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Should I Apply A Face Mask Before Or After Taking A Shower?

Skincare is a form of self-care that gives us a sense of calmness that nothing else can provide. The time that you can spend with yourself while waiting for a face mask to dry is the best. The benefit that those masks give is a bonus.

Face masks clean up pores and bring brightness back to the skin. But you may ask when to apply the face mask before or after a shower. It depends on the type of mask you are using and what it does to the skin. Let’s know about it in detail here.

Should I Apply A Face Mask Before Or After Taking A Shower

Should I apply the face mask before the shower?

A skincare routine can change your skin drastically if you follow it religiously. But it seems time-consuming to apply everything on time. You need to prepare your skin as well by cleaning it properly. If you are someone who has their shower at night, you can benefit from before shower face mask most because you can clean your face in the shower and apply the mask and then wash it off after you are done with other chores of the shower. When you are out of the shower, you can apply whatever skincare stuff you love. But make sure those masks are wash off masks like a mud mask, clay mask, or charcoal mask.

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Should I apply the face mask after the shower?

After you are done with your shower, this is the time for other masks. These are the leave on masks that benefits our skin throughout the night. These are mostly oils and creams. You can double the benefits of these sleeping masks by applying serums and a good moisturizer. Then wake up with beautifully soft and glowing skin in the morning.

Know your skin type and what it needs

There are so many types of masks available. There are mud masks, charcoal masks, clay masks, and some brightening masks. First, know what your skin needs. If your skin is acne-prone and oily, you can apply some clay mask. It will take out the oil from your skin and make your skin smoother. If your skin needs a good scrubbing, you can use a charcoal mask, and it will also work to pull oil. All these masks wash off, so these should be used before the shower. So you can use it before shower and then wash it off there.

On the other hand, some masks are brightening and nourishing for the skin. You should apply those after a shower. So your skin will soak up the benefits and get the most of the mask.

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Face Mask Before Or After Shower

How do I apply a face mask correctly?

Correctly applying a face mask on your skin makes a big difference. But we make mistakes while doing it and end up with bad skin. Here are some simple things to follow while applying any face mask.

  1. Always start with a clean face. You might feel that mask is going to clean my skin anyways. No, you are slapping mask on the dirt and grim that is already in there, and your skin is not getting the benefit.
  2. Apply an even thin layer on your skin. Avoid your eye area. If you are using any peel-off mask, then do not apply on your eyebrows or mustache area. You will thank me later.
  3. Exfoliating products tell you to massage the mask on your face for some minutes. So read the instruction on the package.
  4. Wait from 5 to 20 minutes according to the instruction in the box. Do not keep mud mask or clay mask for long after it dries out. Otherwise, it will strip off oil from your skin.
  5. Use a warm towel to clean the mask or use lukewarm water. Do not rub the skin when the mask is dry. After you clean it up, apply serum and moisture.

Final thoughts

It’s your skin, and it’s easier for you to discover which works the best for your skin. So try to see which makes a difference to your skin most. It will change your skin forever. So applying face mask before or after shower completely depends on your skin type and the type of mask that you are using. Also, do not put on makeup while you have a face mask on. Keep it at night and then wash off in the morning and then apply makeup.

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