5 Best Toilet Tank Cleaner Reviews 2020

Best Toilet Tank Cleaner

The best toilet tank cleaner is essential for every bathroom. The main purpose of it is to clearing our toilet tank and helping us to get rid of the odor. They come in variant form like water tablets, drop-in cleaner, and so on. The in-tank toilet cleaner contains few cleaning ingredients like chlorine to clean any stains and odor inside the bowl.

The smell is something that stays with us as a memory. And you do not want the unpleasant smell of your bathroom to be in your friends’ memory. The party with family and friends sounds fun. But it’s hectic in the bathroom sometimes. When the bathroom tank is not clean, the flush does not work well. The flush can’t eliminate waste properly.

It will be a great idea if you get the best toilet tank cleaner. The cleaner will not only clean the toilet tank but also leave a pleasant smell. We cannot help you with food and other things. Parties will not stress you; at least the bathroom part is sort.

Best Toilet Tank Cleaner : Our Top 3 For 2020





Camco Toilet tank cleaner

Camco TST Orange

Enzytabs toilet tank cleaner


Dometic Toilet Cleaner

Dometic D1112002

Things to consider before buying bathroom tank cleaner

It should be non-toxic

Toxins are a danger to you and your children’s health. It affects the environment and the water of our mother earth. So select something that is good for everyone. We cannot undo what we have already done to mother earth. But small steps of today can help even for a bit.


Before buying the right toilet tank cleaner, make sure previous customer reviews satisfy you. Without that, your efforts will go down the flush. Take expert comments into consideration too.

Affordable and durable

There are quality products in a market that are affordable. So you need not hunt for pricey items. And the cleaner should be able to last for servicing you long. Because one drop is enough to clean the entire tank. Even if the product comes with 12 pieces, it will last one year. so it should have the ability to stay good till then.

That’s all to make a good toilet tank cleaner. Let’s talk about the best toilet tank cleaner in the market that has all the abilities.

Best Toilet Tank Cleaner Overall

Camco TST Orange Ultra-Concentrated Citrus RV Toilet Drop-Ins

Camco TST Orange RV Toilet Drop Ins

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Camping with RV toilet seems a fun thing to do. To make it more fun, Camco in-tank toilet cleaner can help you. The Florida orange smell will make the toilet smell so pleasant. When you do not want the smell of dungeon down there, it’s a great thing. It will break down the waste and tissues in the toilet tank. It’s safe to use for you and the environment.


Cleans effectively: water tanks become nasty when it was neglected for long. To clean the nasty water you have to use something effective. So give chance to the Camco drop-in cleaner. It breaks down the waste and tissue in the RV.


This best toilet tank cleaner that not contains bronopol is toxic. It releases formaldehyde and absorbs when we inhale the air. Some people can get dizzy and suffocate because of it.


The smell is fresh and citrus.  Because of the concentrated formula, it stops any kind of odor from coming. It can treat a 40 gallon tank with just one drop.


This toilet tank cleaner is marine approved. It’s also 100% biodegradable. So do not feel guilty to use it.


Each container has 30 drops in it. As one drop is enough for a 40 gallon tank, it will last quite a long time.


  • Pleasant smell of fresh Florida oranges
  • It does not cause the throat burning effect after cleaning
  • nontoxic cleaner
  • Simple to use
  • biodegradable and does not pollute

Best bio-degradable Toilet Cleaner

Green Gobbler SEPTIC SAVER Bacteria Enzyme Pacs

Green Gobbler SEPTIC SAVER Toilet Tank cleaner

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Do you want to flush out your septic problems? Well, the Green Gobbler is there for you for all septic tank solution. It will digest all the waste, bacteria, toilet tissue paper and fat to clear out the tank. And you get to do all this organically. Effective or money-back guarantee is available.


Reduces odors:

Septic odor is the worst thing any man has to experience. The Green Gobbler drop-in cleaner contains enzymes that will digest organic matters into it. And leave a fresh breath of air to your toilet. There are sometimes waste stuck in the septic lines; It can also clean those out.

Comes with six months of supply:

Each bag comes with six water soluble bags. Drop one and forget about odor for a month. In fact, regular use of it will prevent you from experiencing the odor ever again. It’s a preventive maintenance way for septic tanks.

Saves some money:

When you are regularly taking care of your toilet tank, there will be no hiccups in the tank. You do not have to budget money on repairing a toilet tank or septic tank. Never face the problem again.


  • Saves your money from repairing the toilet tank. When the tank is clean, it will not need repairing.
  • non-polluting and bio-degradable
  • does not harm pipes and non-corrosive
  • more powerful than others

Best Toilet Bowl Tank Cleaner

Dometic D1112002 3 N 1

Dometic D1112002 3 N 1 Toilet Bowl Cleaner

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Are you tired of industrial lemon flavor in all your cleaning products? It’s true that nowadays all the cleaning products smell chemical type. But this one is more like detergent smell. The Dometic will not let you down on buying it ever. The product comes with a seal-able box so that makes sure the product does not go bad. Let’s check out more amazing things about it.


Combines everything:

The Dometic drop in cleaning treatment combines air freshener, bowl cleanser, and tank treatment together. It’s saving your time and money at the same time. You do not have to use a deodorant separately after cleaning.

Dissolves fast:

When you are expecting guests and want the toilet to be clean as soon as possible, you cannot wait long. As this cleaner dissolves fast, it works fast. So welcoming your guests with a clean home and bathroom is no longer a hassle. As soon as it hits the water, it dissolves. For RV toilets, it’s the perfect choice as you do not have to deal with the waste for long.

Smell fantastic:

We know lavender is for relaxing people’s minds. This Dometic in-tank cleaner has a smell of lavender. The soothing smell will keep odor in bay.


The quantity is 12 packs bowl tank cleaner in every packaging. If you clean your toilet tank even every month, it’s a 12 months’ supply. If you prefer cleaning more frequently, you can stock more.


  • fantastic and soothing smell of lavender
  • dissolves quicker than other cleaners
  • specially made for RV toilets
  • no harsh chemical to attack the toilet tank

Best Septic Tank Cleaner

Enzytabs Septic Tank System Treatment

Enzytabs Septic Tank System Toilet Tank cleaner

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Grease, protein, starch and tissue, nothing is a big deal for the Enzytabs treatment. For long-term solution to this will help to make you are cleaning routine less daunting. It comes perfectly pre-measured so you do not have to fuss about the quantity. Drop a tablet every month and live odor free from then. The tablet will take 2-3 minutes to dissolve. Repeat every month and you will forget how the toilet odor is.



It comes with four months of supply at a time. This is in fact a great idea as you can switch to others if you dislike. But it’s obvious that you will be hooked to it. One tablet can treat a 1500 gallon toilet tank at a time.


The toilet tank tablet cleaner is made with all the plant-based ingredients. If you are a vegan, they harmed no animals in the process of production. It’s bio-degradable and free of phosphate.

Safe to use:

It’s safe for plumbing and other materials involved. It can clean RV toilets, septic tanks, and toilet tanks. If you want it to work best, then leave the tablet in a toilet for a whole night. The billions of enzyme producing Enzytabs will clean more then.


  • Easy to use Just drop a tablet and forget
  • After using the tablet, you will see no slight sign of waste in a toilet tank.
  • does not contain any animal-derived ingredient
  • concentrated tablet that works perfectly
  • prevents septic backups
  • Safe for animals, humans even for nature

Best RV Toilet Tank Cleaner

Camco 41604  Ultra-Concentrated Hibiscus Toilet Max Treatment Drop-Ins

Camco-41604 Toilet Tank cleaner

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Camco has quite goodwill in the industry of making cleaner. The ultra-concentrated cleaner is essential in the house. Camco has experience of over 20 years and they use it for better. Using the in tank toilet cleaner will lessen the septic guy visit. It will cut the expense of a septic guy from the budget. Also, the smell of hibiscus will help the toilet become a better place. No matter it’s your home toilet or RV toilet in camping, stay clean everywhere.



Any product that is concentrated amazes. Little amount is enough to clean the entire tank. One drop and a tank full of 40 gallon waste will vanish. Cleaning the toilet does not help if you do not drop this. Once you get one, you will make it a routine.


You can use the cleaner for all septic tanks. It does not harm nature and humans. It does not have any pesticides and biocides. Some cleaners contain bronopol which releases formaldehyde. You do not want that to be in nature.


It does not have a strong citrus smell, but it’s pleasant enough. It will not bother people who have smell sensitivity.


  • Super easy to use. Just go camping and flush one tablet when needed.
  • Some cleaners leak because of the pressure and this one does not do that
  • The aroma is very pleasant and different. It’s not even overpowering for smell-sensitive people
  • does not contain harmful pesticides or formaldehyde
  • approved by RV and marine

FAQ By Shower Journal

  • What can I put in my toilet to keep the tank clean?

Keeping the tank clean is not tricky. You just need the right ingredients to do it. There are tank tablets available to keep the tank clean. Do not buy those with the bleach in it. Bleach erodes metal.

To keep the tank clean, some may suggest you clean it every month. It’s a good practice if you can keep up. But for a not so crowded toilet twice a year is enough. If hard water and minerals are there, then you should clean the tank often. Check the tank every two weeks, and you will understand if it needs cleaning or not.

  • Can you put bleach in the toilet tank to clean it?

If you have been neglecting your toilet tank for a long, then you can put bleach in it. If your tank has a slimy and yucky substance, it’s a must that you put bleach into the tank. Be sure not to put it in other places or on you. Handle the beach with a cautious mind.

  • Is Too Much Flushes bad for your toilet?

If you use the toilet regularly and flush it, then it’s not bad for your toilet. If you want to use it in a guest toilet, flush it at least once a week.

  • Can you put vinegar and baking soda in a toilet tank?

Yes, you can. Putting vinegar and baking soda is not just convenient. It’s also the fastest way to clean the tank without a commercial cleaner. If you want a natural way to keep your toilet tank, then fill your tank with vinegar regularly. As the vinegar is antibacterial, it will not let mildew grow inside the tank.

Video Guide: Cleaning Toilet Like a pro


The best toilet tank cleaner makes our life easier. You can enjoy a pleasant summer camping without stressing about the toilet. One drop of cleaner will solve it. No matter what product you choose for a cleaner, something to use is a must. Otherwise, your toilet will be clogged. And then you have to pay more price to the septic guy.

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