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Best Shower Mats 2022 (9 Safest Mats for your Bathroom)


If you’re looking for the best shower mats in the market, you’ve come to the right place.

I am pretty sure you’ve heard a lot about bathroom-related deaths and injuries. Because most homes have the wrong tiles installed for aesthetic purposes (slippery tiles instead of the rough ones), the bathroom area basically becomes a death-trap. But even with the right tiles installed, the combination of water and soap renders the bathroom floor a slipping hazard. It’s actually quite sad because these accidents can be easily prevented with the use of a shower mat. Don’t let this happen. Your safety and that of your family comes first.

That’s why I am recommending installing a shower mat as soon as possible to avoid these preventable bathroom accidents. Shower mats are incredibly affordable so even if you’re on a tight budget, you’ll still be able to keep your family safe.

In this article, we review of 9 of the best shower/tub mats and also answer some of the most burning questions a lot of people often have regarding shower mats. Let’s dive right in!

What is the Best Shower Mat? Our Top 9 Shower Mat Recommendations:

1. Gorilla Grip Original Patented Bath, Shower Tub Mat

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Gorilla Grip Patented Bath Tub Shower...
  • PATENTED DESIGN WITH POWERFUL SUCTION GRIP: a bathmat designed to securely...
  • EASY WATER DRAINAGE: hundreds of drainage holes allow for water to easily...
  • TEXTURED AND BPA-FREE: the mat is constructed from BPA free materials; it...

The gorilla grip shower mat is currently the most popular shower mat in the market. Its a mat that is not only strong and durable mats, but it also comes in different colors and sizes. It has garnered a good amount ratings and reviews from countless happy customers.

Key Features of Gorilla Grip Shower Tub Mat:

  • Anti-bacterial and non-toxic as it is made from a material that is BPA, phthalates, and latex-free.
  • Features hundreds of suction cups which makes it strong and slip-free.
  • It’s available in large sizes so if you have a large bathroom or tub, you can select a large size that best fits the area
  • It provides excellent coverage for feet even if used in bathtubs.
  • This shower mat has got small holes that helps drain excess water from the surface.
  • The shower mat is so durable that it can be washed in a washing machine, this feature makes them easy to clean and they can be washed by just placing them under the running water.
  • They are multipurpose mats that can be used as shower mats, bathtub mats even in the kitchen, gym, and many other places.    


2. SlipXSolutions Extra Large Square Shower Mat

SlipX Solutions Extra Large Square...
  • 65% More Coverage - Our extra large, 69cm x 69cm shower mat delivers...
  • Features Over 100+ Reliable Suction Cups - Designed to secure our full...
  • Greater Peace of Mind - With increased coverage and gripping power, our...

Slipx solutions are a 2002 startup by venturi manufacturers that offers a multitude of bathroom utility products including shower mats. They provide quality products with a fast delivery facility so that products may reach the customers within a few days.

What makes their Shower mats unique and reliable?

They offer a wide range of Shower mats that are different in size, color, and patterns.

Key features of Slipx Solution Shower mats:     

  • The mats embody unique designs and have a strong durability to withstand excessive pressure and water.
  • The mats have 65% more coverage with measurement 27” W × 27” L than other mats thus it provides a huge surface area so that one can stand on it properly.
  • Water drains out quickly due to the large drain hole provided at the center of the mat and mini holes are provided all over the mat.
  • Well-built suction cups to keep the mat still as there might be chances that if it is movable then it becomes slippery thus these suction cups help to keep the mat to be in its place.
  • It’s easy to clean feature is admirable as one just has to run warm water through it and it cleans without much effort.  


3.Yimobra Shower Mat for Bathtub

On Sale!
Yimobra Shower Bathtub Mat Non Slip,...
  • 【Hundreds of Suction Cups】 Yimobra superior bath and shower mats...
  • 【Large Size】 Yimobra Square Shower Mats Size 21 x 21 Inch and provides...
  • 【Excellent Drainage Design】 Yimobra Bath shower mat feature149 drain...

Yimobra shower mats are specially designed to provide a firm grip to the ground that makes them non-slippery and durable. These mats have a satisfactory customer rating due to their large area that ensures a strong grip.

Key features of Yimobra Shower Mats”     

  • These mats are made from anti-bacterial material that is BPA and other toxins free.
  • The mat comes with around 149 drain holes that remove the water from the surface of the mat to make it dry and clean as water can make the mat slippery.
  • Big suction cups help to keep the mat in place thus reduces the chances of slipping down.
  • It has a large area so that one can easily step on it.
  • Easy to maintain as these mats can be cleaned by washing machines or by running water.


4. I FRMMY Store Non Slip Bath Shower Floor Mat with Drain Hole

i frmmy Non Slip Bath Shower Floor Mat...
  • Non slip suction cups: there are 122 individual suction cups made of TPE...
  • Wave textured surface design, provides safe, comfortable footing and...
  • Clever design with drain hole slotted panels: allowing water and soap to...

Ifrmmy shower mats are plastic accessories that contain anti-slip properties. Its attractive designs are one of its unique features. It has amazing stability on the floor does not slide even if placed on titled surfaces.

Key features of IFRMMY non-slip bath mats:

  • It is made from high-quality plastic TPE and PP.
  • It has a wave textured and slotted panel design all over the exterior, this structure provides comfortable footing so there are no chances of slipping.
  • The mat comes with big suction cups made up of TPE material may allow you to make a firm grip on the ground.
  • The water gets quickly drained out due to specially designed drain hole panels, these drain hole panels do not allow water to pool on the upper side of the mat.
  • Smart DIY design so that one can cut according to its need, it has a measurement of 25”L x 16”W x 0.17”H that is enough for a bath area even it can be used in gym or spa area as well.
  • Though this product cannot be cleaned using a washing machine still it can be placed under running water and can be cleaned easily.


5. Asvin Soft Textured Bath, Shower, Tub Mat

On Sale!
Asvin Soft Textured Bath, Shower, Tub...
  • NO SUCTION CUPS: You’ve refinished your bathtub; now protect your...
  • COMFORTABLE FEELING: The Hollow PVC bathroom mat is not only anti-slip, but...
  • MORE SAFE: These cup-free, non-slippery mats are an essential safety...

Asvin soft textured bath and shower mat is a multipurpose mat that provides a soft and comfortable nonslip experience. It has a secure grip on the floor to avoid chances of slipping down while stepping on it.

Key Features of Asvin Soft Textured Bath and Shower mat:

  • These mats are made from 100% high-quality PVC material; it has a soft and durable texture.
  • No suction cups are provided in these mats but still, it has an anti-slip layer that stays secure on the ground so that there would be no chances of falling.
  • These mats are a great addition to the bathroom, kitchen, gym, and spa.
  • Suitable for kids and senior citizens, giving a perfectly secure grip for comfortable footing.
  • These mats have the ideal size for keeping them near the entrance of the bathroom door or in a bathtub.
  • The mats are easy to clean as they can be cleaned by keeping them in running water or by warm water.
  • Made from PVC material it has a quick-dry feature that makes the mat dry and non-slippery.


6. KMAT Shower Mat Non Slip Bathtub Mats Bath Mats for Shower Tub 

KMAT Non Slip Bathtub Mats for Shower...
  • [High-Quality Material and Large Size] The KMAT non slip shower mat is made...
  • [Super Anti-Skid] The anti slip shower mat has an exquisite textured...
  • [Perfect Drainage System] The KMAT bath mat for shower features hundreds of...

These mats are made from strong and durable eco-friendly materials TPE and PP that are free from toxins such as BPA, Latex, and phthalate. It is suitable to be used as a bathtub mat as well as a bathroom floor mat thus it is a multipurpose mat.

Key Features of KMAT Shower Non- Slip Mats:

  • The mats properly fit the floor and have a measurement of 25 inches by 15.7 inches that are quite enough for a bathtub.
  • Excellent Anti-Skid properties, the mat has an exquisite textured exterior that helps to give a non-slippery area along with secure footing.
  • These shower mats have hundreds of suction cups made up of TPE material that provides the mat a strong grip over the surface so that it does not move from its position.
  • To retain the excess water small holes have been provided all over the bath mats so that water can be quickly drained off.
  • This bath mat is easy to clean and dry, a wet shower mat can easily be dried by placing in the vertical direction along the wall.


7. iDesign Pebblz Suction Non-Slip Square Bath Mat for Shower, Bathtub or Stall

On Sale!
iDesign Pebblz Suction Non-Slip Square...
  • SHOWER MAT: Plastic bath mat with pebble design is perfect to create a...
  • NON-SLIP DESIGN: Suction cups on bottom keep mat in place for worry-free...
  • DURABLE: Made of durable blue plastic for years of quality use

iDesign provides a wide range of bath accessories and household products that are popular due to their unique designs and features. The mat has an attractive feature of pebble design which provides comfortable footing. It is so much comfortable that one almost feels like having a spa at home.

Key features of iDesign Pebblz Suction Non-Slip Square Bath Mat for Shower Stall:

  • These mats are made from strong and high-quality plastic; these mats are suitable for kids and senior citizens as well.
  • It is a multipurpose mat as it is used as a shower mat, bath mat, and even as a floor mat.
  • It has an ideal size of 22″ x 22″ that can be easily cut as per customers’ requirements.
  • Textured faux Pebbled design to provide a soft and relaxed footing.
  • It comes with small holes on the bottom of the mat for water drainage.
  • One of its attractive features is its blue color that looks well in the bathroom area.


8. All Pride Bathtub and Shower Mat, Non Slip, Machine Washable

Bathtub and Shower Mat, Non Slip,...
  • Size: 29" x 15". This bath mat is a great choice for the home, gym, spa and...
  • Non Slip: Our non slip bath mats for tub and shower feature 88 suction...
  • Our 79 drainage holes provide fast water runoff easily.

It comes in an oval shape with various color variants. High quality eco-friendly PVC material is used to ensure durability for longer use.

The overall customer rating is satisfactory thus it is a great addition to the bathroom area, gym, or spa.

Key features All Pride Shower and Bath mat:

  • The perfect size of 29″ x 15″ gives a better fit to the bathtub as well as the shower area.
  • Made from phthalate, latex, and BPA-free material thus its safe for children.
  • It comes with 88 Suction cups that adhere to the ground to provide a firm grip and support to avoid sudden falling.
  • Drainage holes for quick water runoff, these holes do not allow water to pool on the surface.
  • An attractive design with crystal clear color makes it worth buying.
  • It is easy to wash as these mats can be washed in washing machines or by running water.
  • Suitable for heavy use situations for instance hospitals, kitchen, and children’s play area.


9. AmazerBath Bath Tub Mat Non-Slip bath Mats with Suction Cups and Drain Holes

On Sale!
AmazerBath Bath Tub Mat, Medium Size...
  • Suitable Size: The shower mat measures 27.6 x 15 inches, and its...
  • Strong Grip: This bathtub mat non slip with 149 powerful suction cups that...
  • Easy Water Drainage: Hundreds of drainage holes allow water to easily flow...

The mats provide a greater area for comfortable footing with a measurement of 16″ x 39″. They are suitable for homes, gyms, spas, hospitals, and hotels.

Key features of AmazerBath Bath Tub and Showers Mat:

  • Powerful suction cups to keep the mat firmly attached to the ground or bathtub.
  • The subtle patterned design increases friction and avoids slipping.
  • The bath mat is soft and strong as it is made from high-quality PVC material.
  • Suitable for kids and senior citizens with small Drain holes to drain out the excess water


Best Shower Mats Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Should You Use a Shower Mat?

Yes, absolutely! You should use a shower mat not for anything else but for your safety and that of your family.

You see, bathroom-related deaths and injuries are more common than you think- especially those involving the elderly, individuals with disability, and small children.

While anyone is susceptible to these accidents, seniors, people with disability and children are often more at risk due to issues with mobility.

When taking a bath in the shower on a tile floor, the mixture of water and soap creates a dangerously slippery surface. One single wrong move can have your entire body crashing on the ground and your head hitting the hard wall.

One of the biggest benefits of using a shower mat is safety.

Shower mats are designed with a non-slip bottom which adds a lot of traction to your slippery tile bathroom floor, thus providing extra grip.

A lot of shower mats currently in the market have countless holes that create a rough stepping surface and hundreds of suction cups that provide powerful suction which hold the mat in place on the smooth surfaces of your bath or shower.

So yes, you definitely need a shower mat inside the shower, tub, or bath to reduce the risk of slipping.


What is the Best Non Slip Shower Mat?

As per our review, the best non slip shower mat is the Gorilla Grip Original Patented Bath, Shower Tub Mat.

The mat is currently one of the best-selling shower mats on Amazon and thanks to its 324 suction cups, this mat stays in place even in the most slippery surfaces like wet bathrooms and tubs.

If you have a big bathroom or tub, you can choose a larger mat that can provide a wider coverage for maximum safety.


How Often Should You Change Your Shower Mat?

Most high-quality shower mats hold up pretty well and can still offer their safety benefits for quite a long time.

However, since these mats are exposed to moisture, cleaning products, and soaps almost on a daily basis, their quality can deteriorate over time.

As a general rule of thumb, shower mats should be replaced after a period of two years.

If your mat is still in shape and still offers the same firm grip, you don’t need to replace it in two year.

However, if your mat is showing signs of wear and tear such as peeling of the backing, tearing, suction cups not offering a strong grip or the color coming off and staining the floors, it’s time for a replacement.

And of course, cleaning the shower mat will not only extend its lifespan. It will also eliminate any slippery soap residue to avoid falls due to slipping.


How Long Do Bath Mats Last?

Due to heavy foot traffic and everyday exposure to moisture and soap products, shower mats typically have a lifespan of at two years.

But like I’ve mentioned above, regular cleaning can help extend the life of your shower mat, so you won’t necessarily need to replace it after two years.


How Often Should You Wash Bath Mats?

If there aren’t many people using the shower mat every single day, I recommend washing the mat at least once a week.

This will help get rid of any accumulated oily build up and grime from soaps and hair products which may leave unsightly slippery films on the smooth floor.

However, if the shower mat is heavily used on a regular basis, cleaning it after every 3 days is highly recommended.

The buildup of soap and dirt can cause the shower mat to quickly become a breeding ground for bacteria, mold, mildew, and other harmful microorganisms.

The bacteria and mold can even produce an unpleasant odor.

The good thing is that most shower mats are machine washable. This means you don’t have to go through the hassle of scrubbing it.

Just toss it in the washer machine and go.


How Do I Keep My Shower Mat Clean? 

Cleaning a shower mat isn’t hard especially since most mats are stain-resistant.

You can either wash it by hand or simply toss it into the washing machine.

If washing by hand, I recommend cleaning it with a diluted bleach solution.

To make a diluted bleach solution, add one tsp of bleach to 1 gallon of cold water. This solution is suitable for normal cleaning.

For heavier cleaning that will remove any sticky build up, I recommend adding a cup of bleach to 19 liters of cold water.

You can either place the solution in the bathtub, a basin, or a deep utility sink.

Next, soak the shower mat and ensure it’s completely covered in the solution. Soak for at least 3 hours to kill the mold and mildew and loosen up the dirt. Then, scrub it using either a bristle or scouring pad.

Rinse well and hang it out to dry.

How Do You Keep Shower Mats from Getting Moldy?

As I have mentioned above, soaking your moldy shower mat is one of the best ways to clean it and get rid of mold and mildew.

However, if mold is something you often find yourself dealing with on a regular basis, I am going to recommend one of the best instant mold and mildew removers in the market- the RMR-86 Instant Mold and Mildew Stain Remover Spray.

This fast-acting spray instantly eliminates even the toughest stains left behind from mold and mildew.

Additionally, it helps get rid of moldy and musty odors due to mold accumulation, leaving your bathroom smelling clean and fresh.

The best part? You don’t even need to scrub the mat to remove the mold. It will instantly disappear right in front of your eyes!


Are Bamboo Bath Mats Good? 

Woman stepping onto a bamboo shower mat

Are bamboo bath mats good? Can you put a bamboo mat in the shower?

Yes, absolutely!

Bamboo bath mats are quite good and you should actually consider getting one as a way to preserve the environment.

In addition to being non-slip, bamboo shower mats are actually water-resistant, meaning they don’t absorb water and therefore remain dry.

And since they don’t absorb water, these mats are less likely to rot. They also provide a breeding ground for mold and mildew.

I won’t also forget to mention that bamboo shower mats are sturdy and durable. And since they don’t absorb water, they won’t rot, thus lasting for longer periods.


Best Shower Mats – Bottom Line

A shower mat is a good choice for the bathroom floor as it drains excess water from the surface of the mat so that one can stand on it without having a fear of slipping. Home with kids and senior citizens must have the bath mats as it protects them against any mishap in the bathroom. Look into these amazing products and stay safe with a touch of confidence!

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