Woodbridge T-0032 Toilet The Best Elongated Dual Flush Toilet Review

Woodbridge T-0032 is one of the best toilets from Woodbridge, a brand you can trust. Toilets are integral parts of our bathroom. Buying a toilet is a big decision. You need to know what you want precisely. And there is an overwhelming amount of options available. After our thorough web research, we are pretty sure that, Woodbridge T-0032 is going to be the perfect option for your bathroom.

In this article, we are going to share the Woodbridge T-0032 Review. We will cover everything, from specifications to positive and negative sides of this toilet, that you should know before buying.

WOODBRIDGE T-0032 Review 2020

WoodBridge T-0032 Toilet Review


  • Weight:151 pounds
  • Dimensions:30 x 20 x 28 inches
  • Material:porcelain
  • Shape:elongated
  • Flush type:dual flush
  • Certification: WaterSense

Features and benefits

A great toilet is categorized by its features. Features come along to make the best toilet. Woodbridge T-0032 is no exception. We picked the best features of the toilet. Here are these…

Modern design

The skirted trap way design is not just great for cleaning and stuff. It’s the design that attracts most. With this modern design, no water connections are visible. It makes the bathroom look more luxurious no matter how other parts of your bathroom look. You will praise the design, even more, when you are cleaning the exterior of the toilet. It makes cleaning so much easy. This toilet is also as good as T-0019 toilet. Let’s read Woodbridge T-0019 Toilet review

Powerful, flushing

Flush is the most important feature of a toilet. If the flush is not good enough, then drop buying it forever. It’s just not worth your money. The T-oo32 has one of the most powerful flushes right now. The siphon flush is a fully glazed flushing system that gives you the quietest flushing experience. It’s so powerful that you will never experience clogs and leaks. And this one is also a dual flush toilet. That means more power but uses less water.

Comfortable seat

The seat is high end and high quality. It closes softly so that the bang does not wake up the whole house. They make the seat hinge of durable stainless steel. Whenever you want, you can remove the seat easily. Some people prefer removing the seat for ease of installing. You can do it easily. Also, after years of use, a deep clean is important, you can do that easily as removing the seat is easy.

Easy cleaning

Like the other Woodbridge models, T-0032 also has a skirted trap way. It makes the toilet look sleek and elegant. As this design does not have any corner and grooves, it is very easy to clean. You can reach everywhere, and your toilet will shine. cleaning toilet will no longer be a headache.

Easy installation

Installing a toilet is a big deal. When the installation system is hard, it becomes a bigger deal. No one wants to go through this. For the skirted trap way design, installing the toilet is tricky. But comparatively, installing Woodbridge T-0032 is easier than others. It takes 30 minutes at most if you are used to doing things like this. But it requires a unique installing method of using a screw into a custom riser base from the toilet side. So make sure your toilet has some room beside it.

Positive sides

The toilet is great overall. All its features are praiseworthy. The flush makes the toilet so much special. The siphon flushing does not give clogging any chance or the dual flush that saves water but works powerfully. Also, the toilet comes in all in one packaging. You hardly need to buy anything else to install the toilet. Everything comes pre-installed. You only need a wrench and a professional hand to install the toilet.


As a one-piece toilet, it is heavy. And some people experienced trouble with stability while installing the toilet. Other than that a great toilet if you consider the look and features.


We have finished Woodbridge T-0032 toilet review. It is one of the best in class toilets in the industry. A comfortable toilet like no other is a click away from you. We think, you can consider this toilet, and you will end up loving it.

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