7 Best Shower Bases & Pans For Bathroom Renovation In 2019

Best Shower Base: DreamLineSlimLine My friend told me to find a cool fiber glass shower pan for her. After thorough web research and reading tons of shower base reviews, I thought, I must share my study with my readers.

After reading this article, I am quite sure that you will be able to pick the right shower base for your bathroom.

Before going through the best shower base reviews here is what you need to know:

  • You should know the size of your bathroom
  • Should also know the best material for shower pan
  • You should know the installation system
  • Should know that the shower base without cUPC certification should be avoided
  • You should know which style will suit your bathroom decor
  • Should know your budget limit
Without knowing above factors, you will never be able to pick the best shower pan according to your requirement. Once you know all of the above things, you are ready to read the shower base reviews.

A Shower pan is designed to catch the used water while taking a shower. A shower pan can be made of different types of material. If you have a shower pan installed in your bathroom, you don’t have to invest much time in cleaning the shower after each use.

The best shower base is essential for everyone. That’s why lots of well-known and less known companies are making and selling these products. The market is full of different options. Not all of them are worth purchasing.

Here in this article, we will guide you through some of the most practical shower base options. We will tell all the secret of each of the products below. Let’s start the reviews without wasting more time of yours. So, let’s get started…

Best Shower Base Reviews 2019

DreamLineSlimLine Center Drain Single Threshold Shower Base

The DreamLine SlimLine center drain single threshold shower base is our champ for 2019. The Slimline shower base is made of a modern and durable high-gloss acrylic fortified with fiberglass materials. That’s why it looks great in any bathroom decor. It is durable to last several years without creating an issue.  Floor surface offers complete safety with SlipGrip texture.

DreamLineSlimLine 32 in. D x 48 in. W x 2 3/4 in. H Center Drain Single Threshold Shower Base in White
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You can say goodbye to sudden slippage accident. DreamLine shower base is easy to maintain. A glossy acrylic finish protects from stains. The pan comes with the center drainage system. It will easily fit in your bathroom. The price is also reasonable.

Product Highlights:

  • Easy maintenance
  • Safe to use
  • Attractive multiple color complement bathroom style
  • Quick installation
  • Modern and durable low profile design
  • cUPC certified

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Swanstone FR-3260L-010 Veritek Retrofit Single Threshold Shower Floor  Pan

When it comes to a quality product in an affordable budget, Swanstone has an option for you. Yes, I am talking about the Swanstone FR-3260L which is considered as one of the best shower bases for the money. The Swanstone FR-3260L is made of Veritek material without surface coating to prevent the chances of having scratches or crack.

Swanstone FR-3260L-010 Veritek 60-Inch by 32-Inch by 4-5/16-Inch Retrofit Single Threshold Shower Floor, White
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It’s confining material is non-absorptive, highly durable and will not get mold or mildew. It’s stoned and slip resistant feature provides high safety value. Easily fit in your bathroom with right-hand drainage feature. It is easy to install. Available in white color that gives an elegant look to any bathroom decor.

Product Highlights:

  • Non-porous surface
  • Slip-resistant ensure safety
  • Affordable price range
  • Easy maintenance
  • Quick installation

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DreamLineSlimLine 36 in. D x 36 in. W x 2 3/4 in. H Corner Drain Neo-Angle Shower Base

DreamLine is one the reputed and global merchandiser of tub door, shower door, kitchen appliances, shower base, and related products. They are always up to date when it comes to announcing a modern and extraordinary shower or bathroom related products. The DreamLineSlimLineNeo-Angle Shower Base is another example of their superior quality. With two wall corner it can be used in a custom shower project. DreamLine SlimLineNeo-Angle Shower Base is loved by the customer for its modern and low profile design.

DreamLineSlimLine 36 in. D x 36 in. W x 2 3/4 in. H Corner Drain Neo-Angle Shower Base in White
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The Durable base made of high gloss Acrylic reinforced with fiberglass material is another reason to purchase this one in the first place. The Slip resistance texture floor will ensure your safety by avoiding any hasty accident. It’s 2-sided integrated tile flanges are ready for a standard compression fitting range. Available in only glamorous white color. Its durable construction removes any bend of the base. The DreamLine SlimLine shower base is easy to install as well.

Product Highlights:

  • Easy to install
  • Corner drainage system
  • Scratch and stain resistance
  • Fiber reinforcement for durability
  • Ensures User Safety
  • cUPC certified

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Bestbath 30″ x 30″ Step-in Shower Base/Pan – 6″ Curb Height – Center Drain – White

Bestbath 30″ x 30″ Step-in Shower Base/Pan – 6 is one of the classic shower pans that will give your bathroom a vintage look. Basically, constructed with one-piece shower pan boosted with gel coat/fiberglass that ensures long lasting usage. Slip-resistance gel coat and high-quality scratches are used to provide an efficient and safe showering. Its 3-wall alcove installation process will make you stress-free.

Bestbath 30″ x 30″ Step-in Shower Base/Pan - 6″ Curb Height - Center Drain - White
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You do not need to bother for the maintenance also. The integrated tile flange assures you always have a waterproof base. This shower pan offers remarkable strength with wood-cored support bottom. A square shape pan, available in whiter color and reasonable price.

Product Highlights:

  • Easy to clean
  • Smooth installation
  • Easy maintenance
  • Center drainage system
  • Fiberglass material use for durability
  • Features Self-resistance gel coat

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DreamLine SlimLine 34 in. D x 60 in. W x 2 3/4 in. H Right Drain Single Threshold Shower Base

DreamLine SlimLine 34 in. D x 60 in. W x 2 3/4 in. H itemized by its right-hand drainage feature. It is a quality product that provides a single threshold shower base that means one-sided shower door can be placed in any corner easily. You can fit any shower door with it. A rectangular shower base which provides a slip-resistant surface by SlipGrid texture.

DreamLine SlimLine 34 in. D x 60 in. W x 2 3/4 in. H Right Drain Single Threshold Shower Base in Biscuit
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This shower base is made of acrylic/ABS material; fiberglass reinforcement is used on the basis for making it more durable. The installation process is quick and easy as well. Available in off-white or biscuit color that provides a classy tone to your bathroom. Most searched in the market for the unique texture and reasonable price. It is the best acrylic shower base in our list.

Product Highlights:

  • Right-hand drain base
  • Self-resistant textured floor
  • Alcove installation needed
  • cUPC certified
  • Available in classic biscuit color
  • Slip and stain resistant base

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KOHLER K-9054-0 Salient Receptor with Right-Hand Drain, 60-Inch by 30-Inch

Looking for a shower pan that is excellent in term of quality and lifetime durability? KOHLER is the first choice for the consumer who acknowledges performance as a deciding factor. This unique shower base gives the assurance to its consumer with its unmatchable full feature. Its spacious floor features a molded with an oval center and grid pattern for safe friction. This resistance to scratches, mark and the anti-dirt feature will be with you forever and as beautiful as day one. Its notable shower base is the perfect choice for a custom-tiled shower environment.

KOHLER K-9054-0 Salient Receptor with Right-Hand Drain, 60-Inch by 30-Inch, White
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This specific design of Kohler offers you a versatile design and simple look that relate to any modern and traditional bathroom. It is made of cast iron that arises no question about longevity. In addition, it highly slips resistance. Available in white color. There are no chances of damage or leakage instead of its frequent usage.

I must assure you that you will hardly find any comparison of KOHLER with any other brand that’s why you need pay some extra for this. But trust me, it is quite worthy. As there is a say that, ‘quality product comes at a quality price.‘

Product Highlights:

  • Cast iron assure limited lifetime warrant
  • Versatile design
  • The grid pattern for extra friction
  • Right-hand drainage system
  • Alcove installation system

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Tile Redi USA P3048L-PVC-13×6-4.5-4.5 Redi Base Single Curb Shower Pan

Are you looking for the best shower pan for tile? Don’t worry; I have the right solution for you. Yes, I am talking about the Tile Redi USA P3048L which is considered as one of the best shower bases for tile floor right now. The construction quality of the product is out of this world with premium quality materials. It is designed to last and serve for years without creating an issue.

Tile Redi USA P3048L-PVC-13x6-4.5-4.5 Redi Base Single Curb Shower Pan
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The Tile Redi USA P3048L-PVC Single Curb Shower pan is one piece and leak proof with integrated curb and splashes walls. The installation system is easy. The base comes with 2-inch, left PVC drain and polished chore drain plate. It looks attractive and suits with any modern bathroom décor. You will love to have this one installed in your bathroom. It is also very affordable.

Product Highlights

  • One-piece design,
  • Leak-proof and pre-pitched shower pan
  • Can install tile directly on shower pan surface
  • Features 2-inch, Left PVC Drain
  • Polished Chrome drain plate
  • 48-inch Wide and 30-inch Deep

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That’s all for the best shower base reviews. I am sure you can quickly pick one from the above list. We tried to include all of the excellent products that are available in different price, design, and performance. But all of the above products are worth the money. Let’s have a look at some of the essential factors before making the deal. Otherwise, you might end up with crap.

Here is what you need to consider before picking the shower pan:

  • Materials: The quality of the shower pan depends on the material by which it is made of. Acrylic, porcelain, and fiberglass are the most used material in shower base. All of them are good with few limitations.
  • Installation System: The installation system is another essential issue while purchasing a shower base. Try to pick one with a simple installation system. Otherwise, you have to invest a few more dollars
  • Style: You should match the shower pan with the decor of your bathroom. Otherwise, it might ruin the look of your bathroom.
  • Cleaning and Maintenance: Don’t look for one that offers complicated cleaning system. It will cause real pain on the ass, remember that!
  • Price: For better quality, you have to pay, period! Just to save few bucks don’t go for something cheap! You will regret later on!


While shopping for best shower pan, people get confused with the material types. Some experts refer acrylic shower base where some other refers fiberglass. Both Fiberglass and Acrylic shower base are fantastic with their limitations. Acrylic shower bases last longer, easy to clean and cost less in repairs and maintenance. Fiberglass, on the other hand, is inexpensive but not as durable as acrylic shower bases. The maintenance and repair of fiberglass base cost much as well. Some other people like porcelain shower bases too. It actually depends on your preference. You should buy the type that suits your need, period.

I already reviewed some of the most practical products of the present time. In the above lines, I also told you about the pros and cons of the materials. I am sure now you can pick the shower base wisely. But pick the correct size according to your bathroom space. Otherwise, the best shower base will seem impractical!

I am wrapping up now. If you have anything else to know, feel free to comment. The ShowerJournal team is always here to solve all your bathroom issues. Keep sharing your valuable feedback and wait for many more!!!

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