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8 Best RV Shower Heads For 2022

Do you believe RV is your second home and you can’t live without taking a shower like me? Well, you must need the best RV shower head for the best showering experience on the go.

The life of a traveler can get quite hectic. You are always on the move from one place to another in search of your next big adventure.

For any hardcore tourist, an RV is a constant companion. To make sure your time on the road is fresh, proper hygiene is a must. This is where an RV shower head comes in handy.

If you are one of those people who cannot be tied down to any single spot, then this article is for you. I will discuss the importance of a shower head in your RV and why you need to get the best RV Shower head.

Quick tip: Choose a low GPM camper shower probably under 2 GPM, this will save lots of water and highly recommended during Dry camping.

Today, I am sharing the reviews of 2022’s top RV showerheads. So you can easily pick the right one. You just have to carefully compare and be sure that, which fits your needs most. So, let’s start…

5 Top Ranked RV Shower Heads Of 2022

1. Best RV Shower head Overall: Etl 26781
2. Best RV Shower head High Pressure: YOO-MEE
3. Best RV Shower head single function: DURA Faucet
4. Best RV Shower Kit: Oxygenics 26481
5. Best RV Shower head With Turbocharging: PIH Shower Head

Best RV Shower Head Reviews

#1 Etl 26781 White Body Spa Oxygenics Shower With Hose

The ETL 26781 white body spa oxygen shower uses an artificial intelligent design to mix water with air to turn even water under low pressure to a strong shower.

The oxygenic does not allow clogging since the internal materials do not allow water build up. This particular shower head operates with water conservation principle controlled by Turbo Charging.

ETL 26781 White Body Spa Oxygenics...
  • Put jet engine power in your shower with this attractive handheld shower...
  • Patented technology increases oxygen content in your water and...
  • Comfort control adjusts from soft to stimulating

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What we liked about it

The oxygenic shower has a better spray than most RV shower head. Its shower head pressure increases its effectiveness up or down. This best RV shower head comes with trickle system. Which means when the shower head is turned down, it will automatically shutoff. This will save more water.

Also, the water temperature remains relatively the same on start, and when turned off not forgetting the amount of water lost through trickling to cool it is much less, other admirable aspects about it include a shutoff toggle and also easy installation.

Water sense of 2.0 GPM and presence of a RV Shower head shut-off valve and water-saving design system to prevent wastage of water.

#2 YOO-MEE High Pressure Handheld Shower For RV

Previously we have chosen, YOO-MEE as one of our top hand shower. This is a high shooting handheld shower head that functions the same even with low-pressure water. Designed with a stainless steel exterior and adjustable water hose, it brings luxury to your bathroom. If you want to learn more you can read our detailed YOO-MEE hand shower review.

It is great to come home after a long day, to step into the shower and get massaged by its pulsing water pressure.

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High Pressure Handheld Shower Head with...
  • High Pressure Handheld Shower Heads Make Your Showering Memorable in...
  • Powerful Spray Shooting Instantly Increase Showering Pressure Against Low...
  • Take a deep breath and relax as the water pour down over you, then you can...

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What we liked

An interesting thing about this handheld shower head is that it is a high-pressure best RV handheld Shower head and water flows at high pressure even when the water pressure is low.

The three shower head settings are a great addition. With this shower head, you get to choose the water pressure. If you are looking to relax tense muscles, you can opt for the pulsating setting while if you are looking for a more relaxed shower, choose the lower settings.

#3 DURA Faucet Hand Held Shower with Trickle Switch for RV

This rv shoerhead has a metallic finish and weighs only 0.64 ounces, and it is designed with a flow control system. The great thing about it is that it is compatible with any shower hose.

The single function shower head has a pulse rate of 2.2 GPM (gallons per minute).

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Dura Faucet DF-SA400K-SN RV Hand Held...
  • Features | This single function hand held shower kit is the perfect choice...
  • Design | The shower head’s wand is designed for comfortable gripping with...
  • Quality | With a well-constructed durable face, and a high quality...

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What we liked about it

The trickle valve system is excellent for when you want minimal water flow. This is especially when you are soaping up or when you are shaving.

Instead of switching off the valve you can now have the water trickling down instead. What is great is that it fits in any shower, so you do not have to worry about compatibility.

#4 Oxygenics 26481 Brushed Nickel Body Spa RV Shower Kit

An exotic and great design shower head. If you are a clean freak, you will love polishing this shower to leave its stunning nickel exterior shinning.

It comes with a long shower head that is up to 90 inches. The nickel design is non-sticky, and you are therefore assured that there will be no build up on the shower head itself.

Oxygenics 26481 Brushed Nickel Body Spa...
  • Designed to achieve maximum performance with tank size and pressure limits
  • Multiple available finishes will complement existing décor
  • 60″ hose for hard-to-reach places and easy clean up

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What we liked about it

The shower head is movable and comes with an on and off button to prevent wastage of water which may be experienced by shower heads with trickle down technology. We also liked that the shower head has a unique spray pattern that increases the surface covered.

This has significantly contributed to helping people rinse the soap off quicker. If you are a big family, then this shower head will help everyone spend less time in the shower. It operates with a setting of 2.5 GPM (gallons per minute). It is a rv shower head with shut off valve.

You can change the flow setting to your preference. This can be from a pulse setting, high-pressure setting or relaxed flow.

Unlike other shower heads where the water temperature drops when you reduce the pressure, this shower head maintains the temperature when you set the shower head to trickle setting. One of the best things about this shower head is how it is designed never to clog even when used with salty water.

#5 PIH High-Pressure RV Shower Head Unit with Powerful Shower Spray

It is perfectly designed for RV Motor homes. It operates with a water conservation principle through a 2XP Turbocharging.

The powerful hooting spray has also been equipped with a Paush setting. It comes with a flexible hose, Teflon tape, and adjustable bracket. It is designed with three functions which are powerful shooting, message flow, and pause.

PIH High Pressure RV Handheld Shower...
  • High pressure handheld shower heads for RV Motorhomes
  • Instantly increase your showering water flow pressure
  • Powerful spray shooting with PAUSE setting

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What we liked about it

PIH, best RV shower head is recommended because it offers instant high pressure. You do not have to wait for the pressure to build up when you first turn on your valve.

It is such a relief that this shower head shuts off completely when it is switched off. You do not have to worry about it leaking as many other shower heads do and it is so easy to install that you can do it yourself in minutes.

#6 Dura Faucet RV Shower Head and Hose Kit

Dura faucet handheld shower wand has a flow rate of 2.22 gallons per minute at 60 psi with 8.3 liters per minute. It is a perfect replacement for the original and comes in a variety of colors such as Venetian bronze; oil rubbed bronze, chrome, metallic nickel with a white finish.

Dura Faucet DF-SA130-BK RV Economical...
  • Features | Durable and lightweight, this handheld shower head and hose set...
  • Design | The shower head has been designed with an easy grip wand base and...
  • Quality | This set is constructed from premium grade lightweight synthetic...

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What we liked about it

This best RV shower head can be considered better than the average shower head. The Dura Faucet head comes with relatively long 60 inches hose, and it is a perfect replacement for the original. This shower head is also simple to install on your motor home.

Equipped with a flow control trickle valve to control the flow of water, you can now be assured that you will not be wasting water anymore when you are soaping up.

#7 Phoenix PF276015 Single Function Hand Held Shower

Manufactured for an RV and Marine Market, this handheld shower has a single function. It has been designed with an on and off trickle function to help you save on water.

Valterra Phoenix PF276015 Single...
  • Handheld shower
  • Single Function - On/off, Trickle Shutoff
  • Color: Whte

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What we liked

It is simple to install and easy to use. A great thing about it is that it has an on and off button that even when turned off, it does not switch off entirely off.

This is great because it functions as a safety feature to remind you to switch off the main faucet. The trickle flow feature allows you save on water by giving you a slow trickle when necessary.

#8 Camco 43712 RV Shower Head Kit

The Camco RV shower Head boasts of several features that offer an amazing showering experience. It is designed specifically for RV or Boat use; it’s also made durable to last for years. A typical full kit has in it 60 inches shower hose, wall mount hardware, washers and shower heads

Camco 43715 RV Shower Head Kit with...
  • Kit includes showerhead, 60" flexible hose, washers, wall mount and...
  • On/Off switch allows to pause water flow while shampooing, reducing amont...
  • Choice of five spray patterns from a drenching rain to a gentle massage

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What we liked about it

It has an in-built connector of the shower hose designed for easy installation and a classic 0.5 inches shower arm help eliminate the hose cable twisting.

This shower head is also a great product in saving water especially with it’s on/off switch. It offers up to seven spray options ranging from high-pressure RV shower head spray to smoothly gentle massage.

Its flexible wall mount and rotating shower head enable you to direct water flow in any direction. The pause water flows while in use allows the saving of the amount of water used.

Types of RV shower heads

Wall mount:

Wall mount shower head is fixed to the wall permanently. This setup has drawbacks but it’s the most popular shower head right now. Its effectiveness and less maintenance make it preferable to everyone.


If the fixed shower head is not your thing then handheld RV shower is going to be your ultimate choice. This one is my personal favorite as it reaches all the spots where I want the water pressure. Removing and manipulating it is never a tough task. This comes handy when you need to wash the shower.

Body spray:

For a spa-like feeling body spray is the best. It’s an all-rounder performer as it works as a handheld one but mounted to the wall. You will be spraying water from different directions and then clean yourself. If you want then you can install it on the wall as well.

Best RV Shower Head

Rain system:

Do you love rain and want the feeling of rain at the home? Then go for the rain shower head system. Light water pressure and huge diameter are all you need in a shower head.

Ceiling mount:

Add ceiling mount to the shower for a luxurious setting to your home for pampering every day. You will get even water flow and get the utmost comfort from it. But this one is a little expensive for the special plumbing that it takes.

If you are a frequent traveler, who enjoys RV ride, then a best shower head is a must for your excellent showering everyday. Keep reading for getting the best shower head for RV.

Considerations Before Getting RV Shower Head

The shower feels like our kingdom every time we enter it. And we want the very best thing inside it. A high pressured and hot shower is everything for a tired person after the whole day. The massaging sensation that RV shower gives is never possible with any other type of shower head during your road trip.

But there is a lot of disappointment in the world of RV shower head reviews. The cheap plastic heads are not able to offer any water pressure. To get the best RV shower head you have to have some simple knowledge about it so that you are never disappointed with your shower head.


Installing new RV shower head every year is not a pleasant thing at all. It is very expensive than any other normal shower head and you would not want your money to go away like that. So read user reviews and take the opinion of friends and family before buying the shower head. Some may come with cool designs and features but do not fall for it if the reviews do not look promising.

Water pressure

Water pressure is kind of the most important for the purchase. This is why it is on the top of our list. Some people do not want the fancy whistles and bells of a modern shower. All they want is the best water pressure that relaxes them.

Best RV Shower Heads Reviews 2019

Before getting the shower head make sure you know about the water pressure. Pressure preference varies from person to person. Some people find a certain pressure is too much for them and some think it’s just not good enough. Go through the features of the shower head to know about the water pressure.
Sometimes, the showerhead is not the guilty one for pressure. If the shower is connected to an outside water source it’s not going to have a good pressure whatsoever. For that go for oxygenics one without hesitation.

Shut off valve

Shut off valve is the on/off switch that will stop the water flow. This makes the shower head very convenient while you are giving your kids or pet a bath. The shut-off shower valve is amazing for minimizing the flow of water. You do not even have to shut off the shower completely to avoid losing temperature at all.

Anti-clog feature

The clogged shower head is the most annoying thing. So, Anti-clog feature is really important for the shower head as the limescale cannot accumulate in it. Choose a rubber surface so that you can wipe it off easily. Also, check out RV shower head reviews to see if anti-clog really works.


The hose is the thing that makes RV shower head what it is meant for. The hose makes the shower head convenient for usage. Most of the shower heads are 60 to 70 inches. Make sure to check out your preferable length before you get one. Also, do not forget to check the durability and flexibility of the hose.

Facts About Camper Shower Head

  • Some shower heads use oxygen content technology which serves to increase the amount of oxygen in the water.
  • The powerful pulsating water pressure to relieve tense muscles while some are self-pressurized.
  • You can now save on water as newly designed best shower Heads for RVs have been equipped with trickle setting, pause setting to use very little water when you need to.
  • You can save up to 30% to 50% more water by using high-pressure shower heads than the regular shower head.
  • High-pressure shower heads have resulted in a guaranteed 50% reduction in the time you spend in the shower.
  • Handheld shower wands are a better choice than the traditional shower heads. Best RV shower heads use less space and fit greatly in your RV or motor-home.


What Is an RV Shower head?

An RV shower head is not all that different from your regular one. The major distinction is where you place it;

One goes in your bathroom at home and the other in your recreational vehicle. So, the basic idea is the same. To provide a steady flow of water when you want to take a shower.

It can come with all the modern thingamajigs if that is what you need. Or you can go with a simple low-profile one if you prefer. But if traveling is more than just an occasional hobby for you, there is no doubt that you absolutely need one.

Who Needs An RV Shower head?

The simple answer is anyone who likes to move around and stay fresh at the same time. Traveling is an age-old hobby that provides an escape from the mundane structure of life. But if you are not in the best hygienic condition, it will harm your psyche.

Our minds and body are connected to a great extent. If your exterior is not cleansed, your interior will not be able to relax to its full potential. So, if you have an RV or a camper trailer, even if you do not use it much, you need to have an RV showerhead.

So, based on the discussion above, if the washroom in your camper does not come with a pre-installed shower-head, you should get one. Or if it comes with a low-quality one, you can change to the top-rated one.

How Does RV Shower Head Work?

Though similar in most aspects, an RV shower head tries to deliver water in a much slower and controlled manner.

Top shower heads of this type do not splash you with a hard stream but rather diffuses the flow to make it disciplined. The result is that you get a comfortable and relaxing shower experience.

You can also find different models of shower heads that let you further adjust the flow of water. There are heated models available in the market, too, for those who prefer a hot shower.

As with all similar devices, you need to maintain them regularly if you want them to last a long time.

Over time the accumulation of limescale and other minerals can result in poor performance of the shower head. So, you should try to clean them at every possible occasion to keep it good as new.

Do RV shower head saves water?

A. Yes, the best RV shower head that save on water has been equipped with a trickle system or pause to help you use the least amount of water when you need to. The trickle system means the water flows in the form of a trickle.

Are handheld shower-heads better than regular shower heads?

A. It depends on your needs. However, handheld showers are preferred for RVs as they save on space and have a flexible hose which helps you quickly reach anywhere you need to.

What is the meaning of GPM term used in many reviews?

This refers to gallons per minute and refers to the rate of flow of water out of the shower head.

Is it possible to have a high-pressure flow even when my water pressure is low?

Yes, this is possible for best RV shower heads that have been equipped with a high-pressure setting, pulse setting or special spray patterns.

Why using RV shower head is wiser?

Everything that you bring into your life should have a reason. Using the best RV shower head also offers you some benefits. These are

  • RV shower head Saves water to a significant amount. Obviously, look for shower head with a low gallon per minute. You will still get good pressure but will be saving a lot of water. Also the water pressure is able to give you a feeling of massage every day.
  • The shower head is very versatile. You can use it in almost every possible ways. Some handheld shower heads can be mounted or detachable as per your taste.
  • There is an RV shower head that is handheld. These kind of shower heads are best for getting off the mud from your beloved pets. You maybe won’t have the luxury of just standing in front of the shower and relax. But reaching every spot where you have body ache is more satisfying.
  • Saves money as the water flow of this shower head is lesser. An average shower head uses 3.8 gallons of water every minute. If you shower for even 8 minutes, it will use more than 30 gallons of water. You will be reaching desired spots while showering with the RV shower head. So less water wastage is expected here.


RV shower gives you the self-sufficient feeling if you want to decide to camp out. The comfort and convenience that it gives are the best. So try to invest in good quality shower head with the most preferred ones. From many types find out what suits your desire and then fix it.

There are many showers available on the market. However, this lists gives you the best RV shower heads available today. You do not want to go on a road trip and end up dissatisfied because of your disappointing shower.

Choose carefully paying attention to the specific features and functions of the shower head or hand-held shower head. The best RV shower head is a must have for a great camping adventure in your RV. Never miss rain shower experience at your home, read our rain head reviews.

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  1. I am curious about PIH handheld RV shower head. Did you test that shower head? Thanks in advanced for your help.

  2. Dura Faucet shower nozzle and brackets were easy to install. the holes in the new brackets lined up with the old brackets so it was a snap. The nozzle has a great pattern and the hose doesn’t twist when you click the nozzle on/off valve.

  3. We used the Oxygenics for nearly 3 months this winter and I’m very happy to report it continued to work great. When given the choice between a campground shower and our own we normally chose our own, actually the only reason we used a shower other than our own was because it was nearer a hot tub or pool we were using. For every day bathing we just preferred to use the Oxigenics. I still swear by this shower head and I’d give it 10 stars if it were possible.

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