How Often Should I Take Shower

How Often Should I Take Shower?

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Showering has tons of health benefits. A good shower advances blood circulation. I hope you know, improved blood circulation is important for our cardiac health. Well, here comes the question, how often should I take shower.

We have even heard some myth like showering everyday will destroy your hair or skin.

Shower journal team has gone through an extensive web research and got following frequently asked questions about taking a shower every day. So today, we are going to answer these questions for our beloved readers.


So, Showering Everyday, Is It Ok?

If you don’t want to stink, you must take shower daily. If you like greasy hair and skin, you shouldn’t take a bath every day.

But that’s not common for most people. Most of us hate body odor caused by sweating due to workout.

According to, taking shower daily depends on following factors.


Climate is one of the major factors to consider while showering. People living in a very dry climate or extreme cold must avoid using very hot water.

If you are living in such area then you should avoid using too much soap as well. Soap will make your skin drier and you’ll feel annoying harsh skin.

If you are in the humid area, then you must consider showering daily. Why? Well, people living in a humid area usually suffer from acne a lot. So you must keep your skin clean as much as possible.


Showering depends on your lifestyle. If you are a person who loves to workout regularly, you must take a shower.

Depending on your way of living or how much physical exercise you do every day, you have to take your shower one or two times per day. Otherwise, excessive odor or sweat will destroy your personal life.

Skin type:

According to our research, showering frequency is also depends on your skin type. If you have acne or oily skin that pulls tons of dirt, you must take shower daily. Even you should take shower twice a day if you prefer.

But, if you have dry skin or got some sort of skin diseases, then you should avoid showering frequently. If your skin is sensitive, then you should take a break and take bath on every alternate day.

You should also consider using some good shower gel that suits your sensitive skin. Don’t forget to read our article on shower gel vs body wash before buying one.

Showering Everyday


So, why shower daily?

Well, a nice bath at morning will give you a fresh start. After getting back from work or gym you can take a warm bath at night as well. It will make sure that you are getting a great sleep and relieve you from your stress.

What is the best time to take shower?

Well, the best time to take shower completely depends on you and your lifestyle. A morning bath ensures a great start to your day. You’ll feel fresh as well as your mood will be very good. Do you need any more benefits of showering everyday in the morning?

Do you go to the gym at night? Then consider taking shower right after you come back. This bath is a must for neutralizing odor and sweat from your skin. Your partner will love you.

Is showering everyday bad for your skin

If your skin is dry or sensitive, showering every day can be harmful to your skin. If you have some bad skin disease like eczema or something else, you should avoid taking bath on a daily basis.

Do you have acne or oily skin? Consider taking shower every day. Because clean skin is a must for you.

Why shower at night? :

A good steam shower at night will ensure the great sleep. If you are coming back from the gym or from a party, it’s a must. If you want to get recharged after an exhausting day, a night shower is a thing that you are looking for.

Thanks for your patience for reading this article. We have tried to answer most of those questions related to showering that our readers were looking for answers.

If you have anything on your mind please feel free to contact us, we will surely try our best to help you.

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How Often Should I Take Shower?
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