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Rain Shower Heads Pros and Cons

If you are looking to upgrade the look of your bathroom, or you simply want a way to make your showers more invigorating, rain shower heads are an excellent option. These products mount on the wall and offer several settings for a variety of water pressure intensities. This article will cover some of the pros and cons of getting a rain shower head instead of using a standard one.

Rainshower Head pros:

1. Unique Shower Experience:

One of the biggest pros of getting a rain shower head is that it allows you to experience a different type of showering. Using a standard showerhead can be boring, but with a rain shower head, you are able to enjoy an inflatable rain experience. A lot of hotels and other places that have high standards for their showers install rain shower heads in their bathrooms because the water cleanses more thoroughly than standard units. The water is also softer because the showers do not use harsh chemicals to clean them.

2. They are relaxing:

Another pro of installing a rain shower head in your shower is that they are very relaxing. Rain showerheads deliver water at a much lower pressure than other types of showerheads do, but the water feels more powerful and refreshing. This is because the waterfalls are at different levels, allowing for a softer experience. You will enjoy the feeling of getting clean while also being able to relax in the feel of falling water.

3. They are easy to install:

One of the most often overlooked pros of installing a  rain shower head is that doing so is very easy to do. The majority of homeowners can install these units on their own, without having to hire a professional. This saves you money and keeps your bathroom looking sleek and clean.

4. More water through the body:

The main pro of installing a rain shower head is that it increases the amount of water going through the body. Many people who have installed these types of showers have said that they enjoy being able to feel more water as it goes through their bodies. This makes them feel clean and refreshed while also giving them a nice feeling.

5. Water feels warmer than standard shower:

One of the cons of having a rain shower head is that the water feels colder than normal. The reason for this is that the water that comes out of the showerhead is not as hot. This also creates issues when you are in a cold climate, as you will not be able to experience the same feeling that you would with regular showers.

Rainshower Head Cons

1. They are expensive:

The biggest disadvantage of installing a rain shower head is that they are very expensive units to purchase and install. This means that it could be a few weeks or months before you get your shower up and running. However, most people say that the price is worth it because they are able to enjoy so many benefits.

2. Water pressure is low:

Another con of having a rain shower head is that the water pressure is much lower than it would be in a normal shower. While this makes it easier to relax, some people say that they would not mind having to work a little harder for their showers.

3. Forced to shower the hair too:

Another con of showerheads, in general, is that they make it mandatory for people to shampoo their hair in the shower. This means that you are less likely to be able to skip hair when showering, which can cause you to get sick on days when you don’t feel like getting your hair wet.

Final Thoughts on Rainshower head Pros and Cons

Overall the rain shower heads are considered to be a good way to improve the quality of your showers without having to spend a lot of money. Some people have reservations that it is not worth paying so much for a showerhead, but the benefits make up for it by far.

You can find rain shower heads at virtually any hardware store and in many warehouses and discount stores. It is also recommended to also install a handheld showerhead alongside the rain showerhead

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