SparkPod Shower Head Review

Human civilization has seen a drastic change when they started using running water in their household. It made their lives easy for cleaning and cooking. We have not looked back since. There have been many leaps on the technology of making shower experience so much better. Honestly, modern shower heads are the most advanced of technology right now.

We all are keen to save water and energy. We want most comfort after standing under the shower head. SparkPod shower head is an advanced one that can make your shower wishes true. Here is everything about the shower head you need to know.

SparkPod Shower Head Review


SparkPod Shower Head Review


  • Weight: 8.6 ounces
  • Dimensions: 6.9 x 6.4 x 3.9 inches
  • Size: 6 inches
  • material: ABS plastic
  • finish: chrome
  • nozzles: 90
  • outflow: 2.5 gallons per minute

Features and benefits

A great product is measured by its features. The SparkPod is no exception. Here are the features that make this showerhead so great.

Compact and elegant design:

If you are not someone who wants to invest in décor pieces and expensive bathroom accessories then this showerhead will help you. Because the showerhead instantly changes the look of the bathroom. Its chrome finish looks elegant in the bathroom. It is 6 inches only and has 90 nozzles only. So the design is pretty compact to fit your small spaced bathroom.

High-pressure showerhead:

2.5 gallon per minute creates a rainfall like feeling when you are under the shower. A tiring day can easily turn into a relaxed night through a quick shower. The sparkPod  rain shower head helps to cover more areas than usual showerheads. A normal shower will not be your cup of tea after you experience the comfort of this shower head. The high pressure of the showerhead cleans the shampoo from the hair thoroughly which is a must. Also read about our rainfall shower head reviews.

Easy clean showerhead

The showerhead is made of rustproof ABS plastic. No way will it be rusty at any time. Its 90 power easy-clean rubber jet cleans hard water deposit constantly. So the hard water deposit cannot be on your way of enjoying a high-pressure shower. You will be having a luxurious shower every single day. We all know that a low maintenance shower head can serve you for years.

SparkPod Shower Head


Energy-saving showerhead

Energy saving is great in both ways. You can either enjoy a less water heater bill that will not break your bank or you can enjoy a longer shower than usual. Both ways you are the winner. If you have pain in the back or leg staying under the hot water will ease your pain. Hot water is an old technique for back pain.

Easy installation:

Tool-free installation is the best. When it comes to using tools that means you have to do something complex. The sparkPod shower head is universal that you can connect to any standard shower. You get a Teflon tape and an additional water filter so you can install the shower-head immediately.

Choose your angle 

You can easily tilt the showerhead to your desired direction for better reach. If you love a good steam bath for opening up your pores of the face, tilt it in that direction. It will open up the pores and you will get clearer skin every day through shower. You can do that too if you have back acne problem as well.

Positive side of SparkPod shower head

  • Its strong construction makes it a durable shower head for years
  • it saves energy, so you are favoring yourself by lowering the electricity bill
  • effortless cleaning with just touching the nozzles
  • the stylish chrome finish creates elegance to your bathroom
  • the shower pressure is incredible
  • great price with the quality and performance of the shower head


It’s made of ABS plastic. It’s sturdy but it’s still plastic made. Though that does not affect the performance of the shower-head.

Final thoughts: 

The sparkPod is one of the best shower heads if you consider its performance and affordability. Its lightweight structure and stylish finish make it a great shower head. As you will be buying a shower-head make this one yours. Because a package that includes rustproof, affordable, and elegant will be hard to find.

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