. It comes with a 30 days money-back guarantee. The product is best for use at hospitals, nursing homes, houses, hotels, etc. It has a lovely fresh lemon scent. So it not only thoroughly cleans the surface but also leaves a smell behind that keeps the environment fresh.

Key Features:

  • Commercial grade disinfectant
  • Very versatile performance
  • Non-abrasive product
  • Pleasant lemon scent


Woman cleaning a tub


What is the best product to clean the Bathtub?

There are numerous products available in the market for cleaning bathtubs. Although there is no fixed product that would be preferred by every buyer, many people have used Mold Armor FG502 bathtub cleaner and achieved excellent results. The best outcome would also depend on the buyer’s expectations, so if someone is looking for a disinfectant, then the best choice would be the EcoClean Professional Bathtub Cleaner.

How do I get my tub white again?

Cleaning the Bathtub is essential because you may have to use it every day. If there are germs and bacteria or stains in it, it would undermine the bathroom’s entire appearance and expose the user to a potential risk of contracting a disease or infection. Therefore, if you want to get your Bathtub white again, you need to choose one of the products mentioned on the list that best fits your purpose. Cleaning it with an efficient product would ensure that it remains clean and in the best condition possible.

What is the best tub and shower cleaner?

If you are looking for a cleaner that would be useful in cleaning a shower and a bathtub, then ideally, the chosen product should be multi-purpose. There is a wide variety of choices that can be seen in the market today that offer this Benefit. The Method 28 OZ Bathroom Cleaner and the Puracy All-Purpose Cleaner are two products that provide the user with a lot of versatility and allow them to clean multiple surfaces. The Benefit of these products is that they can be used to clean the tiles, which is a further bonus of possession.

What is the most effective bathroom cleaner?

The most effective bathroom cleaner depends on the purpose of its use. Certain products are designed to clean the entire bathroom, like the Method 28 OZ Bathroom Cleaner, while others might offer performance with a pleasant smell like The Bucko Soap Scum Bathtub Cleaner. If you are looking for a product that doesn’t require a rinse and provides the most comfortable cleaning method, then the product you might opt for is the Tilex Shower Spray Bathtub Cleaner. So, it depends on what you are seeking in a product that would make it the most effective.



Above we have mentioned some of the best products in the market in the category of bathtub cleaners. For a person to choose the best product, it would have to weigh on the preferences. While some buyers would like to have a multi-purpose effect that they can use for various drives and saves them from investing in a subsequent product, others might be looking into a product that offers supreme performance but with a bathtub only. Thus, what works for one user might not necessarily be suited to another

So, the buyer would have to consider its preferences and then choose a product accordingly to ensure they have made the best use of their money.

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