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The Secret Of Wall Mounted Toilets: Is It Good Or Bad

A toilet attached to your bathroom wall is called a wall hung toilet or wall mounted toilet. It is considered to be a great addition to the small bathrooms. The toilet doesn’t need a lot of space to be installed and used. Along with so many pros, there are still some cons associated with these toilets.

There is a need to weigh these pros and cons carefully before buying such a toilet for your bathroom. The pros and cons are discussed below.

Wall Mounted Toilets – Pros

Clean Lines

One of the benefits of a wall mounted toilet is that it provides your bathroom with clean lines. The lines created by the wall mounted toilet help decorating your bathroom. It looks to be a stylish room that can certainly complement the rest of the home decor. This can be done by concealing water outlets and other toilet aspects.

wall mounted toilets

Lesser Space Requirements

One of the best benefits of having a wall mounted toilet in the bathroom is that it takes a minimal amount of space in your bathroom. As the toilet is hung to the wall, it doesn’t take any floor space like an ordinary or conventional toilet needs. As a result, you have the chance to install the toilet in any convenient place near a water source. So, you are left with space to implement more decorating and innovating ideas.

Easy to Clean

Cleanliness is considered to be a scary thing. The guests do notice your bathroom cleanliness. However, cleanliness is very important and time taking activity. It becomes even further headache, especially for people having busy schedules. However, this is no more a problem now with these toilets.

Wall mounted toilets do offer the space under the toilet. You can mop this space quite easily and hide most of the toilet part behind the wall. Hence, it de-clutters the toilet space.

Adjustable Height

Another big pro these toilets have is the provision of an open option to decide the height at which to install the toilet. So, these can be installed according to your preferred height. This ultimately increases your comfort level and you get the customized bathroom.

Water Saver – Environment Friendly

These toilets are environment-friendly in the sense that they save a lot of your water. Really, most of the wall hung toilets follow the EPA directions for water use. Hence, these significantly reduce water use.

Wall Mounted Toilets – Cons

High Cost

The high cost is among the biggest cons associated with a wall mounted toilet. These toilets cost greater than the conventional ones. Here, we are not talking about the installation or other extra costs. It costs higher upfront when you buy the toilet.

kohler wall hung toilet

Constant Adjustments Required

It has been seen that wall mounted toilets also become loose over time. It is due to the pressure exerted on the wall mount. That is why it requires constant adjustments by the qualified plumber, which again becomes expensive.

More Leakages

The leakages are also more common in these toilets as compared to the traditional ones. This, again, contributes towards the extra cost in the shape of repairs.

Hard to Build

This is not something you can do it yourself in a weekend. Wall hung toilets are very hard to install. You need to remove the wall portion first. Then you are required to put it together again to fit the tank. A lot of renovation is required and landlords might not allow you to do it in their apartments.

Hard To Repair

You know that the main parts of these toilets are not open, these are behind the wall. So, along with the benefits of hiding these ugly pipes, you also have the disadvantage of difficult repair. These repairs do need professionals and become even more expensive.

Wall Support – More Cost

As you will sit on this toilet, the wall support has to be solid and reliable. Ideally, you would never like to have any change in it after installation. However, the entire wall portion needs to be building again to support the structure of the toilet. Again, it causes the renovation cost to be increased. That is why these toilets are not easy to install in normal homes.


Wall mounted toilets are great for those who love innovation and modern lifestyle. However, these toilets do need extra care and of course, extra money. While these have some great features that increase your comfort and cleanliness levels, these are not very economical to use in the long run.

It is a question of whether you prefer to live a fashionable and environment-friendly life at the cost of paying extra money or not. So, the decision is yours, it is up to you now. The wall-mounted toilets are always there to renovate your bathrooms.

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