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Shower Base Installation Guide For Beginners

While remodeling of bathroom or making a new bathroom, shower base has to be installed. The shower base is also known as shower pan or shower receptor. Shower base installation isn’t a difficult task. It can be accomplished in a few steps without any assistance.

We will learn all about shower pan installation here, including installation on Wood, Concrete and with Tile.

Shower Base Installation

Shower base is a ready-made part that makes the floor waterproof for the shower. The shower base is made of ceramic, acrylic, fiberglass and other materials. It is an easy task to install the shower base. This is the part you put your shower pan on. If the shower base is installed well, your shower pan will rest well on the surface and be firm at its place.

But before installation, you have to buy Shower base. While buying you need to ensure that the diameter of the base fits the diameter of your drainpipe and the shower base matches the drain location and can be placed easily.

The idea is to reduce the plumbing activity to a minimum. Earlier planning will save you time, energy and money. Measure the length of the drain hole from the two edges that surround it. Use this measurement to buy the right Shower base.

So, How To Install a Shower Pan

At first, prepare Space for shower pan installation and get all the equipment. This is how every work should begin. Clean the walls down to studs. The floor should be clean. And, make sure that you have all the materials- shower base, Power Saw, nails, cement, sand, measuring tape, Balance level, Power drills, Hammer, Washers, Pliers, Wooden shims, and screws. Now, you can begin.


Shower Pan Installation on Concrete

If you already have a drainage pipe running through the concrete floor the task is easier. If not, you have to make a hole through the concrete floor. The simple point is the drain of the shower being connected to the pipeline that will take it away from the pan.

If the drainpipe is already in place, the pipe should be at least a couple of inches above the floor to accommodate the drainage assembly.

Check the Shower base for fit

Just put the shower base and check if you need to change anything. Level the shower base by using wooden shims.

Putting the Drain fitting

Install the drain fitting in the opening in the shower base. Screw the fitting in the base and tighten the fitting. Normally, you get all the parts of drain fitting when you buy the shower pan. Don’t miss any washers or gaskets because they will ensure leak proof fitting. You don’t want to do everything all over again.

Adjust Drain fitting and check

Line the shower base with the drain hole. Check that the shower drain and drain pipe. If they are perfectly aligned, you are ready to go.

Check that they don’t put stress on any part. Tighten the drain and level the base. Use wooden shims if required.

Laying Mortar Base

Mix a bag of mortar and lay it on the area where shower base will sit. The layer of mortar should be around 1 inch thick. Roll it smooth. Leave the edges because mortar will spread when the Shower base will be kept.

Put the Shower Base

Keep the shower base gently on the mortar and level it. Tighten the drain and check it for any leaks. Attach the base to the wall studs with screws or nails. Let the whole structure rest for a day.

By following the simple steps, you can do DIY shower pan installation. The installation steps vary gently depending on whether you are installing the shower base on wood or tiles.

How to Install a Shower Base on a Wooden Floor

The biggest task with wooden floor is making it leak proof. Any leakage and the floor will be completely damaged. Use a layer of polyethylene.  Spread it over the wooden floor to make it waterproof. Another layer of galvanized metal mesh is put on the polythene as the second line of defense. Secure the structure with nails.

Put a layer of mortar on the above structure and make a smooth base on which Shower Pan could be installed. Smooth the layer of mortar with rollers. You can apply another coat of sealer and let it dry before you put the shower pan. Rest is exactly as the steps given above.

Installation of Shower Pan On tiles

Shower pan Installation On Tiles

To make a base installation with tiles, you need to make a solid sub-floor. The drain should be in place. Once the subfloor is done, you put on it a layer of tar paper and staple it to the floor. Put a layer of thin-set about one inch on the floor. Level it. Let it dry for 24 hours.
Dry cut the tiles using a tile cutter. Make sure that the perimeter of the walls on the side the shower pan would be there. Start putting the tiles by adding a lot of glue behind. They should be bonding with each other and the floor.

DIY Shower base installation

Though the steps are easy, you need to understand more before you try to do it on your own. It’s better to get an expert. Thankfully, many shower bases these days make the installation very easy and intuitive. Before buying a shower base you need to understand a few things about your bathroom.

You need to know about the shower floor plan. If the floor plan is not right, a leak can happen and you might have to redo everything again. The next is the idea of bathroom remodeling.

You might like the idea of having the perfect shower pan in your bathroom, but have you checked the feasibility. In many cases, you end up spending more than budget because you had the idea in your head but never bothered to ask an expert. The next is choosing the right shower pan. Again, what you need given the technicalities is not what you would want. The idea is to take what you need and not what you want.

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