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Can Shower Tile be Painted?

We all know there are many ways to spice up a bare bathroom without breaking the bank. One of the most inexpensive options is painting your shower tile.

Yes, you read that correctly painting your shower tile! You can spruce up your bathroom with some creative touches that will make painting your shower tiles seem like a more challenging task than it actually is, as well as make you feel accomplished in the end. Follow these steps below and you’ll be enjoying all-new custom-painted shower tiles

How to Paint Shower Tile

Step 1:

The first thing to do if you want your shower tile to look like new is to clean it. To do this, you can either use a dishwasher-safe attachment for your dishwasher or a gritty cloth that is made specifically for cleaning tile and grout. After cleaning your shower tile, use the paintbrush you will DIY, available at most home improvement stores or online.

Step 2:

Outlining. When outlining your tile with the paintbrush, leave about an inch around your tile. If you plan on applying an accent color to your shower tiles, use the same paint and brush to create a one-inch outline on both sides of your accent color.

Step 3:

Painting your Shower Tile. Painting is a technique that requires some finesse in order to be done with precision and look nice; however, with a little practice, you’ll find it’s actually easier than it looks. You will need the following:

Simple drop cloths

A couple of rags (You can make your own rag from old Tshirts)Paint brushes, sizes depend on what you are painting (Remember it’s easier to have a few extra brushes than not enough)

Your chosen paint colors + Primer if needed (if you do not know whether or not your painted surface will require a primer, always go ahead and use it. Primer is a flat color that goes between the paint and the bare surface. It makes the paint stick to the surface and makes it look great.)

Step 4:

Applying your paint. Start off by painting lightly over everything, applying a little glue if you need it (This is optional). This will give you a chance to get the gaps between your tile wet so that the paint can adhere to the tile.

When you see how much paint is showing through and looks like it’s time to move on, apply another coat of paint. Since it is a small area to paint, the second coat should cover it well enough. If it’s not covering well enough, just wait for 30 minutes and apply a third coat.

Step 5:

Tips and Tricks. One of the best ways to make your painted shower tile look nice is to not allow too much time for drying in between coats. You want to dry the first coat as quickly as possible because you will have less paint to deal with on the next layer. Also make sure you are not piling the paint too high, but only enough to fill in any holes and gaps.

Step 6:

Be Creative. With a little creativity, you can make your shower tile look better than ever! You can do this by creating patterns, outlining certain areas with bold colors, or even using stencils to get a customized look. You can actually stencil and outline at the same time for an interesting effect that looks just like it cost hundreds of dollars.

Step 7:

Cleaning up. Once your paint is dry and the shower tiles are ready for their next use, you can remove and clean them like any other bathroom decor.

The cost of DIY shower tile painting is minimal and will give you a beautiful new look to your bathroom. Most people notice a difference in their bathroom after just a few days, so prepare to have another reason to show it off!

Does painting shower tile last?

Yes, it will last as long as you take care of it. As tile is exposed to normal household cleaning products and moisture, it is vulnerable to staining and corrosion. It is very important that you keep your tile clean to better protect its finish. By using cleaning products specifically made for ceramic tile, you will be able to keep it looking new throughout the years.

What kind of paint do you use for shower tiles?

specialty paint for shower tile is available at most home improvement stores. It is a tile paint that comes in a large variety of colors and is specifically formulated for ceramic surfaces. This type of paint will not chip, peel or crack and is made to stick to the surface of ceramic tiles. It offers great coverage and a high degree of durability.

Is painting shower tile safe?

It is perfectly safe for you, your family, and your pets. The only thing you have to worry about is taking proper precautions while painting shower tiles. Using a drop cloth to catch any paint that drips onto the floor will ensure that you do not slip and fall on freshly painted tile surfaces.

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  1. Can tiles in the shower be painted more than once? The shower I am thinking of painting has flaking at the edges and some discoloration at the flat surface. It is approximately 13 years old. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

  2. Step 1 “use the paintbrush you DIY??? Use a dishwasher safe attachment???
    Step 5 “To make your shower look nice DO NOT ALLOW TO MUCH TIME FOR DRYING in between coats, You want to DRY THE FIRST COAT AS QUICKLY AS POSSIBLE, because you will have less paint to deal with ???
    These step don’t make sense


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