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Odd Shower Smells And How To Deal With Them?

The shower is the place where you go to relax after a hard working day or for starting the day. A cold shower with a handheld shower head or a steam shower on a corner shower room can relieve all the pain and stress we get from our busy life. So, it should be appropriately organized to ensure the relaxation without any hustle.

But, there is something you can’t deal with all the time. Yes, lousy shower smells can ruin your satisfaction as well as health. We, all have to face this situation sometimes.

I know, most of you have already aware of this Odd Shower Smells and have the knowledge to deal with them. I am writing for them are not adequately informed of this condition and looking for solutions. If you have an expensive bathroom with bidet toilet, still you can face odd shower smells on your bathroom.

Suddenly, if you smell a nasty, awkward odor from shower drain, then it can happen for a poor drainage system. Now the question is how to deal with them? First of all, you have to detect the exact kind of smell it is. Don’t get panic and continue reading to get rid of bad odor generated from your shower drain.

bathroom smells like rotten eggs
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If you smell musty, then most probably you have mold growing just beneath the drain cover. If your shower smells like rotten eggs, then you have sulfate-reducing bacteria into the shower drain. Moreover, it can be smell like sewer gas, and the possible prospect of that is the P-trap installed under your shower drain.

Now, go back to your shower again to identify the type of smells. I know, it’s not easy, but you can try these solutions to get rid of any types of bad shower odor.

Types Of Shower Drain Smells And How To Deal With Them

If the shower drain smells like sewer gas:

Most of the cases, every shower has a P-trap installed down the shower drain to protect us from any noxious sewer gas to smell. But still, this trap can’t always perform flawlessly. Better you check first that your shower has a P-trap installed down your shower. If so, then there are few potential reasons for your shower drain smells like sewer gas.

shower drain smells like sewer gas
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If the water got sucked from the P-trap or it is dried out, then only it will allow the gas pushed from the waste pipes to spread into the living space. The vent protects this.

Whenever we dispatch something through the shower drain, the pipes try to pull and push pressure down the drain and out towards the vent. If the drainpipes failed to do so, then it must send the pressure through the P-trap. That’s allowing the sewer gas to travel into the bathroom.

If your shower is not correctly connected to the vent, then you must do it immediately. Either, it can be unplugged, or there is no vent at all.

Wait, does your shower smells like sewage still?

Ask your woman then the reason. Yes, you got right the long hair. The P-trap could be jammed with long hair. Look through your shower drain and if you found the culprit, then try to use a snake to unclog the drain. It’s so simple to deal with!

If you have sulfur smell in bathroom:

First of all, call your water supplier and ask them which minerals are containing the water. The most common cause of this bad smell from shower drain is hydrogen sulfide gas.

sewer smell from shower drain

If your water contains so many minerals with sulfate, then be sure it’s sulfate-reducing bacteria what used to live in damp, dark areas and generate that gas. Thus, inside your shower drain, these bacteria are growing every day. The bathroom smells like rotten eggs or sulfur because of hydrogen sulfide gas.

To deal with that, run some boiled water or bleach through the shower drain on a regular basis.

Don’t forget to check the types of pipes you have under your drain before using bleach or boiling water.

Bleach– Helps to kill bacteria but may damage the pipes.

Boiling Water– Never use if you have plastic drain pipes.

If the shower smells like mildew:

Nothing can be worse than a mildew smell, which is the reason for a clogged drain. Shower drains are most likely to mold as you run water and dirt through the drain pipes thoroughly.

shower smell like mildew
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How can you deal with it?

Just unclog your shower drain. You can use a snake or shower plunger to get out the dirt.

You may pour ¾ cup of baking soda and ½ cup of vinegar into the shower drain. Then wait for 30 minutes, now flow a glass of boiling water down the drain. I think this will remove all clogs and molds grows into the deeper pipes.

If the shower smells like urine:

Just be sure that anyone of your home urinates in the shower or not? If anyone does, then you will notice a smell of urine. Oh! It’s just nasty and awful to experience.

Don’t worry. It will not get more than 30 minutes to get rid of. Just pour some baking soda and white vinegar into the shower drain first. After 30 minutes, clean the drain with a pot of hot water. If any bad odor left, then repeat the process.

If any of these shower drain odor is coming over your nose after entering the shower, most probably now you can handle with that by yourself.

I am always greeting your comments. Never hesitate to question below as well!!

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