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Shower VS Bath: Which Is Good For You

Shower or bath both are primarily best as our stress buster. After a long tiring day, taking a shower or bath feels like you are washing away all the effect of anxiety and bad decisions. It becomes most of our happy place or a place you can be only yourself.

So which is best? Shower or Bath?

There is research that went for weeks to see which benefits us more shower or bath.  So, here we are today to talk about shower vs. bath. You will be able to choose one from here for better benefits.

Health benefits of Shower

  • showerWash away all the stress:

If you had an awful day, then try to have a hot steam shower. The hot water relaxes our nerves and calms it down. Our oxytocin level improves to an extreme level after having a hot shower. It is capable of removing stress and mood swings for the oxytocin.

  • Wash off bacteria:

Bacteria is one of the biggest cause of skin problems or diseases. When we roam around the city, thousands of bacteria catches us. If you have a hot shower, those bacteria will not be able to stand that temperature. This way you will be safe from a lot of harmful bacteria every day. This proves that hot shower improves skin problems. So there is no way of asking is shower good for the skin!

  • Soothes pain in bones:

In ancient times when there was no use of painkillers people used to have hot water bath for pain. This old method works amazingly for people suffering from back pain.

  • Puts you to sleep:

If you want to avoid sedative, then try hot water shower as a natural sedative. Doctors suggest hot water shower to most patients because it soothes and relaxes your nerves.

Health benefits of bath

  • Improves breathing:

When you are submerged in lukewarm water, it gives you comfort at its peak. The lung’s capacity and oxygen intake improve. The temperature of the water helps your heart to beat fast. If you have a problem with the sinus, then keep the water warmer.  The steam coming from the water helps to clear it out.bath

  • Balances hormones:

Girls with PCOS know the struggle of having hormonal imbalances. They should try bathing because the hormones coming from pituitary can be balanced through the bath. Bathing increase serotonin in us that may help girls with mood swing live a happier life.

  • Optimizes body temperature:

Regulating body temperature with the help of bathing is the fastest and easiest way. For warming yourself, you should get a hot bath. If you feel that you need to cool down your body in summer, then go for cold bathing.

  • Helps people with arthritis:

People with arthritis know how severe the pain is. To get relief from it mix Epsom salt to the hot bathing water. Epsom salt is capable of removing the toxin from our body. So the hot water and salt work together to ease your pain. Make sure you sit in the tub for some time.

Shower or bath: which is better for the skin?

We are skeptical all the time as we say is shower good for skin or not. Let’s get it clear.

Our skin loses its moisture when it is exposed to too much soap or shower gels. Hot water also strips away moisture from the skin. In this situation, it is not easy to specify one particular thing that is good for the skin. Instead, it depends on how you treat your skin after or during shower or bath.

  • Avoid using too much soap:

If you are using a lot of soap every day, then your skin will become dry. It will not matter which way you went shower or bath. Avoid soap and try to clean your skin with organic products that are more on the moisturizing side.

  • Avoid too hot water:

Hot water strips away moisture no matter if you are bathing or showering. So, try to use lukewarm water all the time.

Bath vs. shower cleanliness

In this situation, bathing loses. Try to observe how much hot water does a shower head use. It makes it easier to kill bacteria because hot shower washes away dirt and bacteria with the force of water. Bacteria cannot take a certain temperature and dies.

But you are sitting in a bathtub while bathing is like sitting on your dirt. You can solve this issue by rewashing yourself after bathing. You are sitting on all the soap and salt that you put in the water. This also contributes to dry skin. So a quick shower wins in this one. If you find comfort in bathing, then follow the bathing routine by using an excellent body moisturizer.

Shower VS Bath

Shower vs. bath water usage

Water is an essential element for Mother Nature. You cannot just ignore the amount of water gets wasted while we have a bath or shower. We need to know how much water gets wasted in different systems.

Showering and bathing both are different fields. It is not easy to compare these two by water usage. Because while showering the shower head is on for an extended period. So you cannot measure how much water does a shower use. In this case, try to limit the amount of time you spend under the shower. If you are using a rain shower system, make sure to buy one that uses a low amount of water. You will understand how much hot water does a shower used by monitoring time.  Then compare this with how much water does a bath use.

There are a lot of things connected to this that you can figure out through your observations. You need to consider bathtub size and the amount of water coming to the bathtub. But most of the studies say that shower is more water efficient in comparison to bathing.


Whether you are having a shower or bath, it is up to you. But be conscious of not wasting water. If you are a shower lover for its quick fix, then do not forget to treat yourself with a relaxing bath. You can do it once a month with essential lavender oil. It will be energized to work and live more.

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