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Why are Bathtubs So Small?

I’m sure we’ve all noticed that bathtubs seem to be getting smaller and smaller, and wondered why that’s the case. The answer is actually pretty simple: it all comes down to space and economics. The modern-day bathtub is 60 inches long 32 inches wide, and 18 inches deep, unfortunately, to some people, this is relatively too small. In This article, we are going to look at the main reasons why bathtubs are so small, without further ado let’s dive in!

Why are Bathtubs so Small?

1. Designed to Save water:

We all know that baths are supposed to be good for our skin and keep us healthy, but it’s important to remember that water is also something that we need to use (for cooking, washing, drinking, etc) Water flows better when it’s in the right shape. If you’ve ever seen a really small bathtub you’ll know how much extra space around the bath is needed for the tub to fit in. This isn’t all bad though, because with enough space most people can move their feet under the edge of the bath without hitting anything. A larger bathtub will require more water to fill up, and thus more water to run down the drain.

2. Built for Average Height:

Perhaps the most conventional reason for such small baths, is that the average height of the American people is around 176.5cm inches tall. However, it also goes without saying that this doesn’t account for people with disabilities, and those who are short and petite. Despite all these facts, bath tubs continue to be designed with a minimum height of 5 foot 11 inches, and this will probably stay like this for a while. So when you are taller, you are likely to feel uncomfortable in a bathtub.

3. Save Space:

Another reason why bathtubs are so small is to save space in a bathroom. If a bathtub was bigger it would take up more floor space, however, if you’re not going to use it much what is the point in having a larger one? Of course, there are better solutions for saving space in a bathroom, such as corner tubs, which don’t take up much space but still provide the desired extra room.

4. Cut Down the Costs:

One of the other main reasons why bathtubs are so small is due to the material being more expensive as the size increases, Bathtubs manufacturers intentionally make them small to cut down some of the production costs. The first reason for this is because a bigger bathtub will weigh more, and it will be harder to lift. Additionally, a larger bathtub will also need to be built from different kinds of materials, thus adding weight and costing more to make.

5. Hot Water efficiency:

The last big reason why bathtubs are so small is to save hot water. To put it simply, hot water saves money! A huge amount of the cost of running a bathtub is the electricity used in providing hot water. If you have an average-sized bathtub it will use up to 40 gallons of hot water. If Bathtubs were bigger then more hot water would be required and more electricity bills would be created.

6. Installation Difficulty:

Another big reason why bathtubs are so small is that it is actually quite difficult to install a bigger bathtub, especially if you have a little budget, or if you have to do it yourself. With a bigger bathtub, the whole room would have to be remodeled.

Can You Make a Bathtub Bigger?

Now you know why bathtubs are so small, but you might be wondering if it’s possible to make one bigger. In a word, yes! You can add a bigger tub into your bathroom but that will cost you more money. If you are seriously considering this, then you should ask yourself these questions: “Do I need a bigger bathtub?” “Do I have the money to spare?” It isn’t always necessary to buy a new bathtub.

Final Thoughts

So there you have it, the main reasons why Bathtubs are so small. Bathrooms are important for relaxing and cleaning up after a long day’s work, but they are also considered to be quite expensive.

Now you know the reasons why bathtubs are so small. If you are still concerned about your comfort then maybe you should think about installing a shower head that could accommodate taller people or opt for a bigger bathtub but that comes at a cost and installation time.

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