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How to Get Rid Of Mold in Shower Grout

Taking a shower is usually the first thing most of us do every morning when we wake up. It is also mostly the last thing we do before we get to bed every night. Research has shown that, taking shower every day is good for our health.

The high temperatures inside the enclosed steam shower room encourage bacteria growth. Before you notice it, there’s mold all over the shower. If left unchecked, the mold gets deep into the grout and removing it will require more than just soap and water.

The big question remains, how do you get rid of mold in shower grout? This is exactly what I’m going to show you.

So, How to Get Rid Of Mold in Shower Grout

Reasons why we need to remove mold from the shower

  • The mold poses a risk of causing accidents due to slippery floor. We are always hearing stories of people sliding into bathrooms and breaking bones. In extreme cases, people have become paralyzed from bathroom falls.
  • Harmful bacteria pose a risk to health. The dirt that sticks on to the mold can cause asthmatic attack triggers. Others are skin diseases such as athlete’s foot and yeast infection.
  • To make our homes look presentable. It is very embarrassing to usher in guests into a neat house and a contrasting blackened shower room.

If you are guilty of a dirty shower, do not worry, it is time to give your bathroom a personalized touch. We shall take a look at ways of rectifying this situation.

Get Rid Of Mold in Shower Grout

Best way to remove mold from shower

Let us take a step by step guide to cleaning your shower and making it spotless. Because of all the cracks in the grout, you need to beset some time and be prepared for an intensive cleaning.

Wear the appropriate clothing for a thorough cleaning. This should include a headgear to protect your hair against soap flakes from the shower walls. Protective goggles will protect your eyes from stray soap suds or detergent. Use an apron or coveralls to protect your clothing against bleaching. The hand gloves and gumboots will also be necessary. You may also include a respirator or air mask to prevent yourself from inhaling the mold and the strong bleach fumes.

Gather the cleaning materials.

This includes a bucket, hose pipe, scrubber, paintbrush, hydrogen peroxide bleach, borax solution, vinegar, water, baking soda and cleaning soaps.

Mix the cleaning solution.

This should include baking soda and bleach. Mix the borax solution; a cup of borax for a gallon of water. Mix the baking soda and bleach into a thick paste. Cover so that it doesn’t dry up.

Wet the shower, scrub with a tile cleaner to remove caked dirt and soap stains. This will also loosen the mold in the tiles. Make sure the scrubber gets deep inside the grout to remove the mold that is embedded deep in the cracks.

Using a paintbrush, apply the cleaning solution on the surface. You should avoid direct skin contact with the bleach solution since it is harmful to the skin. Ensure that it is smeared thoroughly on the shower grout. Leave it on for about twenty minutes. To counter the strong smell of the bleach, it is advisable to have ample ventilation and a respirator on if possible. Using a cloth, rub the paste deeply into the grout.

Cover the bleach paste with a plastic material so that it can stay wet for a longer period. This should take another ten minutes or longer depending on the extent of the mold invasion.

Once the solution has seeped into the surface, remove the plastic cover and scrub thoroughly. Do not overlook the walls, door, and handles. Rinse and reapply the cleaning solution to clear any remaining mold. Finally, rinse and inspect closely to see if the entire mold is gone. Using the best grout sealer for shower will make your life easier. You can easily get rid ff mold in shower grout.

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Rinse off the surface with a spray of hot water. This should only be done once you’re convinced the operation has been a success.

Dry the whole shower with a towel. You can use towel warmer to make it hot for better result. Make sure there is no moisture left on the tiles. Closely dry the grouts. Open the windows and run a fan to get rid of any humidity that may be remaining in the shower.

Dispose of the cleaning rag, towels and plastic covers. Wash the utensils that you had mixed the chemicals into.

Prevention is better than cure. To keep the mold at bay, let us try to nip them before they reorganize and form again to terrorize us.

Ways of suppressing the growth of mold in bathrooms

  • If possible always keep the bathroom windows wide open for maximum ventilation.
  • Use a dehumidifier to minimize the humidity around the house.
  • Repair broken taps and faucets to minimize the chance of water dripping on the bathroom.
  • Always rinse the shower after every use.
  • Use an anti-mold spray to hempen growth of mold in your shower. A solution of water and vinegar should work just fine.

Final Words

Just like food, a bath or shower is a necessary part of our lives. This is the one room that I enjoy frequenting after a hard day. You should clean the bathroom as often as possible. No one wants to soak in the bathtub with worries of skin contamination in their minds. Practice simple hygiene measures like rinsing the shower after use. This will go a long way in preventing mold. You should always clean thoroughly on the grout since this is the breeding ground for mold.

In houses where there is high humidity, the bathroom windows should always be open. If you notice cases of reemerging mold often, even after thorough cleaning, you should consult the mold removal experts. They are better trained in handling commercial mold remover products. After all, is said and done, the best place to freshen up is in a fresh bathroom.


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