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Best Shower Speakers Reviews 2022


You are a music freak like me, right? Well, do you like to listen to music during a bath or shower? If your answer is yes, then you must need one of the best shower speakers.

Shower speakers are lifesavers for a music enthusiast like you. You can enjoy music while taking a shower with it. The best part is, these speakers are splash-proof and some are even totally waterproof. So you don’t need to worry about damaging the speaker during a bath or shower.

The shower speakers come with wireless connectivity through Bluetooth. So, you can easily connect your mobile, laptop, tablets and radio with them. That’s why the demand for the best Bluetooth shower speakers are increasing every day.

Best Shower Speakers Reviews 2022

1. Best Portable Bluetooth Speaker : OontZ Angle 3

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  • PORTABLE BLUETOOTH SPEAKER - Designed and Engineered by Cambridge...
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The design on proprietary passive bass radiator this OontZ Angle 3 provides with crystal clear high-quality sound features that distances it from other versions. The two neodymium drivers deliver loud volume and more bass filling your room with the music you love.

This best Bluetooth speaker despite having high-quality sound and unique features is also waterproof and sand proof. So driving a boat, taking a shower or driving golf car is no longer issue while listening to music. This portable Bluetooth speaker is all in one water, sand, dust, splash and rain proof.
This ultra-portable only 5.5 inches long is very stylish and touchy with no hard corners. Moreover, it is equipped with a 2200Mah battery that lasts for 12 hours providing you with nonstop fun at your doorstep.

2. Best Bluetooth Shower Speaker : iFox iF012

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  • TAKE YOUR MUSIC WHEREVER YOU GO - Whether you're at the beach, by the pool,...
  • GET AMAZING SOUND QUALITY - This one packs a real punch in the sound...

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This iFox iF012 is integrated with latest Bluetooth version 4.1. It also comes with iFox WHITE FILLED BUTTONS.  These provides quick connection with your device and the buttons are visible even under water. The most satisfying feature of this best Bluetooth speaker is that it is CE FCC and ROHS certified for 100% guaranteed water protection even when fully submersible up to 3 feet.

This best waterproof Bluetooth shower speaker comes with both versatile design and instant connection response of 6sec. You can control and listen to your desired music even if you are at a distance of 33 feet from the speaker
Waving of your boat of dancing on the beats may disturb the stability, and your speaker may leave you like a rolling ball. This waterproof shower speaker comes with a suction cup bottom that lets you stick it on the shower wall, car’s window, boat’s body or anywhere to your comfort.

3. SoundBot SB510 : Best Shower Speaker Mini

SoundBot SB510 HD Water Resistant...
  • Universal Compatibility: High Efficiency and Eco-friendly Advanced...
  • Accessible: Intuitive Built-in Mic and Dedicated Control Buttons for 6...
  • Enhanced HD Music Experience: Advanced Digital Sound, Noise/wind Reduction...

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This little beast comes with enhanced HD sound and noise/wind cancellation technology. Its unique loudspeaker cavity structure with full spectrum coverage provides excellent acoustic mid ranged sound with balanced bass.
The versatility of this best Bluetooth speaker is not limited to smartphones and laptops only, any device that has Bluetooth connection like iPad, iPod, Mac, MacBook, Android, Tablet, Laptop, Desktop, PC, MP3 players can be connected to this mini monster.

This best waterproof Bluetooth speaker is not only small but also light in weight, which makes you able to carry it anywhere and stick it in any place you desire with the suction bottom cup. Having this ideal speaker will not only satisfy you but will facilitate you with any feature you can ever think of.

4. VicTsing Shower Speaker:

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This best Bluetooth shower speaker comes with silicon case and interface design, which not only makes it waterproof but also make it shockproof so the kick from your foot or the fall from the window will not hurt this study technology.
This amazing shower speaker takes convenience to the next level by providing both detachable suction and aluminum alloy metal hook. Whether you want to hand it on your wall or stick it anywhere, this speaker will not disappoint you.

You don’t need a specific device to use this best Bluetooth speaker as its universal compatibility allows you to connect it to any device having Bluetooth facility in it. So you can control it even from the distance of 10 meters long. It also comes with multiple color combinations to meet your desires.

5. AOMAIS Sport II Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speakers:

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This AOMAIS Sport II may look as ordinary waterproof speaker but don’t get deceived. Because this best Bluetooth speaker is provided with fully waterproof of highest penetration incursion IPX7. It can withstand water up to the depth of 1m for 30 minutes. Moreover, its design is also mud and dust proof.

The surround sound in a large hall or high bass sound is not a problem for this best as if you have two AOMAIS SPORT II Bluetooth speakers, connect them to create left and right channels to enjoy 40 Watts surround sound with balanced bass. It has active noise/wind cancellation technology that provides crystal-clear HD audio quality.

Featured with a smooth rubber exterior and rugged body, this classically designed woofer are scratch and impact proof. Its strength is so high that even car can run over it without causing it any damage.

6. AquaAudio Cubo: Best Bluetooth Shower Speaker

AquaAudio Cubo

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The Aqua Audio Cubo is equipped with the latest and hottest sound optimizer technology. AquaAudio Cubo is designed to provide fantastic clarity, deep bass, and super-rich sound. Listen to your favorite rock music with this best Bluetooth speaker as it gives wildest sound levels that will drive you crazy.

Now changing music from your table while your speaker is far away from you is a left-hand task. Unlike other Bluetooth speakers, this best waterproof Bluetooth shower allows you the maximum wireless range of 50 feet.

Don’t think of this waterproof portable speaker as ordinary because despite having latest Bluetooth technology it is equipped with the feature of connecting Apple Siri. Sleek design and ultra-portable yet with the 12 hours of long-lasting rechargeable battery and latest technologies, this beast will be your first choice to get.

7. BassPal Bluetooth Speakers:

BassPal IPX7 Waterproof Speaker,...
  • Multifunctional LED display: The portable Bluetooth speaker LED digital...
  • Beat-driven light show: Watching a halo of LED phase, pulse and shine with...
  • IPX7 fully waterproof: IPX7 waterproof technology offers impermeable...

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The IPX7 100% waterproof rating make this best Bluetooth speaker stand out unique in the market as it can be entirely submerged in water under the depth of 3 feet for 30 minutes. Additionally, it is shockproof and dustproof making it sturdy and stable even in sandy or harsh environment.

Have you forgotten your device in your room and don’t want to ride back, Well this BassPal has got FM in it. So you can enjoy your local music with just one push of a button. Moreover, it is effortless to use and can connect to your iPhone/iPad/Phones/Tablet even at a distance of 33 feet away.

Equipped with both suction and floating cup, this best Bluetooth speaker can float in your bathtub, on your pool or can stick to any wall you desire. If you’re no longer interested in listening to music but forgot to turn off your speaker, then this speaker can shut down itself automatically after 15 minutes.

8. Auto Tech IPX7 Bluetooth Speaker:

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Don’t look at the size of this mini Bluetooth speaker and say its sound will not be that cool. This ShowerPal as the name sounds is a powerful Bluetooth speaker which is delicately designed to deliver full loud sound with integrated subwoofer to add bang of bass to it.

This best shower speaker 2019 comes with an IPX7 rating of waterproof and can withstand 1.5meter fully submerged in water for 30 minutes. Its sleek and smooth design begins with the beautiful light show that fades from color to color or set it to one color that you like the best. You can easily shut the light off, if you don’t like them.

How to Get the Best Shower Speakers?

Feeling lonely and bored while you’re taking a shower? Well, if you’re one of those types of people who like to sing in the shower and hate to use the phone to listen to music because the sound gets distorted and the notifications prevent you from hearing anything, then, you should consider acquiring a shower speaker to transform your bath session in a more fun activity.

However, there are so many options when it comes to select a shower speaker, but fear not, with this buying guide you’ll know what the most recommended model to purchase is.

What’s a shower speaker?

Before getting to the buying guide, you have to know what a shower speaker is, and the utility that it has. They’re wireless speakers that work by using the Bluetooth connection that allows you to listen to music or a podcast from your playlist in a loudspeaker mode, this function is also available for phone calls or video calls. You have to use your smartphone or tablet to activate these speakers while you’re taking a shower.

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  • TAKE YOUR MUSIC WHEREVER YOU GO - Whether you're at the beach, by the pool,...
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Shower speakers were designed to satisfy the need of people to be able to listen to music with a good sound quality without any problems, but, the prototypes did not cause much attraction or created any fame from the public, because, they had various problems like the short battery life and the annoying sudden disconnection that happens when the song reaches half of the duration. However, over the years, these companies have managed to create perfect Bluetooth shower speakers using advanced technology in the hardware of the device and managed to significantly prolong the battery life.

Caught your attention? If that’s the case and you’re interested in buying one of these speakers, then you should know some things before purchasing one of them.

What to look for a best shower speaker before buying one?

Like any other technological device, you have to look and investigate different things about it. Starting with the design type, there are shower speakers that can be put on the wall, in the site where you put your soap or shampoo and even around the shower, the decision is yours, obviously, you have to select one that’s allowed for the specifications of your bathroom (like space, shower type, etc.).

The next thing to search carefully (and the most important one for some) is the battery duration. In the past, these devices had some serious problems with the batteries and their lifetime, some of them did not support even 30 minutes of use, but thankfully this has been solved and the actual models support 12 and even 15 hours of use (this depends on what % of volume you’re going to use). The speakers come with their respective battery charger and some even come with an extra battery.

Sound Quality

The sound quality is an important feature about the shower speakers, because, if the design and portability are good but the sound quality is bad and doesn’t sound loud, clear and crisp enough, then it doesn’t make sense wasting money on speakers that don’t even sound good! But fear not, the only devices that have problems with the audio are the cheaper ones (you can’t expect much of something that cost $10 or $15).

Some new electrical devices provide poor control design and that’s unacceptable, the control systems should be easy to use and safer to all public, companies should avoid the physical manuals (because almost no one reads them) and create something like an interactive tutorial in which the people can understand how to use the device without causing any problem. Thankfully, the shower speakers include features that are similar to that and the ones who don’t count with them, have easy-to-use controls that even a kid can understand.

BassPal IPX7 Waterproof Speaker,...
  • Multifunctional LED display: The portable Bluetooth speaker LED digital...
  • Beat-driven light show: Watching a halo of LED phase, pulse and shine with...
  • IPX7 fully waterproof: IPX7 waterproof technology offers impermeable...

Last but not least, there is one more thing you must have in mind before buying one of these speakers, is the price. Some models are cheaper than others, however, the normal price of these devices are around the $15 to $20 (the cheapest ones) and around $50 to $100 (the most expensive ones). However, if you want to save some extra money, then it’s more recommended to buy them in an online store like eBay or amazon where the speaker showers can be on sale or sold in bundles.

Bluetooth quality of shower speakers:

Probably the most important feature of these devices is the Bluetooth connection quality, because, the reason why these speakers work is due to the Bluetooth link that is made between the smartphone/tablet. The actual devices include Bluetooth version 3.0 to 4.1 and for that reason they work incredibly well, on the other hand, if some device uses the first Bluetooth versions (1.0 or 2.0) avoid even thinking about buying it, because those first versions were a total disaster due to its malfunction and incompatibility with almost every smartphone.

The main question is, is the Bluetooth version of these speakers are good enough? The answer is a mostly YES. Manufacturers test their devices with many software before bringing to the market. They launch these speakers, after being totally satisfied. By the way, we are talking about best quality speakers only.

Water resistance:

The water is a specific problem in the technological world for the problems that can cause the contact with the electricity, however, that has not stopped the developers of products likes smartphones, tablets, PCs and now even the shower speakers count with special protection against water and some other components, however, this doesn’t mean that they’re fully protected, and to know how good is the water-resistance of these products, some codes or keywords are commonly used to understand what type of protection the device has against the water, and these keywords are IPX.

With the pass of time, the IPX have reached different levels, and, to understand what you are buying, you should know the meaning of each level of them:

  • IPX0: Doesn’t count with any protection against the water.
  • IPX1: Protected against spilled water.
  • IPX2: Protected against spilled water when tilted up to 15 degrees of its normal position.
  • IPX3: Counts with protection against sprayed water.
  • IPX4: Protection against splashing water.
  • IPX5: Protected of water in pressure jets.
  • IPX6: Protected against high-pressure jets
  • IPX7: Counts with protection against the effect of immersion.
  • IPX8: Protected against immersion at a certain depth, specified by the manufacturer, and typically up to 3 or 4 meters.
Interesting, isn’t? IPX4 and the IPX5 are the most commonly used when it comes to water protection. Most of the top shower speakers are using this technology.

The Testing

Certainly, the waterproof shower speakers are good resistance against the water. But you cannot use them underwater in a pool. the main reason for what the companies of these speakers use IPX4 and IPX5 is because they don’t need much further protection for a device that’s only to reach splashing and pressure jet water.

The speakers faces many difficult test of water resistance. After passing those tests they became certified as 100% splash-proof shower speaker. However, the cheapest models can not survive great damage from water. Not using IPX4 or IPX5 is the main reasons behind this.

So, the shower speakers were designed for those who need to do something more while they’re taking a shower, and for the price of this device, this is something that you must have in your house, because they can be very useful even if you’re not planning to use it to listen to songs, you always can use them to receive calls and answer while you’re in your bathroom. In the future, these speakers will be used in every house for simple convenience, and who knows, maybe with future updates they can add more uses to them, so you’re at time to buy one of them before they get more and more expensive.


Q: How long does it take for the speakers to turn on?

A: You have to push the power button for the only 2-3 sec, and the speaker will announce power on.

Q: Can I connect different phones/tablets to the shower speaker?

A: Yes. Popular models of shower speakers can add more than 1 phone or tablet at the same time. However, this function is mostly available in the newest products (cheapest ones can’t use more than 1 phone).

Q: Is it possible to use Siri with the shower speaker?

A: At the beginning no, but, over time, both products had different updates where they became compatible with each other.

Q: Are all shower speakers waterproof?

A: No, not all of these speakers are designed to be waterproof, but don’t make the mistake of buying a shower speaker that doesn’t have that feature, because you will end up with a useless device that will be damaged much earlier than expected.

Q: Do shower speaker come with a headphone plugin?

A: No! Unfortunately, they do not come with a headphone jack. However, you can plug in a microphone in them.

Q: Can these speakers be entirely submerged under water?

A: Yes depending on their rating they can be submerged completely under water. For example, IPX5 maximum depth is 3 feet for 30 minutes while for IPX7 it is 1.5 meters for 30 minutes.



If the music is in your veins, and you can’t stop listening to it no matter whether you are taking a shower, the best speaker is the thing you need most. You can use them while riding the boat, fishing or even in the bathtub.

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