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6 Popular Types Of Bathtub Drain Stoppers

Being on a bathtub with a bath bomb is the highlight of a Saturday night. But have you ever noticed the small tub drain stopper that gives you this fantastic experience?

There are different types of bathtub drain stoppers that we use daily. All of those work pretty much the same. But knowing the types will make maintenance easier when you need to fix or replace the drain stopper.

Bathtub Drain Stopper Types

Also, some of the drain stoppers make your life hell when you try to clean them. So let’s know about it and make life easier.

6 Types Of Bathtub Drain Stopper

#1 Lift and Turn Drain Stopper

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When you see a small knob on the cap of a drain stopper, it’s the lift and turns bathtub drain stopper. The knob is used to twist the stopper for closing or opening. To install the stopper, you have to screw a center setscrew into the threaded center of the drain crossbar. The set screw is in the top cap of the drain stopper.

This type is a little tricky to work with when it is newly installed or hasn’t been touched for long. But eventually, when you get used to it, it’s a great design that does not require much attention. You have to occasionally remove the plug to get rid of the hair that stuck in there.

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#2 Push Pull Bathtub Stopper

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The push pull tub stopper is similar to the lift and turns one. It looks the same in design with the lift and turns. But to close it, you have to push it down rather than twisting it like in the lift and turn type of drain stopper.

The installation system of this drain stopper is the same. Just attach the body of your drain stopper to the drain with the set screw under the stopper cap. It’s also great because it does not require much attention when you use it or repair it.

#3 Toe Touch Tub Stopper

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  • Fits 1-1/2" (nominal) NPSM coarse thread drain shoes
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The toe-touch bathtub drain stopper is related to the lift and turn and push and pull system stopper. It is made of spring-loaded design. The drain stopper is held in place through the crossbar on the drain that fits behind it. Closing or opening is smooth as you can push the stopper down.

The mechanism of toe touch bathtub drain stopper is simple but wears out after some time. So you need to keep up with the replacement or maintenance. Other than that, using the bathtub drain stopper is absolutely breeze. This type is also known as touch toe bathtub drain stopper.

#4 Flip it Tub Stopper

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If you are afraid of any simple thing that requires installation, then flip it tub stopper is going to be your choice. It does not require any installation at all. There is a toggle lever that is attached to the top of the drain stopper. That lever is moved to the side to open and close the drain stopper.

After you buy one of these, push it down to the drain, and its O-rings make an airtight seal stop the water. That seal also keeps the stopper in its place firmly.

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#5 Bathtub Trip Lever Stopper

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  • Chrome Plated
  • Package Length: 5.4"
  • Package width: 5.3"

In this trip lever system, there is no pop-up stopper in there. In simple words, it is just a strainer. It moves up and down to close and open the bathtub’s pipe. When the trip lever is down, the plunger lift and the drain is open. When you pull the trip lever up, the plunger gets down, and the drain is closed.

Cleaning the trip lever drain stopper is a hassle. You have to pull it up through the overflow tube to clean it. There is another type of this trip lever drain stopper that does not have a lever rather a twist cover to pull the plunger.

#6 Pop-up Tub Drain Stopper

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  • TOUCH-TOE STYLE TUB DRAIN STOPPER: The bathtub stopper is a foot actuated...
  • PREVENTS CLOG DRAINS: Placing a stopper in your bathtub drain will help...
  • DIMENSIONS: 2 in. Diameter to accommodate most standard bathtub drains

Pop-up tub drain stopper is very similar to the bathroom sink drain stopper. It’s the more accessible version of the trip lever drain stopper as it uses the same lever system to operate but differently. But this one is also not a breeze to clean as you must extract the stopper and rocker arm to clean it.

Also, the connecting rod must be extracted through the overflow pipe and the overflow plate. The more complicated the cleaning system is, the more hair and debris the drain stopper collects. So the choice is yours.


Are tub drain stoppers universal?

The short answer is no. A tub drain stopper is not universal as it must be the right size to fit the opening on your tub. You can contact a professional or buy a new one from an appliance store.

What do you call the drain stopper in a bathtub?

A bathtub drain stopper is properly referred to as a “foot plug.” There are a number of different styles of tub drain stoppers, including round, square, and rectangular.

What does a tub drain stopper do?

A bathtub drain stopper stops water from flowing from the tub drain when the handle is being raised. It also decreases the risk of flooding when your child or pet suddenly opens the door while the water is running.

Do bathtub stoppers wear out?

yes, tub drain stoppers do wear out over time, especially if they are not maintained properly. The rubber seals surrounding the plug may crack or become hard. This will allow water to leak out of the tub, which is dangerous if you live in an area where floods are common.

Final thoughts

Bathtub drain stoppers are essential as it helps to keep the water in there and stop the hair going into the drain and cause chaos. A tricky to open and close drain stopper may feel like a pain, but it catches a lot of hair and stops it from blocking the drain.

On the other side, some might choose an easy-to-clean drain stopper. So select your bathtub drain stopper types based on whatever works for you. I hope you find the best one you have been looking for.

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