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Can Shower Tiles Be Painted? (Solved!)

Tiles in our bathroom are susceptible to waterlogging since they are frequently exposed to moisture. As a result, the damaged area becomes ugly and looks outdated. It is advisable to take preventive actions if you do not want to incur extra expenses fixing the tiles or retiling. One of such measures that you can take to prevent your shower tiles from getting waterlogged is painting.

Apart from painting the tiles to prevent damage in high moisture areas, you can also use them to give your bathroom a new shiny look. Painting your shower tiles requires lesser labor and more cash to achieve. However, it might not be the permanent solution to preventing water from wearing off the tiles in high moisture areas.

Does painting shower tiles last?

Ordinarily, applying paint to surfaces helps prevent the toll of wear and tear under normal circumstances. However, when the painted area is frequently exposed to moisture, it may not last as long as you have anticipated.

The same goes for shower tiles. When the paint is applied to tiles in the bathroom, the high moisture areas will depreciate first. Due to the frequent exposure to water, the paint used in those parts will fade or peel off faster than the low moisture areas.

Some of such parts include the walls close to the tub, the base of the tub, tiled countertops, and shower areas. The areas mentioned above can be painted only that you may have to retouch frequently due to how fast the paint wears off.

One other factor that determines how long your painted tiles last, is the quality of paint used. While some are suitable for painting tiles, others will not work as much as expected. It is crucial to select the correct paint for whatever type of shower tiles you have installed.

What kind of paint do you use for shower tiles?

The type of paint you use for your shower tiles depends on the type of tiles installed in your bathroom. Regardless of the shower tiles type, waterproof paint should be your option.

Waterproof paint is different from water-resistant paint, it is crucial to note that. While water-resistant paints will make it difficult for moisture to pass through them, waterproof paint will prevent the water from going through.
When painting your shower tiles, ensure you are getting waterproof paint instead. The following are the types of shower tiles paint you can choose from;

  • Epoxy paint: Epoxy is one of the most popular shower tile paints due to its effectiveness, toughness, and durability. Unlike acrylic paints, epoxy paints offer more adhesion and are long-lasting even when used in high moisture areas. When applied to your shower tiles, epoxy paint can take up to 72 hours before curing.
  •  Acrylic paints: For acrylic paints to be effective in the bathroom, use primer, and sealant. Before applying the acrylic paint, use a primer first. That will prevent the paint from wearing off faster. After using the water-resistant acrylic paint, apply a sealant to waterproof. That way, it will last longer and serve its purpose better.
  •  Latex enamel paints: Although they are more expensive and less effective than epoxy paints, Latex enamel paints are water-resistant and can be used in painting shower tiles. When applied, it takes over a week to cure and can even take up to 4 weeks before curing completely.
  • Spray paints: Looking for a quick fix for your shower tiles? Spray paints are your best option. They may wear off faster than standard paints but spray paints are inexpensive, easier, and faster to apply. They cure in less than a day when applied on shower tiles.

What kind of paint do you use for ceramic tile showers?

An oil-based type of paint like epoxy is one of the best options to paint ceramic shower tiles. That is because oil-based paints are usually durable and waterproof. Since the painted area is most likely to be exposed to water, consider an oil-based paint.

You can also use standard acrylic paints for ceramic tiles provided you use a primer before and sealant after to make it waterproof. Without the primer and sealant, the paint will start peeling off the tile surface as soon as water touches it. Other types of paint you can use are spray paints and latex enamel paints.

Is painting tiles a good idea?

Painting shower tiles is not a bad idea when looking for a less expensive way to fix your raggedy bathroom. Shower tiles are painted to give the bathroom a new look or prevent water from damaging the walls. Although the method may require regular retouching especially in high moisture areas, it costs less than retiling.
However, if you have enough cash to remodel, do it. You can paint the tiles after installing. That will ensure that it lasts longer and save you the extra cost of fixing damages later.

How much does it cost to paint shower tiles?

Depending on the type of tiles and the materials used, it will cost anything from $300 to $1500 to paint 100 square feet of shower tiles. For ceramic tiles, painting can cost from $300 to $1300. That is way cheaper than remodeling your bathroom. DIY painting will cost less since you are not paying for labor. Painting plastic shower tiles may be costlier since you need extra materials to make the paint stick.

Does painting bathroom tiles really work?

Painting bathroom tiles work but for a limited time. The reason is, regardless of the type of paint used, it stands a risk of blisters or peeling due to constant exposure to moisture. The paint resists water and gives the bathroom a cool look but, after a while, it wears off. Painting shower tiles can be used only as a temporary solution that needs constant renewal to work for a long time.

Over time, the cost of retouching may eventually add up to that needed for retiling. It is advisable to go for retiling if you can afford it. However, if you can put up with the regular need to retouch painted tiles, go for painting.

In Summary

The paint on shower tiles can last up to three years before retouching is required. Of course, that would depend on how well you have painted the bathroom tiles and the bathroom area. The areas that water frequently touches will depreciate faster than the other part. A well-painted tile will last longer too.
Regardless of its downsides, applying paints to shower tiles can be a very cheap and quick fix to your old bathroom tiles. An added advantage of painting your shower tiles is you can easily do it yourself.

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