7 Best Shower Faucets Reviews 2020

best shower faucets

Can you imagine a shower without a faucet? It is the most essential part of your shower system. Maybe you are thinking of a new bathroom renovation or a shower up-gradation, considering the best shower faucets is a must.

A refreshing shower requires a good faucet to do the job for you. But the market is full of a variety of options to make you confused while purchasing. That’s why we did the market research considering the quality, water pressure, materials, water flow rate, valve, and style to compile a complete list of top shower faucet reviews for you.

You will know after reading this article, ‘which shower faucet is worth buying, or how can you decide which one is the best?’ Let’s begin the journey…

Top 5 Best Shower Faucets And Valves in 2020:






SRSH-F5043 Shower Valve


  • Dual Function

  • L-shape

  • Brass Material

Delta Faucet Shower Trim Kit

Delta Faucet

  • Powerful Spray

  • Oil Rubbed

  • Bronze Finish

HIMK Shower Faucet

HIMK Shower Faucet

  • 2 GPM

  • High Pressure

  • Wall-mounted

American Standard Shower Faucet

American Standard

  • 2.5 GPM

  • 2-handle

  • Polished Chrome

POP Shower Trim Kit

POP Shower Trim Kit

  • 8″ Square Head

  • Single Function

  • Rainfall Feature

Best Shower Faucet Overall: POP Single Function

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We considered the top position for this shower faucet set by the POP brand. This POP Single Function Shower Faucet System is on top of our reviews for many reasons. After analyzing several products our experts confirmed that, no other models are as reliable as this one in terms of construction, appearance and performance. Let’s see why it is the finest in the market right now.


POP has made this Single Function Shower Trim Kit with high-quality materials. The strongly formed shower head is made of brushed nickel 304 stainless steel that is super durable. Also equipped with a wall mount brass made valve construction.


When it comes to appearance, no other faucet models can beat the POP. As you can notice in the image, it is gorgeous. Don’t think the truth is distinctive. Trust me; the image appears exactly how it is. Install it in any bathroom, the tone will shift instantly.


Well, the shower faucet is the embodiment of sophistication. Wondering why? There is a swivel ball included on the faucet that will let you adjust the angle. So, you can change the position of the showerhead with no hassle and position it at your favored position. Smart, right?

Reasons To Have It:

Do you yet need reasons? No problem, I will offer you the fundamental reasons to have it in the first place. The rainfall shower head is an 8-inch square that will provide a large coverage like a spa or luxurious hotel. You can wash your full body with maximum satisfaction. The 1/2-inch NPT thread shower arm is standard in whole America. It also has a shower mixer valve to control the water pressure.

So, installing it will never be an issue no matter which part of the US you reside in. And the final reason to purchase the product is the guarantee mentioned by POP. They promised that the user will get complete fulfillment. You can send them an email for further queries.


Best Shower Faucet For Water Pressure: SR SUN RISE SRSH-F5043

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If anybody ever asks you about the hottest shower faucet, don’t give a second thought before bringing up the name SR SUN RISE SRSH-F5043 Shower Combo Set. It is the sexiest model out there with a set of leading features. Install the faucet once and get the experience of a heavenly shower in the comfort of your home. Say, Adieu to SPA forever. Let’s see the features in details:

Elegant Design:

Who doesn’t love sleek, elegant design in their bathroom? I am sure everybody admires. Thus, installing the SR SUN RISE SRSH-F5043 Shower Faucet will be a bright move. It will immediately transform the viewpoint of your shower with its magic. Ten layer chrome plated finish gives a calm presence.


SR SUN RISE manufacture the shower faucet combo set with 304 stainless steel made 10 inches rain shower head and 40 cm metal shower arm. It also comes with a solid brass shower valve and a bracket holder for concealed installation. The valve can control both the water intensity and temperature to protect yourself from being burned.

High-Pressure Tech:

The faucet comes with a high-pressure technology on the showerhead and on the handheld shower head. You will get consistent water power even under poor water pressure. Also, the leading quality brass maintains water quality. You will have a better shower with no inconvenience on your skin.

Reasons to have it:

The shower faucet by SR SUN RISE will keep the water pressure accurate through the pressure balance valve cartridge monitor. You will never experience unexpected water temperature changes. The price of the product is valid too. Besides, it is rich with impressive features. You throw me a reason not to have this one if you can.


Best Shower Faucet Set: Gabrylly

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Modern Shower Faucets not only shows up with functionalities but also provides a better style and construction. This Gabrylly Shower Faucet Set has all one can expect from a shower faucet. By its exclusive charm and features, it will immediately please you. Exceptionally beautiful designs and remarkable performances are one click away from you. Let’s follow the features:


Even though we are reviewing the square tub shower faucet but you will get two alternative choices. If you’ve a small territory, go with one of the round models. But if you have ample space in your bathroom, I very much suggest the square shape.


The shower faucet has passed through standard tests. It is CUPC certified, and Water Saving Certified. So, there is no question left about the quality. It will save water too.


If you prefer boldness, this Gabrylly Shower Faucet is the smartest choice you can carry out. Strong black color makes it strong and dramatic. It can immediately turn the tone of any modern bathroom into something extraordinary. Also, included a high-pressure handheld shower head offers 3 settings performance shower for you.

 Anti-Scald Pressure Balance Valve:

The shower system offers the best pressure balancing valve to adjust the hot and cold water pressure. The shower valve cartridge replacement is super easy without turning off the main switch so you can do it yourself whenever needed.


The gorgeous large retro shower head made of durable ABS material with a pro-black color finish that is corrosion-resistant. All other threaded fittings made of solid metal for the highest durability and longevity.

Water Pressure:

Low water pressure on your line? No problem, this faucet will handle it. The 8-inch single function high-pressure rain shower head will provide a 2.5 GPM water flow rate.

Reasons to have it:

If you wish something exceptional, this is the ideal decision you can make for the value. Most of the shower faucets look more or less the same. But this one with its bold black design is special. Also, it is recognized as the best shower faucet system of the present time. If you prefer the type, don’t stumble to get on the link below.


Best Water Saving Shower Faucet: Delta Faucet Windemere

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Without Delta, the list of best shower faucets will seem immature. Delta has been manufacturing and selling top quality Shower fixtures for many generations. They are keeping their quality with precision. Thus, people all over the world depend on their products. This Delta Faucet Windermere Single-Function Tub and Shower Trim Kit is the epitome of their class. It is a complete shower system full of every essential component. Let’s see the detail features of the product:

No Sudden Temperature Change:

Unlike other shower faucets, this one will maintain water temperature perfectly, thanks to the monitor pressure balance shower valve cartridge. You will never experience a sudden water temperature change issue with this champion. The recommended shower valve for this cartridge: R10000-UNBX.


The Delta Faucet is tagged with WaterSense. That means you can have an awesome shower experience while using less water relate to other models. It will save water as well as your money.


You can change the shower head position according to your preference. The head is rotatable and it doesn’t demand effort to complete the task.

Reasons to have it:

This Delta Shower Head and Shower Trim Kit are powerful enough to experience you a beautiful shower every time. The strong spray with speedy water streams helps to wash out the shampoo and alleviating the pain of your muscles. You can adjust the water pressure easily with the single handle trim kit.

If you have a shower system with a tub, then be happy with the included tub spout that needed badly for the territory. The super-easy installation process made it more popular in the market. What else you need to know about?


Best Shower Faucet System: HIMK

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HIMK Shower faucet set is another great product for the price. It is loaded with all the advanced features one could demand from a shower faucet. The built quality is remarkable as the design. The installation method is not complex. Overall, it is the epitome of quality shower fixtures. Let’s have a look at the details:


The built quality of the faucet set is splendid with 304 stainless steel made 12-inch square shower head. All the components including a brass handheld shower head, brass arm, 304 stainless steel hose, shower holder, shower mixer control valve and tub spout are made with utmost care. The shower faucet system will last for many years with no issue with the highest construction quality.

Installation System:

Unlike most of the shower faucets, the installation process is uncomplicated. You can install it all by yourself. American Standard NPT1/2 connector is well paired with all kinds of pipes.


Most of the shower faucet comes with a single design with a single color combination. This one differs from others. You will get nine color options to choose from. The design with a ten layer chrome finish is impressive. It will provide a sleek look.

Reasons to have it:

Impressive design, solid construction, and impeccable performance are the fundamental reasons to have the faucet installed in your shower. It is perfect in every sense. Yeah, the price of the product is high compared to others. But consider it as an investment. It will last many years and serve you better than most of the products in the market.


Best Shower Trim Kit Two Handle: American Standard 3275.502.002

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In the toiletries business, American Standard is one of the most respected names. They have been producing top quality products for many generations. People all over the world trust them with blind eyes. They are leading in the shower faucet industry. The American Standard 3275.502.002 is one of their finest shower and bath faucets of the modern era. According to some experts, it is the best double handle shower faucet for the money. Let’s see the details of this faucet:


The construction quality of this shower trim kit is incredible with the highest quality materials. All the components are well made with brass material. Ceramic disc valve cartridges are well built and ensure smooth handle operation. Overall, construction quality is good enough for you to use it for a couple of years.


The design is also good enough. It will look excellent in any modern décor. The contemporary design is simple and vivid. It is not much luxurious compared to other models. But the set makes the atmosphere look great.

Water Flow Rate:

The shower head offers a 2.5 GPM water flow rate. It will work better even in low water force.

Reasons to have it:

Well, the product looks good, performs well, and the price is reasonable. These are the fundamental reasons to have it on the list. Also, the product is from the American Standard. So, there is no question about the built quality.


Best Three Handle Tub Shower Faucet: Kingston Brass KB2238YL

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Are you searching for something different perhaps a further conventional and classic style? If yes, the Kingston Brass KB2238YL is the ideal choice. They design the faucet to look like a classic one yet the construction quality is remarkable. It is made to last. The performance of the tub and shower faucet is particularly better than most of the expensive products in the market. Let me describe the features:


The Kingston Brass tub and shower faucet is formed with care. All the components including single function Shower head, arm flange, shower valve, and tub spout are made of highest grade solid brass material. So, the unit will last and serve you for many years.

Design and Color:

The new design of the faucet is delightful. It will astonish you. The wall mount installation makes any ordinary bathroom look intense. Also, you will get three color combinations to choose from.

Water Pressure:

It provides 2.0 GPM water flow rate at 8 PSI on a showerhead. Even if you have low water pressure, no worries, the faucet will take care of that too.

Reasons to have it:

Well, you will get everything you need on the package. The tub and shower faucet is lovely and required limited space. The built quality is fair enough. I guess you don’t need any other reasons to have this one installed in your bathroom.

That’s all for the best shower faucet reviews. As you can see, all seven products are amazing based on their construction, style, performance, and price. Any of the above products can take your showering experience to the next level. But before you decide, it is highly recommended to read the following buying guide section. Otherwise, you might pick the wrong product.

Shower Faucets By Types

When it comes to purchasing a shower faucet, you need to know about the features carefully. Otherwise, you won’t be able to decide, which one is good and which one is not. In this section, I will tell you about the common features of shower faucets. Let’s begin:

Single Handle Vs. Double Handle Faucet

Both single Handle and Double Handle faucet have their advantages and disadvantages. You can pick any of the types depending on your preference. Before, there weren’t many options. But now things have changed. You will get a wide variety of trendy faucets of each type in the market. Let me give you a clear idea about the advantages and disadvantages of both types briefly.

Single Handle Shower Faucet:

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  • Advantages:

The main advantage of the single-handle design is that those faucets are more comfortable to use. One can swiftly fine-tune the temperature and volume of the shower for a comfortable showering experience. Single handle shower trim kit is less pricey compared to a two-handle shower trim kit. Also, installation requires less effort. If you want to purchase a single handle shower faucet, our recommendation is the Pfister R891NCC considered as one of the finest on the market at present.

  • Disadvantages:

Compared to the double-handle shower faucet set, single models offer less control. Also, some products of these types provide a sloppy or mushy feeling when the faucet is turned on. Balancing the handle needs a lot of practice.

Double Handle Shower Faucet:

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  • Advantages:

Double-Handle Shower Faucets are widely commended as they provide better control compared to Single Handle type. You can set a comfortable temperature and flow without experiencing any hassle. These types offer a more traditional look and don’t ruin the tile or shower stall while replacing. If you want to have a double handle shower faucet, American Standard 3275.502.002 is highly recommended.

  • Disadvantages:

Two-handle shower trim kits are expensive, and installation is pretty complicated compared to single handle shower faucets. These are prone to leak as well. Therefore, they require regular maintenance.


Most shower faucet systems are made of any of the following materials: Chrome, Nickel, Stainless Steel, or Brass. Chrome is the least expensive material. Also, you will get lots of colors and finish options. The most popular material is nickel. On a nickel made faucet, you are not going to see any water spots or fingerprints.

The stainless steel shower faucet is more durable and offers a bit different look. Cleaning a stainless steel made faucet is easier as well.

If you prefer luxury over everything, brass shower faucet is the right choice. Brass finished shower faucets are also widespread all over the globe for their longevity. You’ve to decide which material meets your requirements correctly. Based on your taste and price, you can pick any of the faucets made of any of the mentioned material.

Water Flow Rate:

The water flow rate of a shower faucet is another matter of great concern. Well, you don’t always need an eloquent water flow, but a low flow is not recommended as well. All you have to do is to find the perfect rate for a better outcome. The water flow rate varies in different models. Be cautious about the matter before shopping.

WaterSense Certification:

Saving water is the greatest challenge today. Before purchasing a shower faucet, you should make sure that the faucet saves water instead of wasting it. If the faucet is WaterSense certified, you are good to go. WaterSense certified faucets can save up to 20 percent water and your money on the water bill.

Installation Process:

Your selected shower faucet set must have a secure installation system. If not, it can be very troublesome. Most of the modern shower faucets of the present time offer a straightforward installation system. You should purchase something that can be installed without the help of any professional plumber. Also, beware of whether all the essential hardware is included with the package or not.

If the packaging doesn’t contain all the components, you have to purchase them separately, which can be costly and troublesome. Remember, all the manufacturers are individual in their own way so as their design pattern. Thus, you have to stick with the same manufacturer for the components.

Buying Factors Of The Best Shower Faucet

There are certain factors you need to consider before purchasing a shower faucet system. Well, obviously you don’t want to buy just any random faucet. You want to buy the best for your money. So, here are the things you need to consider:

Tap Fittings Types

Tap fitting type is one of the most important factors to consider. It’s not something just for on and off. Taps matter for the safety of the users and their comfort as well. We can subdivide tap valves into three types:

Single Tap Mixers:

  • Only one handle to regulate the temperature and flow rate
  • Can be operated with single handle
  • Easy to use
  • Move left and right for temperature
  • Move up and down for water flow

Two-Tap Mixers:

  • Two heads included
  • Blue Dot marked head control the cold water inlet
  • Red Dot marked head control the hot water inlet
  • Oldest system but functional
  • Temperature and flow rate can be adjusted manually

Thermostatic Mixing Valves:

  • A flow control tap and temperature control tap included
  • Automatic controlling system
  • A bit pricey
  • Effective

Now among the three, you’ve to decide which one will work for you. it’s your personal preference.

Looks Matters:

The looks of shower faucets matter nowadays. We want to keep our bathroom in good shape. And want to make it look luxuries. In these, shower faucets play a vital role. If you purchase a shower faucet set that matches your overall decor, you will be amazed by the value it adds. Thankfully, all the above products we mentioned are excellent in terms of design and appearance. You can have one that suits the decor.


The product you are purchasing must be easy to maintain. Otherwise, you have to pay some expert often to clean the faucet and maintain it. It will cost so much. Pick a shower faucet that is easy to clean and maintain.

FAQ By Shower Journal

Q. What height should a shower valve & spout be set at?

There isn’t any unbreakable rule. Let me make it clear and straightforward for you. The tallest person in your house must not bend to get his head under the water stream, and the shortest person of your home should be able to touch the shower faucet without any hassle.

Before installing it permanently, let someone hold it on a particular height and check whether the tallest person can stand properly, and the shortest person can touch it and control it. If the difference in height between the tallest and shortest user is not considerable, you need to install more than one shower head.

For water control, there is no set height rule as well. You have to set it on a height so that it can be adequately controlled by both shower and tub users. 36 to 48 inches from the floor is standard for shower only controls. Call someone to hold the fixture at an estimated height and see whether every one of your family can control it comfortably or not.

Q. Can I use a tub and shower faucet for just a shower?

Absolutely! It is possible. A tub and shower faucet can work as just a shower with some simple work. But to make the task clean and perfect, you need to call a professional plumber. The plumber will stub a dead-end pipe with a cap on the outlet in the faucet model which one is actually designed to feed the tub spigot. If the faucet model you are picking doesn’t have any dedicated shower-only faucet, you can do it in no time.

Q. What are the best shower faucet brands?

The world is very competitive today. Thus, we have tons of options in every product. You can view this from different angles. As there are competitions, everyone will try to keep the customer by providing something good at a reasonable price. That’s the real benefit of competition. Shower faucets are expensive. So, the competition is very high in this industry. But brands that are leading the market right now are the following:

  • Moen
  • Delta
  • American Standard
  • Peerless

They are making and selling top quality products at a reasonable price. If you pick from those brands, your chance of losing is next to zero percent.

Q. Can I install a shower valve by myself?

Shower faucet installation is a difficult task for people with no experience. If you have the basics of plumbing and carpentry, you can give it a go. Otherwise, it is recommended to call a plumber.

Q. What is hard, water build-up?

Hard water is water contaminated with minerals like calcium and magnesium carbonate. These types of minerals are damaging to the faucet. So, people usually hate hard water build-up.

How To Fix A leaky Shower Faucet: A Video Guide

Final Words

Wake up, stand under a shower faucet, and wash away all your pain, suffering, and negative thoughts. See the sunlight, my friend; the world is smiling at you. A great faucet can make any ordinary day extraordinary by melting away all the negative thoughts, stresses, and sorrows within a few moments.

But to get a great shower every time, you have to have one of the best shower faucets from the above list. We’ve reviewed them properly so that you can decide without any confusion.

Also, we have included all the essential information in this shower faucet bible. I hope the article provides a little value to your life. If you still need to know anything related to the best shower faucet, feel free to comment. We will get back to you soon!

Thanks for reading !!!



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