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Is Showering Everyday Bad For Your Hair?

Someone asked me “Is showering everyday bad for your hair?” You just can’t believe that a lot of answers was circled around my head. As a result, I didn’t give him an answer instead of saying that depends on your hair buddy.

I found so many Dermatologists goes against showering every day. According to them, showers destroy the structure of natural procedure that happens on your skin, hair, and nails. But I must have to defeat that thought.

Why? – Cause the main culprit here is the shower water. Whether it is hot or cold shower, it doesn’t matter.

We all know that hard water contains chlorine, which is bad for hair and skin. So, if you can deal with that chlorinated water, it doesn’t matter to shower once every day, right?

Don’t ask me that how you can filter your shower water anyway. There are tons of shower filters available, which are good. I will discuss them on a different article.

I can ensure you that shampooing once a day is not so good for your hair. All those shampoos are available in the market contains a lot of chemicals, which can hurt your hair badly. I appreciate any other natural ingredients like coconut oil or conditioner to keep your hair and scalp appropriately moisturized.

Is Showering Everyday Bad For Your Hair

They (Trichologists) says that shampooing once a day is not so good for hair. All those shampoos are available in the market contains a lot of chemicals, which can hurt hair badly. They also say that shower daily using shampoo can peel it of natural oils, which can result in dull and dry hair.

But believe me, it depends on few matters. Mostly on hair type and your way of living. What if you have to work on the street a lot or in the middle of the pollution? I think a daily shower using shampoo and conditioner is ideal for you then. Hiss! Never tell it to Andrea L. Hayden (Director of the IAT).  On an interview with Grand Parents, he suggests taking a shower twice a week.

Before I got so far away from the topics, let’s share you few thoughts of mine for why you should shower daily to keep your hair good.

What’s your hair type?

If the answer is thin and delicate, then it should get greasy fast. Because of oils generated from your scalp goes through the locks easily, resulting in them an oily aspect. If you don’t want to face this anymore, shower daily to wash your hair and get your grease-free hair.

Is your scalp too oily?

Shampooing daily eliminates healthy oils from the scalp to a certain extent. But excessively oily scalp can feed the fungus that makes happen seborrhea (dandruff). That’s why my suggestion for too oily scalp guys should shower once a day.

Showering daily Bad For Your Hair

What’s your working type?

If you have to work out and sweat on a daily basis, then so much oil can grow on your scalp, which really can cause you serious skin diseases.

Don’t worry; I can give you a solution: wash your hair daily to ensure a healthy scalp. Only a great shower can keep away all those sweating germs from your skin.

Where do you live?

If you live in a humid climate, then just like those who used to work outside and sweat a lot every day. So if you are living in a humid environment, then you’ve already got my solution earlier.

Want to grow your hair?

We all know about dead skin cells, also known as dandruff. During the shower, washing your hair helps evacuate dead hair follicles, which indeed can trigger hair growth. The more you want to grow your hair, let it wash frequently.

You all have to maintain a cool affair with the hair on your head. So the best is giving priority to your thinking. If you think that showering every day is good for your hair, just do it! Keep up the middle finger which goes instead of your decision. If you don’t think so, then do that for me. I don’t mind at all.

I am sure you have got bored already, still so many thanks for reading this line. Just one last thing I want to hear from you- Is taking a shower everyday bad for your hair? 😉 Feel free to comment below or let us know your thought.

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  1. I agree with you. Some people require daily washes. Thank you for this. I was doing it all wrong and ended up just messing up my hair by washing it less frequently.

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