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6 Best Steam Showers Reviews For 2018

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It doesn’t matter whether you are thinking of getting the best steam shower for your home or you want to replace your normal shower.

Having a steam shower is one of the best decisions you will ever make. Before we get into evaluating a number of top steam showers, I have prepared, let us first go through some facts about them.

What are the health benefits of using steam showers?

Steam showers improve circulation of blood in your body. It also helps relax your muscles 100% and relieves joint pains while it improves the functioning of the most vital organs of your body.

Your immune system will be boosted at an impressive rate as it happens when the steam raises your body temperature.

Besides, metabolic processes in your body will also allow you to lose weight. How great is that?
Steam showers also allow your skin’s pores to open, old skin cells shed off, and perspiration. It helps your skin to become clearer and healthier.

If you suffer from inflammation of the lungs or sinuses, a good steam shower will help you beat that. The hot air will clear up your lungs and nose. So taking steam shower regularly is highly recommended.

Basic Facts About Best Steam Shower

The best steam shower you get will work the same as the ones you’ve seen at the spa or gym.
You can still listen to music as you enjoy your steam session.
A typical sauna session allows an individual to burn 300 calories which is an excellent rate for losing weight.

They all have control mechanisms that allow you to be in charge of your steam shower sessions.
While collecting information that enabled us to come up with this article, we conducted several experiments and had to talk to a few experts, so that we could present facts. I’m happy that to this point you understand the fundamental importance of having and using the best steam shower. Do you know just using a steam shower shower you can reduce your chances of visiting a doctor and stay healthy forever? Of cause you can, except for the dentist, pardon me.

The following are the best steam showers we sampled. You are going to like them too. Remember, anything good has some bad side, but in this case, they are not bad just a little bad. Just go through them and see for yourself.

Best Steam Showers Reviews 2018

Ariel Platinum DZ959F8-BLK-L Steam Shower Reviews

It comes a time in life when we become so busy that we have no time to visit the gym or the spar just to enjoy sauna therapy. This is why Ariel Platinum DZ959F8-BLK-L Steam Shower was made. To allow you, save time because you get to install in at home. It is quite home friendly.

Ariel Platinum DZ959F8-BLK-L Steam Shower

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What we like most

You won’t just like this best steam shower, but you will love it. When it comes to size, magnificent! It is big enough to enable you to be cosy. Narrowing down to specifics, this best steam shower is 47″ x 35.4″ x 89″. The water gets in from the left side, and it also leaves to the left side.

There are six body massage jets for you to choose from and one handheld shower head with a rainfall ceiling shower! The steam shower comes with a very powerful and one of the best steam shower generators which produces high-temperature steam.

It will give you an experience that is far better than the spa or the gym. The steam generator also protects you from overheating.

The Ariel Platinum DZ959F8-BLK-L Steam Shower has Chroma therapy, lighting and aromatherapy structures that are professionally designed to give you the treatment you need.

Guess what? If steam shower sessions are always silent and boring, with the Ariel Platinum DZ959F8-BLK-L, you get to listen to the shower radio! Yes, it comes fully installed. Just tune in to your favorite stations and relax. The steam shower comes with one stool, a lovely wooden floor-board, and a ventilation fan.

Oceanus ARIEL WS-902A Steam Shower

If you have a smaller bathroom, don’t worry. When it comes to the best steam showers, there is something for all of us. The ARIEL WS-902A Steam Shower will fit perfectly into your small bathroom space.

Just to remind you, only because its small, it doesn’t mean it plays a shallow game too. You will be surprised by how far this best steam shower can take you.

Oceanus ARIEL WS-902A Steam Shower

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What we like most

ARIEL WS-902A Steam Shower comes with a quite powerful steam generator that has a capacity of 3KW. It also has enough space for one person at a time. The unit comes completely furnished. It has an excellent foot massager, a foot soaking base, six body massage jets, storage shelf made of glass and a seat.

Furthermore, the third best steam shower has a computerized LCD, for easy control of its conditions and an acupuncture water massage being the most outstanding feature of the shower. The home steam bath units is also designed in a manner that it can complement any bathroom style.

Corner Shower Room

If you are a lady, the corner steam shower room with bath masters will concur your desires. It is a beautifully made steam shower unit that will stand on its own at a designated corner in your bathroom.

Corner Shower Room

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What we like most

To begin with, Corner Shower Room is gorgeous white, just shows you how much beauty and comfort it contains. It has magnificently built in big and mighty shower-heads, one hand-held shower that can accomplish many functions, fantastic back jets, breath-taking foot massager and a superbly comfortable headrest. Once you get this shower room, you will agree with me; it’s like heaven on earth.

Just like any other shower rooms you have come across, it has six body massage jets with acupuncture and aromatherapy structures. This top steam shower kit is computerized as well.

You will be able to listen to radio or CDs while taking steam spa. You can also receive and dial calls during the shower. There is also a loudspeaker and microphone included, a blue display control, ceiling lamps and ventilation fan. In a nutshell, this shower room is modern and digital.

Eagle Bath WS-803L 110v ETL Certified Steam Shower

If you are an individual who puts their safety first, it is not easy for you to be swayed by other minor features. You are always looking for assurance that something is safe for use. Let me just say WS-803L 110v ETL Certified sauna shower kit was made just for you.

WS-803L 110v ETL Certified Steam Shower

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What we like most

The WS-803L Steam Shower’s generator from Eagle bath utilizes 110volts for producing steam which a very impressive and because of that, Canada and the United States considers it ETL approved.

In short, it means the sauna bath is super safe. You also get to enjoy acupuncture massages as often as you want them. This is because it comes with a dozen of massage jets just for you to explore.

It comes with spacious steam shower room which delivers  total comfort. It is also white, meaning it can fit in any bathroom decors. The walls are made of glass which is fog-free.

Ariel Platinum Series DZ961F8-BLK-L Steam Shower

Closing the list is one authentic steam shower that was designed with the aim of bringing a sparkle of modernity and style into your bathroom. Platinum Series DZ961F8-BLK-L Steam Shower has received so much appreciation from people who have used it before you. Let’s find out why?

Platinum Series DZ961F8-BLK-L Steam Shower

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What we like most

First of all, Platinum Series DZ961F8-BLK-L Steam Shower is spacious enough to hold two people. I can just imagine the look of lovebirds as they discover this.

Second, it comes with a fully functional computer regulator panel that has a timer, for you to enjoy effortless usability. The steam generator is very powerful producing up to 6KW. It comes with a cleaning system for disinfecting.

It has six body massage jets that you will find great for your therapy. There is both rainfall showerhead and handheld that will give you an epic shower experience. Lastly, the steam shower unit has a black and silver finish that is just perfect for your bathroom.

Blue Ocean 52″ Aluminium SPA392M Shower Panel Tower

Opening this list is one of the most luxurious steam showers that just started selling in North America. It is simply the best you can find on the market today. Blue Ocean SPA392M has gone through the quality control and product inspection system and stands with ISO-9001 certification.

Blue Ocean 52 Aluminium SPA392M Shower Panel Tower

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What we like most

The steam shower’s panel frame is constructed of a high-quality aluminum alloy. It also a complete unit that comprises an overhead shower, hand-held showerheads, and two body massage nozzles that are adjacent to each other and a tub spout.

The showerheads are for both hot and cold water which they are supplied by a connected water pipe fitted straight away from the pump. The pipes are installed strongly at the back of the shower. You will have quite an easy time using the shower because it comes with a controller that allows you to monitor water and temperature. We really liked Blue Ocean’s easy steam shower installation system.

The water level and temperature display get its energy from AA batteries. The shower also has a 5mm mirror like tempered glass surface that allows light, but steam doesn’t escape. This best steam shower is big enough for your comfort, light in weight and you can use it for many years without it breaking down.

There is also a unique massage panel that is crafted for installing on a flat wall. The chrome-plated brass wall is one unique feature that makes Blue Ocean SPA392M stand out from the rest. Regarding pressure required, the Blue Ocean SPA392M dances at a minimum of 28 psi and a maximum of 78 psi.

Frequently Asked Questions

best steam shower

Q: Is it right to create a window in a steam shower?

A: I get it; most showers have windows while others are concerned about the moisture ruining their walls. In this case, you can have an outside window, and it should be insulated to prevent the steam from escaping. Double paned windows work best.

Q: Where does the steam generator go when setting up the steam shower?

A: The steam generator can be set up 60 feet from the steam room. For instance, in the heated attic, basement, closet or vanity. Just remember to leave 12 inches of space for maintenance and ventilation.

Q: How does the best steam shower work?

A: let’s start with a steam generator, it is the size of a briefcase and can be placed in the closet. The generator heats water to boil.

For you to get the steam, you push a button, and the steam will be delivered to your shower enclosure through the steam shower head outlet. Then, just sit back and feel the steam.


The above are the best steam showers on the market according to our product research. Meaning, if you just get one of them, you will not have any regrets at least for as long as possible.

Many people wish to have such fantastic steam showers at home or be in a position to afford a spa or a gym. If you are thinking of buying one, be proud of this chance.

Nevertheless, while buying the best steam shower, consider your budget, bathroom space, and decor, shape, and construction quality. If you have any doubts, it is a free world, consult an expert.

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How to take the steam bath at home

6 Best Steam Showers Reviews For 2018
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