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Different Types of Shower Doors

Shower doors come in many shapes and sizes, and it is easy to forget about all the options there are. From glass doors to metal doors, there is a shower door for everyone but maybe not so much for your bathroom.

With a new shower door, you can transform your entire bathroom into something really amazing! To find the best choice for your room or purpose, keep reading below to learn about the different types of shower doors.

Different Types of Shower Doors

1. Sliding Shower Door:

The sliding shower door is the most common type of shower door. They are not only very practical, but they can also give you a dramatic difference in your bathroom. The sliding shower door is a favorite because you can choose exactly how much privacy you want with it. If you want to keep it really private, then just leave it open completely and a few inches and no one will even see into the room.

2. Folding Shower Door :

The folding shower door is very unique because it actually folds down into a little box that can sit out of sight. These are typically used in small bathrooms that do not have much space. They do an average job at keeping water and steam inside the room, but if you have a larger family or use your bathroom often, then you may want to look for something else for better results.

3. Glass Shower Door :

The glass shower door is the ultimate in style and elegance. These doors have a stunning design that is easy to match with any decor or style. You can get them done in a variety of colors and designs, so you can always find one that fits your tastes. Some people prefer the old-fashioned lacy look, while others prefer to have something more modern. Glass shower doors are easy to clean and maintenance is simple as well for anyone who has aspirations of owning a dream bathroom.

4. Hinged Shower Doors:

The hinged shower door is the most basic and versatile of all shower doors. They are made of glass that swings outward from the shower opening. This allows you to take a nice, relaxing soak in some hot water without worrying about your privacy. Some people prefer hinged doors for their easy functionality, while others want it for the minimalistic style that it gives off.

5. Fixed Bathroom Doors:

The fixed bathroom doors are one of the simplest door types to clean and maintain. It is a sliding door, but it is very light in weight. Because of this, the sliding shower door is very easy to glide open and shut with ease. This makes them ideal for anyone who wants a practical function more than an ornamental style. They also have a variety of colors and designs, so you should be able to find one that fits your bathroom’s design perfectly.

6. Full Glass Door:

The full glass door is another type of shower door that many people love to use in their bathroom. It is a type of clear shower door, so it gives your bathroom a nice open feeling without sacrificing the privacy that you want. With this style, there is no way for anyone to see into your bathroom at all times. They are very easy to maintain as well and have minimal upkeep needs.

7. Steel frame shower door:

The steel frame shower door is made of metal and looks very sturdy. This makes them perfect for a bathroom that is in constant use, because they will last a long time and be hard to break. They are also very heavy, which makes them ideal for anyone looking for something that looks classy as well as functional.

8. Slide-to-close shower doors:

The slide-to-close shower door is where the sliding shower door type of technology goes next level. They are actually just like sliders, but they automatically close when you slide them to the end position. This means that you will not have to worry about using any more force to get the door to close, so it is very easy and smooth.

9. Touch-slide shower doors:

The touch-slide shower door is another very useful and functional addition to your bathroom. This door type is made of glass, which makes it very easy to use and comes with a variety of choices on the design. The technology behind this door type is great for anyone who has dexterity issues and prefers to use the handle rather than levers.

10. Round Shower Door:

The round shower door gives off a futuristic and very sophisticated look. These shower doors are very expensive, but if you want something that will look like it has come straight out of a science fiction book, then this is your best choice. It is also the only type of glass door that you can get with an automatic motor for closing, saving you even more time.

11. Frosted Shower Doors:

The frosted shower door is made of glass that is very obscured to make it look like frosted glass. They have a sleek design that will look great in most modern bathrooms. It is also a very affordable option for anyone who wants a more budget-friendly style.

12. Transparent Shower Doors:

The transparent shower door lacks the privacy that many people look for with their doors, but it does have a lot of other benefits.

13. Pattern Shower doors:

The patterned shower door is very popular in many different places because of the unique pattern and design that it offers. It is a very simple design that allows you to find the style that you want no matter what kind of design you are looking for.

14. Obscure Shower doors:

The obscure shower door is one of the most popular doors because it gives off a more artistic look. The design that these doors have gives them a very beautiful and elegant look that is perfect for any bathroom. It is also very easy to maintain and clean as well, which makes this door type ideal for anyone who wants something simple as well as stylish.

15. In-swing Shower Doors:

The in-swing shower doors are the most common kind of door that you will find in many homes across the world. This is not to say that they are not aesthetically pleasing,

but it is just a matter of preference on whether or not you like this type of design. Some people love the idea of having a door that does not close all the way for easy access, while others want something very stable and strong.

16. Shower Doors with Custom Designs:

The shower doors with custom designs come in many different types as well. You can get these doors in many different colors as well as material choices.

Final thoughts on Shower Doors

The bathroom is one of those places that many people love for its design and functionality. The shower doors are one of the most important parts when it comes to a bathroom’s appearance and function.

You can be sure that every single shower door will be able to enhance your bathroom’s appearance and give you the privacy that you desire. Just as there are many different types of shower doors, so too are there a lot of different styles in how these doors can be made.

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