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What is the Best Shower Head Height?

Everyone wants relaxing showers. You certainly can’t achieve that if your shower head is too low, that a tall person can only shower at chest level, or if it’s too high, a short user cannot reach the shower head to pull it down.

A shower head height will determine how comfortable your shower will be. If multiple people use it, you must place shower heads at the best height where everyone can comfortably use them. Therefore, it is essential to install the shower head at a point that will accommodate as many people as possible.

In this article, you will learn about the best height to place a shower head. We will also cover the adjustments you could make so you can finally enjoy your showers.

What Is the Standard Shower Head Height?

There are no set rules that dictate how high a shower head should be, but the standard shower head height is 80 inches (6 ft 8 in.). Carpenters, plumbers, and designers set this height for shower heads as a rule of thumb.

In some cases, plumbers may install a shower head a different height depending on what works with your shower layout, which is why you have to make sure that the plumber knows how high or low you want the shower head to be before he starts. Otherwise, the plumber might just install it at the standard shower head height of 80 inches, which can be too low or too high for some people.

Why 80 Inches?

This standard height of 80 inches, measuring from the floor up to the shower head, has been commonly used in most households and buildings. You can also set shower heads at a minimum height of 72 inches. Others place it at 84 inches.

The reason for setting these heights is that you must place shower heads at the most comfortable height for every user. The 80-inch shower head height is well above the Americans’ average heights (5’9″ for men and 5’4″ for women).

In case several people use the shower, such as a family setting, a compromise might be in order. You can consider the average height of all the users (excluding the height of children) and base it from there.

Who Decides the Standard Shower Head Height?

As stated, there are no explicit rules on how high a shower head should be. Regulations are more concerned about other shower components, such as ceiling height, and the flow of water coming from the shower.

Although this is the case, organizations such as the National Kitchen & Bath Association (NKBA) create guidelines for placing bathroom fixtures. Their guidelines are not explicit rules but more on agreements from designers and carpenters who have years’ worth of experience and practice. In this case, they also agree on the standard shower head height of 80 inches.

Shower Head Height for Tall People

If you have people in your household who are almost 6 ft 8 in. or more, you can always install the shower head at a taller height. You don’t want the tallest person in your household to bend over just to be able to shower thoroughly. As much as possible, you want a comfortable shower head height for everyone.

Adjusting the shower head height above 80 inches is also a good practice for owners of apartments, buildings, and hotels. Because these owners cannot predict how tall their clients will be, the best precaution is to adjust the shower head at a higher height than 80 inches.

Shower Head Height for Short People

While you might need to compromise to accommodate tall users in installing shower heads, you must also consider short people’s needs.

The shower head height does not affect how it works on shorter people. It is just that short users might have difficulty reaching the shower head, especially if it is handheld.

Some shower heads also have nozzle controls that can only work if you twist them. People who are not tall enough won’t adjust it if you set the shower head too high. In that case, you might need to change the shower head height for short people as well.

Adjusting the Shower Head Height

Adjusting shower heads can be pretty straightforward. Whether you own your house or live in a rental property, you only need to replace the type of shower head you’re using with a shower arm or an adjustable one.

Tip: If you’re renting the space, just keep the old shower head and put it back before you move out. Ask permission from the landlord for some modifications. You must also consider the ceiling room above the shower head if you want to adjust it higher.

Vertical Shower Bar

In this type of shower accessory, you can mount the shower head on an adjustable slide bar. This shower bar comes with a handheld shower head with a long hose that you can connect from your water pipe.

There are many types of shower bars to choose from. You can get a shower bar that will work as an additional shower head to your current one. Another option is to replace your old shower head entirely and use the new shower head mounted on the slide bar.

S-Shaped Shower Arm

An S-shaped shower arm raises the height of a shower head. A shower arm is a short pipe that connects the water pipe in the wall to the shower head.

Replacing that shower arm with something that is in S-shape will extend it to 10 inches higher. This shower accessory is truly designed for tall people who have low water pipe connections. An S-shaped shower arm is also easy to install.

Adjustable Shower Arm

A straight, adjustable shower arm also does the trick. This shower arm can extend up to 18 inches. You just have to adjust it up or down according to your liking.

This type of shower arm can fit any kind of shower head. Whether you want a high-end rain shower head or just a basic wand, you can easily mount it on an adjustable shower arm. Most adjustable shower arms do not require tools and are easy to install. It’s a cheap option for shower height problems.

Handheld Shower Head and Shower Bracket

Another inexpensive and quick solution is to get a cheap handheld shower and wall bracket if you want your shower head to be taller or shorter. You can mount the shower bracket anywhere you want your current shower head to be. If you wish to place the shower head higher, just put it inches above your existing shower head.

If you want the shower head lower and don’t want to replace your current one because you live with a taller person, just get a second shower bracket and install it a few inches lower. Remind the taller user to place the handheld shower on the lower bracket after they use it. This solution is a good option if you live in a rental since brackets are easy to install and remove.



What Is a Shower Head?

When you think of the word “shower”, what probably comes into your mind is the image of a shower head. While a shower has many parts such as the shower valve, control, and neck, the most prominent component is the shower head, which is the overhead fixture with perforated nozzles where the water comes out of.

One of the most common problems with shower heads is their height. Shower heads that are too low might have been miscalculated during remodeling. Sometimes, shower heads and plumbing are installed first before the bathtub or the shower pan. As a result, the floor gets raised by a couple of inches and the shower head height becomes too short.

Some shower heads are too high that some people have to step on the edge of a bathtub to reach the handheld shower. This occurrence can be too much effort for some people, especially if shorter people simply want their showers to be enjoyable and relaxing.



You certainly don’t want to miscalculate the small but vital detail of a shower head height for home improvements. How high your shower head is will affect your day-to-day living.

As much as possible, consider the optimum height that accommodates every single person who will use it. Compromise if you can and consider some adjustable options to keep everyone happy.

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