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How Do I Warm-up My Bathroom? (Finally Answered!)

We all have those days when we are exhausted from school or work and as soon as we get home, all we want to do is just take a nice, relaxing bath. But as soon as we step into the bathroom floor, the chills travel from our feet up to our spine which gives us that uncomfortable shivering feeling.

How Do I Warm-up My Bathroom

Besides, don’t we hate that time of the year when winter is fast approaching, the temperature drops cold hard and the wind from our bathroom windows blows harder? If you can relate to these things, then what you need is to prep your bathroom keeping it cozy warm. Stick with this article and let’s talk about the step by step guide on how to warm up your bathroom.

Steps To Warm Up A Bathroom

  • Let’s start with the bathroom floors. Yes, porcelain, stone, and ceramic tiles are very much fashionable and can add value to our bathrooms. However, you can avoid stepping into some cold surface if you install a heated radiant floor underneath it. But don’t worry as the temperature is completely adjustable as it connects to a wall thermostat that allows you to control it from there.
  • Of course, not all of us have enough budget to remodel our floors. Another useful hack is to cover it with thick, plushy rugs and mats to keep out the iciness. It is also good to buy those types that don’t get easily dirty, and are completely washable so you won’t have a hard time cleaning them. These rugs and mats come in different sizes, shapes, and textures, and it doesn’t have to be that rubbish-looking type that we often see. While rich colors can trick the temperature and heat up the surroundings, we must also remember that the white-colored ones are more prone to get stained.
  • After doing the previous steps, it is now time to close your windows and fix any obvious holes and gaps in the window frames where the wind can still pass through. You can also add curtains that are warm-looking and are perfect if you are that person who likes to take baths at night. Removing any objects that could block the heat coming from your heating vents or any other heating sources that you may have can also be helpful. But the best option is to use a portable heater, which is also known as the bathroom heater.

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  • If you have the time and money to redecorate or customize your bathroom, you can change the color scheme of the walls, furniture or any other stuff that you have inside. Try to add colors that pop into the eyes or warmer colors like red, yellow, orange and pink. As of now, you are probably thinking that these colors won’t work or they are simply not your style. However, there are lots of variations of these colors, and you can even settle for the pastel ones. Avoid the cool tones as it will make your bathroom look colder. It’s all about mixing and matching which colors and decorations go together.
  • This next step is optionable, but you can incorporate indoor plants, antiques, earthly tones, and wooden materials to your bathroom decorations. These can add warmth to the environment, plus it leaves a cozy, relaxing ambiance.
  • It is also a good idea to change the room lighting to warm ones, to create the illusion of visual heat.
  • Don’t forget your towels! You can either get some heated towel bars and holders which are totally useful, or you can just simply throw them into the dryer or put them into the towel warmer cabinet before taking a bath. Then you can enjoy some nice, toasty warm towels.
  • Last but not the least, is to invest in a high-quality bathroom dehumidifier. It works by tackling and removing moisture in the air, dries it, then blowing it out again back into the room. Bathroom dehumidifiers are worth buying as they really make a difference in the humidity level of the room. Another benefit of it is to prevent bathroom mold from building up, leaving it fresh and squeaky clean. Dehumidifiers come in different sizes, but the smalls ones should do the work.

Now that you have sufficient knowledge on how to warm up your own bathroom, you can finally treat yourself from a tiring day and enjoy a hot and steamy shower!

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