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Toilet Paper Facts: Nobody Told You Before

Toilet papers are being replaced by bidet toilet seats in many countries. Still, they are very popular among common people. In this article, we will share some interesting facts about the bathroom tissue that nobody told you before us.

toilet paper facts

Toilet Paper Facts You Must Know:

Can you eat toilet paper?

People with Xylophagia can eat toilet papers. People with this eating disorder, which is also known as Pica eat paper and bathroom tissue. But if your mental condition is okay, then please don’t eat it.

Who invented toilet paper?

Joseph Gayetty is the official inventor of paper towel. He was credited for the first-ever packaged toilet roll in the US market.  In the beginning, it was established as “Gayetty’s Medicated Paper”. It was available until 1920.

What did they use for toilet paper before it was invented?

Before the invention of bog roll, people used to use leaves, fruit skin, stone, mud and obvious water for getting clean.

When was toilet paper invented?

Official packaged toilet paper was invented in 1857. At that time it was introduced in the market as a flat sheet of papers. It was mainly popular among people from higher society. Some people claim that ancient China people invented the early toilet cleaning  paper, but it was hidden from the world.

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What did the Romans use for paper towels?

Toilet tissue or paper was not invented during Roman civilization. Like other countries, during that time Roman people also used leaves and other available kinds of stuff like water for the cleaning after the bathroom. Roman people also used Spongia, a long stick, filled with a sea sponge for the cleaning.

Do Indians use bathroom tissue?

India is a large country with a huge population. And most of their people live to bellow the poverty line. The toilet tissue is expensive stuff for the common people and doesn’t fall under the basic need. So, it is not popular among the mass people. Indians who are living in larger cities like Mumbai or Delhi mostly uses toilet roll.

Why is toilet paper-white?

Since the invention of toilet roll, colored ones were very expensive to produce. So, their price tag was also higher. On the other hand, white versions were introduced as affordable for all. Till then, white paper towels became a favorite among manufacturers and customers.

Does Middle Eastern use toilet paper?

Middle Eastern people practice hygiene more than most western societies. So toilet tissue rolls are extremely popular among them. You will get paper towel in their bathroom. They also use water for proper cleaning.

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Is wiping with toilet paper enough?

After the pee, using bath tissue can be enough. But for getting the proper cleaning, you must wash with water. That’s why people around the world are using bidet toilet seats for the cleanliness.

Do the Japanese use toilet paper?

Yes, Japanese people use bathroom tissue at their home. But they are not very common in public toilets. You should have to use water instead. But the Japanese public toilets are the cleanest public toilets in the world.

How long should toilet paper last?

Around 15 to 20 days. Actually, it will totally depend on your usage. But while writing this article, I got an interesting read from Josh Madison, who shared his study of full one year paper towel usage and found the average day of

What is the healthiest bath tissue?

Many manufacturers are offering healthy toilet tissues. It is really difficult to tell which is the healthiest and safest. After reading tons of customer feedback we think, Amazon Brand – Solimo is the healthiest toilet tissue that is available in the US market.

So, that is all for today. If you have liked our fun facts about toilet paper, please feel free to share it with your friends.

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